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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available


Manga Fighter Overview

Manga Fighter is an interesting game that takes the all too common shooter genre but does something different with it. This is not your typical gritty shooter set in the modern era, Manga Fighter has bright cartoony graphics and goofy characters like a giant teddy bear and a man with a television for a head. The (few) maps are wonderful designed and the game has a unique card based equipment and skill system. Additionally, Manga Fighter takes the often neglected third-person approach to the shooter genre along with games like GunZ and Exteel. There are currently 6 playable characters each with a different distribution of 3 stats, players are free to switch between them at anytime in the game’s lobby. The characters are:

Ken - Ken is a young boy with 100 health, 4 strength, and 5 speed.

Hana - Hana is a young girl with 100 health, 3 strength, and 5 speed.

Kuma - Kuma is a giant teddy bear with 200 health, 8 strength, and 3 speed. He is much easier to hit than other characters due to his size.

MiuMiu - An agile cat with 90 health, 2 strength, and 7 speed. MiuMiu is the hardest character to hit.

Sai - A man with a circular TV for a head, Sai has 130 health, 4 strength, and 4 speed.

Dr. Uru - Like Sai, Dr. Uru has a TV for a head but his is more rectangle shaped. He has 150 health, 5 strength, and 4 speed.

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Full Review

Manga Fighter Review

By Erhan Altay

Manga Fighter is a third person shooter which was released in late 2007 and is currently published by GamesCampus, the same publisher behind Asda Story. And like Asda Story, Manga Fighter is a cartoony game developed in Asia. It’s obvious from the graphic style that this game targets a younger audience than shooters like Combat Arms and Soldier Front but it still has the key elements that make shooters attractive — gameplay that rewards player skill over play time.

6986  500x375 manga fighter lobby

Anime Roulette

Unlike most shooters, players in Manga Fighter don’t create a single character and stick with it throughout. All players can freely switch between 6 characters that each have a different distribution of three stats; health, strength and speed. The characters also vary in other attributes such as size and weapons available. For more information on the characters, see the overview tab. There are four types of weapons in Manga Fighter; guns, melee weapons, throwing weapons (like grenades), and launchers. Players start with basic versions of each though not all characters can use all weapon types.

6992  500x375 manga fighter obstacle course

Tutorial Time

The tutorial in Manga Fighter is a model example that other MMOs should follow. Broken into 4 stages, the entire process takes about 3 minutes. The first stage introduces players to the game’s basic controls. W,A,S,D are used for movement, space for jump, ctrl for crouch, double tap ‘w’ to roll, and so on. The second stage lets players try out the various weapons on a group of bunnies. On the third part of the tutorial, players are introduced to the game’s card based skills. These skills act more like items or powerups, they are located around the stage and can be used on either yourself or other players. Some cards mess up your target’s controls while others cast a shield around you. The fourth and final tutorial mission explains the game’s two unique game modes. By now everyone should understand how Death Match and Team Death Match Work, but Essence and VIP mode might need some explaining. In essence mode, players via for control of a purple crystal that drops when you’re killed. The goal is to hold the crystal for longer than any other single player by the end of the round. In VIP mode, one player on each of two teams is designated as the VIP and must be hunted down.

7004  500x375 manga fighter second floor

Bright but Empty

Manga Fighter is a lobby based game. There is a single server with two channels; a beginner and free channel. The game’s low population make it difficult to find people to play with at times, there were perhaps 7-10 rooms being hosted during my time with the game. While in the lobby players can not only see available room but can view their achievements. Special awards are earned when certain requirements are met, for example completing the tutorial earns players their first medal. This achievement system might not add much in terms of gameplay but keeps people eager to play. An item shop is also accessible through the lobby but is called the card shop instead. All equipment, spells, and accessories take the form of cards in Manga Fighter. Almost all items are available in both game currency and real cash so even free players can compete with paying ones. In the settings tab, you’ll be able to switch between the two supported resolutions but I found that when I logged off the resolution would go back to the default 800×600.

7016  500x375 manga fighter trenches

Game On

As I mentioned earlier, there are 4 game modes and the most common of these seems to be the Team Death Match. Sadly, there are a grand total of 8 maps to chose from which can get repetitive. The few maps that are available are all wonderfully designed. One of my favorites is modeled after a classic urban World War 2 battlefield. There are dug outs, bunkers, trenches and machine guns behind sandbags. This mix of serious and cartoony give it an absurd feel that I found appealing. Another level is a shrunken city where the players are almost as tall as the buildings and must jump from roof to roof.

Skill Beats Rank

The gameplay is what you would expect from a third person shooter and anyone with prior experience in the genre will be at an advantage. Aiming and shooting are handled a bit differently in a third person shooter than in a FPS, you need to keep in mind where your body is located in relation to the camera in order to make it more difficult for opponents to hit you. Generally, levels (or ranks as they’re called) don’t make much difference in Manga Fighter, the more skilled player wins. Recoil is on the heavy side, firing your main weapon causes it to move upward so you’ll either have to compensate for this or fire in short bursts. Some of the six available characters seem better suited for competitive play than others; I’ve seen very few people using Kuma even though he has the highest health.

6965  500x375 manga fighter city

Just For Kids?

I think it’s clear that Manga Fighter won’t draw the same kind of gamer as War Rock but that doesn’t mean its appeal is limited to young children. In many Asian countries animation is enjoyed by adults as well as kids so don’t be afraid to give the game a try if the graphics appeal to you. But be warned, the game has a small population and no single player content. You’ll be playing with the same small community on the same few maps.

Final Verdict: Fair

Manga Fighter isn’t the most realistic shooter but with six character choices and simple cartoony graphics, it appeals to a broader audience. Manga Fighter is a great game to introduce kids to the shooter genre without frightening parents.


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Shut down.

System Requirements

Manga Fighter System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium III 733MHz
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: 64MB 3D

Recommended Specifications:

OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1.8GHz or better
RAM: 512 MB or more
HDD: 2.5 GB Free
Graphics Card: 128MB 3D

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