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Myth Angels Online Overview

Myth Angels Online is the latest MMORPG in the Angels Online series. It includes new gameplay features like instanced dungeons and the ability to train pets to fight alongside player characters. Myth Angels Online has the same cute, 2D, anime-inspired graphic style found in the original Angels Online, but with a greatly expanded game world. Players choose from four classes and battle hordes of monsters.  Interact with Greek Gods like Apollo and Athena, and do battle with mythological monsters like the Chimera, or Cerberus.


Warrior - Powerful melee fighters who can wield large scale weapons like pikes and two-handed swords. Warriors can also use shields or duel wield.

Hunter - Agile fighters who can dodge attacks and enhance their own speed. Hunters can use melee weapons or ranged weapons. They can also place traps.

Master – The mage class in MAO. Masters can cast spells of all elements along with basic magic missiles. They have few supportive abilities.

Pastor - The Supportive class. Pastors can heal allies and increase their combat efficiency. They can even resurrect dead companions.

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Full Review

Myth Angels Online Review

By Erhan Altay

Myth Angels Online is an anime-inspired, 2D MMORPG and is the sequel to Angels Online.  Developed by the same studio, UserJoy, MAO has the same visual style as the original but comes with new features and major changes.  The game is heavily instanced with only the towns acting as persistent meet-up spots.  Players must venture across the world of Gaia where they’ll meet Greek Gods, and do battle with mythological beasts.

35824  500x375 myth angels online pastor

A Game for All Seasons

Like the original Angels Online which is still published by IGG, Myth Angels Online has simple two-dimensional graphics and low system requirements.  The client size clocks in at a little over 1400 mb which is very management.  Players are only give a single character slot per server, but have the option to purchase up to two more.  There are only four initial classes to chose from, but each has several advancement options as they level up.  The class offers are all familiar fantasy archetypes, but some of creative names.  There’s Warrior, Hunter, Master (mage), and Pastor (priest).  Character creation is very simple and involving selecting a gender, a hair style, hair color, and skin color.  There are also three body types which slightly alter the appearance of your avatar.

35825  500x375 myth angels online pink cat robot

Starting in Heaven

New players start their journey in the sky.  The Celestial Gate zone serves as the tutorial area where players complete a few short quests that explain the interface, and the basics of combat.  The interface in Myth Angels Online is quite primitive.  Movement is controlled via the mouse, point and click style, but that’s not a major issue.  The biggest problem is the lousy quest log.  Sure the character menu and inventory screens are no better, but there’s generally not a lot of information to worry about there.  The quest log, however, is something players may want to reference.  Called the Angel’s Diary, it lists the quests the player has accepted, and what the rewards are.  Quest descriptions are meager, the quest tracker displayed below the minimap is actually more helpful.  After the first few quests that require players to equip items and beat up a few watermelon monsters, players make it to Celestial Athens. Athens serves as the first major town where players can pick up quests from NPCs, shop around, and chat with other players. Players can find quests by hitting alt+m to open the map.  NPCs with available quests are marked by hovering scroll icons.

35844  500x375 myth angels online world map mao

Jobs, Skills, and Music

The skill system in Myth Angels Online is a bit different than most MMORPGs.  Players don’t have to worry about distributing stats, but there are two kinds of skills which each rank up differently.  Passive skills require skill points, which are rewarded once per level.  Active skills require job experience, which is accumulated by questing and killing monsters.  Job experience is separate from regular experience, which measures the rate of base level advancement.  It’s an innovative feature, and reminded me a bit of Ragnarok Online. The background music and visual style also look as if they were inspired by RO. Myth Angels Online has an in-depth achievement, wherein unlocked achievements bestow bonuses on the character.  Everything from attack speed, to maximum health, to physical and magical defense can be slightly improved by certain achievements. The game tracks a player’s progress towards each individual achievement and there are six categories of achievements, each of which has three subcategories.

35767  500x375 myth angels online athena

Beat ‘em Up Style

Myth Angels Online relies heavily on instanced zones.  In fact, all zones outside towns are instanced.  Players have the option to join an existing instance or create their own for a particular zone when they leave town.  Each instance can hold up to five players and can either be open or password protected.  Once in a zone, players fight their way through hordes of monsters and a boss at the end.  Every class has area of effect (AoE) attacks, making it easy to take down multiple opponents at once.  The first few regions are very easy, but there are three difficulty settings to tinker with before launching an instance.  In this regard, Myth Angels Online is very similar to recent brawler MMORPGs like Fists of Fu, Dragonica, Divine Souls or Vindictus.  The gameplay, however, is much more like a traditional MMORPG.  It’s entirely point-and-click, though players can assign skills and potions to the hotkey bar.  Combat is fast-paced, but a bit potion heavy. Luckily, there are plenty of quests which provide HP and MP potions upon completion. Players will have to repeat each zone several times to finish all the related quests, but the quests are optional. The loot and coin monsters drop is automatically put in your inventory, which means there’s no time spent picking up items after a fight. After clearing a zone, players are graded and given additional rewards.  They then have the option of moving on to the next zone or heading back to town.

35764  500x375 myth angels online anime

Pet Force, Assemble

Myth Angels Online has a fairly in-depth pet system here players can command several pets at once. Pets are obtained either through quest rewards or by defeating bosses. They can be arranged in various formations, gain levels, and must fed and nurtured. Like players, pets gain experience and level up. As they do so, they can evolve into various forms. Most pets start out as eggs, and grow from there. Players will have to decide how they want to distribute experience between their character and pets. Pets can equip gems that store experience, this stored experience can then be given to either the pet or player. Fighting with a large troop of pets is meant to make solo play more enjoyable. Myth Angels Online is structured in a way where its possible to play alone, or with other players. PvP isn’t a huge part of the game, but there is a weekly event called Red-Blue Competition where players can sign up for one side or the other and compete for various prizes ranging from experience to special items.  Crafting also plays a role in Myth Angels Online. Players can disassemble equipment or craft useful items like potions from resources collected in battle.

35809  500x375 myth angels online hunter skills

Sit & Grow

One feature I found odd was a skill that allows players to gain experience automatically while sitting.  This encourages a lot of players to simply leave their computer on overnight and level up automatically.  A lot of Chinese games come with in-game bots that play the game for you, but this takes it a step further.  It gets rid of the pretense and just rewards players who leave the client logged on.  The skill is called ‘Concentration Training’ and rewards both regular and job experience so players don’t miss out on anything by relying on it completely.  Because of this skill, the major towns are usually littered with afk players sitting around. This isn’t a huge issue since Myth Angels Online is a casual MMORPG.  Players who want a bit of automation, but still prefer to play the game can equip potions to special interface slots where they’ll be automatically consumed when HP or MP fall below a preset percentage.  If the cute graphic style interests you, give Myth Angels a shot – it’s a straight forward MMORPG that’s easy to figure out.

Final Verdict: Fair

Myth Angels Online offers additional features and some interesting gameplay mechanics, but feels too similar to its predecessor. Players looking for something simple or not too demanding on their computer should check it out, but there are better free-to-play MMORPGs available in today’s market.


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System Requirements

Myth Angels Online Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium III 1G
RAM: 512 MB Memory
HDD: 1.4 GB Free
Graphics Card: Any Direct X 8.0 compatible VGA Card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows / XP / / Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium 4 1.3 G or better
RAM: 1 GB Memory
HDD: 2GB Free
Graphics Card: Any Direct X 8.0 compatible VGA Card or better

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