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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Mini Fighter Online Overview

Mini Fighter is a fast-paced, side-scrolling fighting MMORPG that features large-scale battles of up to 210 players at once. Players can level-up their fighters and compete in a wide variety of modes, from standard Survival and Tag Team matches to the more chaotic Boss fights and daily Siege Warfare type games. The gameplay closely resembles other fighting games like Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters, but much faster paced and more varied. The game’s PvP plays out a lot like Street Fighter – except with much more variety, as the game has 14+ game modes and 8+ playable fighters.

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Full Review

Mini Fighter Online Review

By Omer Altay

Mini Fighter Online is a 2D, side-scrolling fighting MMORPG published by the South Korean company Netmarble. Mini Fighter is Netmarble’s first free-to-play title to be launched globally in English – with many more likely to come. Despite what the game’s name suggests, Mini Fighter is actually an MMORPG, not an MMO, as it features a large persistent world. The game has dungeons, quests, a card system and many other interesting features. The fact that Mini Fighter is such a unique game (Fighting MMORPG!) has me all excited – props to Mini Fighter’s developers for trying something different.  Anyway, on with the review!

20479  500x375 mini fighter square off

Choose Your Fighter!

Players start off their adventure in the world of Mini Fighter by first creating their character. The game offers eight playable ‘characters’ to choose from: Cro, Bonny, Chris, Xiah, Marshall, Kang, Hikaru and Goliath. Each of these fighters have their own distinct strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Players can only create a single character per account – so choose wisely! The only way to create multiple characters on one account is get a ‘character card’, which can be acquired later on in the game after participating in a few battles. Personally, I feel that the whole one character per account restriction is a bit ridiculous, especially since anyone could just create multiple accounts to play more than one fighter. Netmarble will likely add new characters to the game in the future to keep things fresh, but as is the game already has a good deal of variety.

20474  500x375 mini fighter select character

Both an MMO and an MMORPG?

What makes Mini Fighter Online really unique is that the game can be played as both an ‘MMO’ and MMORPG. Players can opt to never leave the game’s PvP ‘battle room’ and  never have to fight monsters outside of town, instead leveling up and gaining equipment just by fighting against other players. On the other hand, players can go ahead and beat the crap out of monsters outside of town and run through dungeons in standard MMORPG fashion to gain equipment and level up. Personally, I did a little bit of both, and I’m sure that’s what most people will do.  Mini Fighter really does have a fully fleshed-out MMORPG system, as well as a fun room based PvP system, and since both reward users with XP and items players can pick how they want to progress in the game. Players can distribute the skill points they earn when leveling up amongst a handful of skills. These skill points allow players to control the growth of their character. If you tend to throw more kicks than punches, allocate skill points to enhance your kicking damage. Use one skill more than another? Dump your points there.

20454  500x375 mini fighter main combo

Awesome Street Fighter-Style PvP

Combat in the Battle Room actually plays out a lot like Street Fighter, except faster paced. These battles against other players are actually quite fun – especially once you’ve mastered the game’s controls. These fights take place in the game’s ‘battle room’ and anyone can participate in them. There are no level restrictions; players can partake in PvP immediately after creating their character if they wish. PvP is extremely skill-oriented though; knowing when to use the right attack at the right time is crucial to winning. Free-for-all games with 6+ players on the screen at once can be extremely chaotic and unpredictable, but the better player will always win in 1v1 match ups. The game’s combat is incredibly fast-paced, so players will always need to be on their toes.  My one gripe with squaring off against other players in the battle room is that there’s a steep learning curve. I personally had my rear-end handed to me in the first ten games I participated in and only began to moderately hold my own after that. Another little issue with the battle room is that a little bit of delay can quickly take the fun out the game, and since Netmarble runs the game globally, there’s bound to be some lag when players in North America and those in Singapore play together.

20452  500x375 mini fighter main battle arena

A Good Deal of Variety Indeed!

Where Mini Fighter shines brightest is its incredible amount of variety. The game has a total of eight playable classes and a whopping fourteen different game modes (in the PvP Battle Room), ranging from volleyball to free-for-all. Aside from actually battling in the designated ‘battle zone’ players can run around outside of town and beat up enemies in classic MMORPG fashion in order to gain new equipment and experience.  The game’s graphics look a lot like LaTale and Wind Slayer, but the gameplay is much faster paced. Where Mini Fighter really shines and stands apart from other games, though, is its core gameplay. The basic attacks for all fighters in the game are the Z, X and V keys and C blocks. Skills can be used by combing two keys at once: Z + C, for example, will perform one skill, while Z+X will do another. Players should try to ‘chain’ their skills to create multi-hit combos to maximize damage. On my character Cro, doing Z+C then quickly hitting X+C is an excellent combo attack as the first attack sets your opponent up for the second attack. Mini Fighter has boatloads of awesome combos and attacks so combat is usually quite interesting and it just feels satisfying. The best way to learn what works best is to mess around with the combos for a while.  It’s easy to ‘screw up’ the combos early on, but that’s what practice is for.

20425  500x375 mini fighter big enemy

MMORPG Elements

Mini Fighter Online is technically an MMORPG, so players can still enjoy the game without ever partaking in its PvP – though PvP definitely a big part of the game. The world in Mini Fighter online is fairly large, so players can run around and find explore the game outside of the ‘Battle Room’. The game has a fairly large world to explore, filled with all sorts of enemies. Dungeons play out a lot like they do in Dungeon Fighter Online and Lunia; players need to clear each room before being instructed to proceed to the next area. At the end of each dungeon there’s usually a boss fight as well. One complaint I have with the entire ‘PvE’ portion of Mini Fighter is that it’s just too easy. The AI for the monsters is pretty terrible and players can just spam their projectile skills to kill enemies safely from a distance. Skills have varying effects depending on what you’re fighting – most skills clearly point out that they’re more effective against enemies in the dungeon that players in the Battle Room. This applies to items as well – a lot of items only enhance attributes when fighting outside of the battle room.

20411  500x375 mini fighter area world

A lot of Content

Mini Fighter has a lot of ‘extras’ which certainly enhance the game’s enjoyment. Players can head to the game’s ‘arcade’ room to practice against the AI at anytime or even jump into the ‘quiz room’ to answer trivia questions.  The game also has a ‘theater’, where players can view the Mini Fighter comics – which are basically manga. Players can also find ‘cards’ in the game and use them to fuse other cards, as well as enchant certain items and equipment. The fact is, Mini Fighter has a lot of little ‘extras’ which certainly add to the game.

20433  500x375 mini fighter dead boss

Bugs and Glitches galore

Mini Fighter is still an extremely new game, and because of that, the game is filled with bugs and glitches. It crashes often and combat still feels a bit choppy, especially when PvPing. There is definitely some lag as well in the battle room, which makes PvP a bit frustrating ; attacks that seem like they missed by a mile sometimes hit due to delays.  Many of the game’s features are also still ‘under development’, so players won’t be able to explore certain facets of Mini Fighter.

20477  500x375 mini fighter skills

Final Verdict – Good

Mini Figther is one of the most unique MMORPGs on the market. It can be played solely as an MMORPG, a room-based fighting MMO or even a combination of both. With a great deal of variety (8+ characters and 14+ game modes) as well as fun fast paced gameplay, Mini Fighter is certainly worth checking out. The only thing really holding Mini Fighter back right now is the fact that game is plagued with bugs and latency issues.


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System Requirements

Mini Fighter Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98 / XP / Vista
CPU: 700 MhZ Pentium 3 or better.
RAM: 128 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Any 16 Bit Graphics Card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Any 16 Bit Graphics Card

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