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Moon Breakers is a 3D space combat MMO that is played directly through a player’s Google Chrome Brower.  Become an official pilot for your government or a rebel intergalactic pirate. Customize space crafts and perform massive upgrades for an advantage during battles. Blast away at enemies, steal precious resources, and earn the title of baddest bomber to ever hit the galaxy in this arcade style free-to-play shooter.

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Publisher: Imba Entertainment
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Enabled
Filesize: Google Chrome or Steam (199 MB)

Pros: +Nice graphics. +Fast paced space combat. +Map veto ability. +Radio message feature. +Ship customization options. +Balanced currency system.

Cons: -Gameplay can be repetitive at times. –No back-story. –Only several game modes. -Upgrades could be better.

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Moon Breakers Overview

Moon Breaker is a F2P space fighting simulation game where players enter a universe where two factions are battling over Helium-3 a resource only attainable from the moon. Players join either the law abiding government or rebel pirates to fight among the stars for wealth and control. Participate in battles with up to 32 players, unlock new space crafts, and upgrade your ship with a variety of special weaponry and modules. Similar to popular 90s games like FreeSpace players rely on their ships firepower and strategy dominate the galaxy. This game can be played directly through a user’s Google Chrome browser or downloaded through Steam.

Ship Classes:

Light Fighters – These ships are lightening fast allowing them to quickly maneuver between floating asteroids to attack enemies from behind. They are equipped with rockets or beam cannons. Their shield defenses are weak.

Medium Fighters – This class is not as fast as Light Fighters but is capable of higher amounts of damage. Their shielding is also slightly better.

Heavy Fighters – This class combines the best of both worlds. They can easily take out Bombers or Fighters with their heavy firepower.

Bombers – Heavily protected with massive shields this mammoth ships are slow but powerful. They are equipped with nuclear torpedoes that are perfect for destroying an opposing team’s carriers in battle.

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Full Review

Moon Breakers Review

By Ange Perdu

Moon Breaker is a 3D sci-fi space themed shooting game by Uber Entertainment. Players enter an alternate WWII universe where two factions are warring over the right to mine the moon. A valuable resource known as Helium-3 can be mined on the distant rock. It has become intergalactic currency and one of the most sought after materials in the world. Step into the boots of a fighter pilot and join forces with either the government or menacing pirates for reign over the moon. Much like Dark Orbit players can access this game directly through their Google Chrome’s browser or download it through Steam. It’s a relatively small file. Once logged in players can participate in battles with up to 32 players.

Defend Our Carrier, the Gameplay

There’s not much of a back-story or tutorial. In Moon Breakers players are dropped right into the action. There are only a handful of game modes to play. One of the most common modes is Carrier Assault. In this match fighters are randomly divided into teams to battle for the Government or Pirates affiliated faction. Each team has a base station known as a carrier. Players must defend their carrier while attempting to explode their enemy’s base. There are sets of turrets strategically placed on each carrier that fighters must eliminate before the station is vulnerable enough to completely destroy. All matches last about 15 minutes. Since teams are allowed to have up to a dozen or more members the gameplay often turns into a shooting frenzy with missiles blazing across asteroids and stars. The mouse and WASD keys are used to navigate through deep space. Unlike Black Prophecy there are no PvP missions available. Players can only join matches through the lobby area which can make the gameplay feel repetitive after awhile. Modes and maps are generated randomly but users have the option to veto a particular map. If enough players decide to veto another mode or map will be chosen. In the Capture the Flag mode teams compete against each other to steal their enemy’s Helium-3 tank and return it to their platform. When a ship carrying a flag is destroyed it is automatically placed back in its team’s possession within 30 seconds. The first team to capture their opponent’s tank three times wins. Ships carrying the tank will have a small flag icon above them. After each match the number of shots and kills a player has executed will be calculated resulting in a bonus of Cred.

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Earning Cred in Battle

Cred is short for a pilot’s credibility as a fighter. Every precise shot, assist, and kill can earn credibility. Modes like Search and Destroy with the main objective of eliminating as many ships as possible can generate loads of Cred. The team with the most kills or the one first one to destroy 50 ships before the round ends will win. Since the gameplay relies heavily on the team’s effort as a whole in order to score higher bonuses players need to communicate. There’s a convenient radio message feature embedded into the game which allows fighters to send specific messages like I need help or attack the enemy carrier by pressing a designated number key. Every match a player participates in earns a certain amount of Cred that can be used to unlock various ships and upgrades located in the Hangar area. Ships are divided into classes ranging from light fighters to bombers. Each category features five or more ships that can be unlocked when a player earns a certain amount of credibility. To incorporate the World War II theme many of the ships feature a rustic WWII body reminiscent of that era. Unlock  the F-3 Mamba, M3 Cobra, M10 Krait, V-66 Viper, F-3X Sidewinder, FM-25 Nighthawk, G5 Kingfisher, X99 Merlin, FH-90 Stingray, FH-100 Hammerhead, FH-200 Piranha, A80 Barracuda, FH-250 Swordfish, B-7 Rhino, B-10T Timberwolf, H4B Bison, B-10X Panther, and the B-10G Grizzly ship.

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F-3 Mamba & Nighthawk Upgrades

Although there’s not a huge collection of ships available in Moon Breaker players do have a significant amount of customization options to play around with. Each ship can be upgraded using Creds. This makes the in-game currency extremely balanced which is rare in F2P games. There are five levels in each upgrade category. Users can pick any area they see fit to improve but the upgrades for each particular part of the ship must be unlocked in ascending order. Depending on a player’s strategy they can focus on upgrading their engines to push their ship to its maximum speed or concentrate on shielding to boost the level of damage a ship can absorb.

Increase the capacity of a fighter ship’s fuel tank, missile fuel, fuel pump, shield regenerator, or magazine as well. A craft’s magazine increased the rate that the ship’s weapon fires. Upgrades are somewhat costly. They range from 1000 to 15000 credibility points. Fortunately, for players that enjoy customizing their fighter crafts Creds can be quickly earned via matches. Advanced ships have an advantage during battles which can make the customization options rewarding to some.

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Final Verdict: Good

Moon Breakers is a fun sci-fi theme fighting simulation game. Players are transported into a WWII alternate universe set in deep space where government officials and pirates are at war. Participate in large scale battles similar to Ace Online but with a retro 90s arcade style of gameplay like FreeSpace 2. Seize base stations, destroy opposing fighters, and steal resources in the name of your faction. Earn credibility points to unlock new ships and purchase upgrades.

This fast paced shooter can be played directly through a player’s Google Chrome browser or downloaded via Steam. Anyone who’s a fan of shooters or space combat MMOs should definitely try out this entertaining F2P game.


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System Requirements

Moon Breakers System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows  XP or better
CPU: 1.5 GHz or better.
RAM: 1 GB or higher
HDD: 512 MB

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