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Myth War 2 Online Overview

Myth War 2 Online is the updated version of Myth War Online. The two games are essentially the same except for a graphic update and a remake of the beginning area. I’ve heard some complaints that Myth War 2 is even more cash shop dependent than the original, with things like global chat now require cash shop purchases. Myth War 2 has four races that also act as classes. The only character customization available is gender selection, luckily each gender of a race has  a different special skill. The four races are:

Mage - Mages have low HP but possess powerful spells that deal heavy damage. The most important stat for a mage is Intelligence. Male Mages have the ‘fire’ spell while female Mages use ‘ice.’

Human - Humans have the highest HP total and have PvP focused skills. Male Humans can use ‘frailty’ which lowers their targets mana. Female Humans posses the ‘poison’ skill that lowers target’s max hp.

Borg - Borg have the highest strength but the lowest speed. Male Borg can use ‘drain’ which lowers opponent’s mana and HP. Female Borg posses ‘resistance upgrade’ which buffs their physical and magic resistance.

Centaur - Centaurs are the healers of Myth War 2 and have the highest agility. The male Centaur’s special skill is ‘multishot’ while the female’s is ‘shadow.’

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Full Review

Myth War 2 Online Full Review

By Erhan Altay

Myth War 2 is technically a new game but is so similar to the original that I look at more as an expansion or a content upgrade. The same four races are available, the combat , skills, stats, and pet systems are identical. The graphics have been upgraded but still won’t win the game any awards. The one significant improvement, at least in my book, has been the simplifying of the tutorial process. In the original game, getting started meant talking to many more NPCs and even taking a multiple choice quiz! One area that has not been improved is the game’s horrible translations so players should be ready to decipher Engrish.

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Race or Class?

Myth War 2 Online is published by IGG, the company behind other 2D MMORPGs including Angels Online, Tales of Pirates, Wonderland and the upcoming GodsWar Online. These sorts of games usually have poor character customization but Myth War 2 disappoints with absolutely no appearance customization whatsoever. Each of the four races have a gender option for a total of 8 different avatars. I’m not sure if something was lost in translation but it seems the developers were confused when coming up with their races; Human, Mage, Borg, and Centaur. The only original race out of those four is the Borg. Centaurs look like fair haired humans (elves?) but are certainly not half horse. I’m not quite sure how Mage even made it as a race but let’s not dwell too much on cosmetics. The only thing that saves character creation from being a complete let down is that gender actually makes a difference in game. Each gender has a special skill not available to the opposite. For example, a male Mage has the fire spell while female Mages have ice. I know it’s not much but it makes a difference in a game that’s this thin on content.

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From the Top

Those of you familiar with the original Myth War Online will notice a large change right from the start. The whole flying castle of a tutorial area has been removed in favor of a simpler village near the shore. Message prompts inform the player which NPCs to talk to, all of which are located nearby. Coordinate locations are given to make finding things even easier and the game map (opened by hitting tab) is neat and organized. After completing the first few talk quests, you’ll receive skill points which you can use to increase your starting skills. Each skill takes an increasing number of points to raise based on its level. My suggestion for beginners is to use all available points to pump a single offensive skill. There are only 4 stats in Myth War 2; Stamina, Intelligence, Strength and Agility. Each level, players receive 4 points to distribute among these stats. What each stat does should be obvious to most RPG veterans; Stamina increases max hp, intelligence increases magic damage and max mana, strength increases physical damage and agility increases speed. Following the tutorial quests further will introduce players to one of Myth War’s most important features – pets. There are numerous pets available and they level up, gain stats and skills just like your main character. Movement is standard point and click and it isn’t until you get into battles that things get exciting.

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Wait Your Turn!

Combat in Myth War 2 Online is turn based but the game won’t wait for you to make your move! A small yellow bar which fills at a rate determined by your agility indicates your character is ready to make a move. Players can perform melee attacks, use skills, items, block or chose to flee the battle on their turn. In addition to your character, you pet also participates in battles and makes a great partner. Which pets you use and how you grow them will depend on your class and play style. A mage will want a pet with high defense and pumped up stamina while a Human or Borg may need a more damage oriented pet. The monsters you’ll be fighting during the early levels won’t pose much of a challenge and even dieing isn’t punished heavily. Upon death, players are taken to the nearest town with full health. Myth War 2 starts things out with a bang and gives players a triple experience buff which lasts for about an hour. If you put this time to good use, you should have no trouble flying through the initial levels.

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It’s a Small World After All

Myth War’s main attractions has always been its unique combat and pet system. When I first played Myth War several years ago it was the only free to play game of its kind available (at least in the USA.) Fast forward to 2009 and the turn based MMORPG market isn’t so small anymore. Huge 3D games like Atlantica Online look and play like main stream RPGS. At least half a dozen other 2D pet based MMORPGs have been released recently including Stonage 2, Elf Online and Fairyland Online to name a few. With a total of 3 towns, 4 bosses and a list of quests that looks short by comparison, Myth War 2 Online just doesn’t have the content to compete with its rivals.

Final Verdict: Fair

Myth War has an interesting combat system  but even with the recent upgrade to Myth War 2, the game looks and feels too old to compete in today’s market. With only 4 races, Myth War is too short on content and character customization to earn a higher rating.


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Myth War 2 Online Videos

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System Requirements

Myth War 2 Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP
CPU: P3-800 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
HDD: 800 MB
Graphics Card: support 16bit 800*600
DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP
CPU: P4-1.5Ghz or above
RAM: 256 MB or more
HDD: 1.2 GB or more
Graphics Card: support 32bit 1280*960 or better
DirectX: 9.0c or better

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