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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Mythos Overview

Mythos  combines traditional fantasy role-playing elements with fast paced hack n’ slash infused gameplay. Players enter the enchanted world of Uld as adventurers. After a broken alliance between the Cyclops and the Humans the once peaceful land has now become a danger zone. Explore various territories of former allies. Slay wild beasts, monsters, and opposing nations. Unlock mysteries in complicated dungeons and complete endless quests. Similar to Diablo or Dynasty Warriors Online in terms of combat and graphics players transform their character into noteworthy hero. There are four distinct races to choose from and three primary classes. Each class features specialized skill trees.

Races – Gremlin, Styr, Human, and Cyclops


Bloodletter – Notorious for their powerful melee combat this class has the ability to summon blood minions from their fallen foes to serve as their own. Skill Tree consists of Crimsonate, Martialist, and Red Hand.

Pyromancer – Experts at long ranged attacks this class has also mastered the element known as fire. They are equipped with protective shields and enchanted weapons. Pyromancer’s skill tree features Cinderblade, Flamecaster, and Coalsmasher.

Gadgeteers – Tech geniuses armed with an assortment of rifles and artillery at their disposal. This class has the ability to construct bombs as well as clever traps. Skill Tree has Marksman, Grenadier, and Tinkerer.

Mythos Screenshots

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Full Review

Mythos Review

By Ange Perdu

Mythos Europe is a 3D MMORPG where players step into the shoes of an ambitious adventurer in the mystical world of Uld. Prove your worthiness and create a name for your character by completing various quests. Destroy menacing supernatural forces. Kill zombies, skeletons, goblins, and gigantic reptiles. Explore complicated maze-like dungeons to find treasure chests and unravel the secrets of the legends. Fight other players in PvP battles or join a party to wage war together. Master unique skills and tap into the elements for additional power. Collect rare materials to craft your own weaponry. Become a hero for a land in despair.

40925  500x375 mythos human

Quest of a True Adventurer, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay involves completing quests and exploring dungeons. There are plenty of quests to accomplish. Mythos Europe has a nice variety of tasks for adventurers to tackle. Missions can vary from delivering urgent messages to NPCs to killing monsters terrorizing townsfolk. Go to guards in another area and report recent attacks. Defeat beasts lurking in Shaman’s Cave. Search under rocks for magical dust powder. Find cooper material nearby and forge a hammer. Players usually end up battling roaming monsters in combat. Much like Dynasty Warriors Online there’s plenty of fast-paced action. The wildlife creatures and monsters are extremely hostile in Uld. Fight giant bears, tigers, snakes, flying eagles, lizards, spiders, and an assortment of critters gone mad. As players go further into the land they’ll face more difficult species like Rock Tongues and Boulder Giants. The hack n’ slash combat is intense. Users have to click repeatedly to initiate blows. Nothing gets passed these beasts. As soon as a hero is spotted they immediately attack. In a matter of seconds players are besieged by hordes of monsters. It can be annoying when you’re in the middle of receiving a quest at a NPC and a pack of angry wolves attack.

40921  500x375 mythos gloves

Skills & Dungeon Grinding

During combat heroes can execute various skills depending on their chosen class. Each class has three specialized skill trees that players can master through leveling up and distributing points. Master the Piercing Flurry, Minotaur Stomp, Blade Breaker, or Foe Reaper. As characters move down their trees they can master skills with higher levels of damage. There are some cool moves like the Razor Aura that causes enemies to bleed within an eight meter radius. In Mythos Europe adventurers also explore dozens of dungeons in the form of massive caves, mysterious cellars, and abandoned sanctuaries. Some quests require heroes to clear dungeons in certain locations. In these zones treasure chests containing important items or potions are held. There are various floors and hundreds of monsters waiting to strike. The grinding is relentless. Players have to slay Decrepit Ones, Skeleton Warriors, Imp Kings, and an assortment of bosses to clear the area. The large complicated maze-like formation of many of the dungeons makes the gameplay challenging.

40900  500x375 mythos dark cave

Crafting Mayhem

Players acquire most of their equipment from monster drops, mission rewards, and crafting items. Adventurers often have to complete crafting missions which consist of breaking down items with a hammer into usable materials that can later be forged into a new item or as an upgrade for a weapon. Sometimes players have to search distant forests, plains, deserts, and caves for materials to help create potions or tools. The game features a nicely integrated Achievement system which rewards players automatically with a boost in a particular attribute. It’s a great way to enhance characters and keep busy in between missions. Achievements are divided into categories and different locales. Earn PvP, collections, hunting, or object destruction trophies. At any time during the game heroes can click on another player to initiate a PvP battle. Up to five players can form a party to fight together.

40880  500x375 mythos ant warriors

Lewyn the Bargain Hunter

There are NPC shops stationed throughout different villages. Players can buy or sell unwanted items. Every weapon and accessory requires a hero to be a certain class, level, or possess a specific attribute in order to wear. The selection in most of the shops is limited. Only a dozen or so items are available. Buy Forest Bows, Stale Hammers, Large Axes, Smithwrought Staff, Scimitar, Greywood Staff, Spiked Club, Scythe, Flourished mace, Halberd, Saber Sword, Springprod Crossbow, or a Boar sticker to bash foes. All of the armor and outfits look the same. Wear tattered breeches, Adventure’s Trousers, slippers, Sharpshooter’s Shoulder Armor, standard leather pants, helm, belts, Adept’s Circlet, Mage gloves, Smuggler’s Trench coat, Brigand’s Drape, or a Soldier’s Cape. Common tools such as enchanted rings, necklaces, and health potions can also be purchased.

In the official game shop users are able to buy a small selection of acceleration items and the infamous immediate revival. Unlike the NPC shops these gems require real cash in order to purchase. Players are automatically transported to the starting portal of the last village they entered before their unfortunate demise if they don’t possess a revival token. Heroes willing to spend money receive the luxury of merchant summoning stones to make any NPC shop magically appear regardless of their location and the option not to trek back through towns while monster killing.

40885  500x375 mythos bear

Final Verdict: Good

Mythos Europe is a solid hack n’ slash MMO with a few unique twists. It plays similar to standard RPGs but mixes up the combat. The entire game is relatively fast paced. Beasts will sprint towards adventurers and attack in hordes. Players get to explore a massive virtual world filled with challenging dungeons and Ancient Warriors to battle. Accomplish countless quests. Master skills based on your character’s class. Face off in intense PvP matches or conquer with a party of friends. Despite the extra security procedures and limited NPC shops Mythos Europe has a lot to offer. If you enjoy games such as Diablo or Dynasty Warriors Online this hack n’ slash might be worth trying.


Mythos Videos

Mythos Global: Race Teaser Trailer


Mythos Global Gameplay Video


System Requirements

Mythos System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon
HDD: 500 mb
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 5200 / ATI Radeon 9500

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium Duel Core or better
RAM: 2 GB RAM or more
HDD: 1 GB Free
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 6600 GT or better

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