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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Lunia Overview

Lunia: Record of Lunia War is a unique 2D fantasy MMORPG. The game plays a lot more like a traditional action arcade game than an MMORPG, as the game is broken down into stages rather than one large persistent world. Lunia has remarkable anime inspired graphics and some of the most engaging music out there.  Since its launch, numerous other free to play games have copied its stage based gameplay. The game’s playable classes are:

Starting Characters

Sieg (Knight) - Sieg is the generic melee character in Lunia. He has long combo attacks, high hit points and powerful melee attacks. He has however some of the lowest MP in the game and lacks long ranged attacks.
Eir (Healer) - Eir is the ‘priest’ archetype in Lunia. She has superior healing and supportive skills but has weak melee damage.
Dainn (Wizard) – Dainn is the generic ‘wizard’ class in Lunia. He has superior offensive capabilities from a distance and can chain long combos. His weakness is that he is extremely vulnerable to melee attacks, as he has low defense and hit points.
Tia (Thief) - Tia is a capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage extremely quickly but lacks the defensive capabilities of the Knight. She can land critical attacks and has faster melee speed than the other characters.
Arien (Archer) - Arien is the newest character to be added to the game. She is capable of dealing large amounts of damage from a distance using her ranged attacks. She is proficient with all bow type weapons.
Krieg El Hati (Paladin) -  Like Arien, Krieg is a new character class. He is a hybrid between a warrior and a healer and has powerful melee attacks as well as supportive holy spells.

Unlockable Characters

Lime (Combat Slime)- Lime is capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage on the battlefield. He has superior speed and damage capabilities, but has extremely poor combo capabilities.
Dacy (Ice Puppeteer) - Dacy plays a lot like Dainn, the wizard, but with a slight twist. Instead of casting offensive spells, she can summon dolls to aid her in combat. She has low melee damage and incredibly low hitpoints.
Yuki (Ice Magician)- Yuki is another spell caster like Dainn and Dacy. She is capable of dealing large amounts of damage from a distance with powerful area of effect and homing skills. She has long chainable combos but has low hit points and a weak melee attack.

Lunia Screenshots

Lunia Featured Video


Full Review

Lunia Review

By, Omer Altay

Lunia is a gorgeously animated unique 2D Fantasy MMORPG currently being published by IJJI. Before I even begin talking about the game, I have to give major props to Allm, the developers of Lunia, for making the game so incredibly different from the generic fantasy MMORPGs that are so common today. The gameplay feels a lot like the old school action arcade game Gauntlet Legends splashed with MMO elements. Lunia’s core gameplay takes place on a series of individual with a boss fight at the end of each level. Sort of like the Super Mario games, where there is a world map and you have to beat each level individually before moving onto the next world. The game has an intriguing PvP system, comprehensive crafting and a large population. Plus, the game’s developer has been doing a great job keeping it up to date. The game received a major graphical update in August, 2010. If you’re looking for a fun anime inspired brawler MMORPG – Lunia is well worth checking out!

6306  500x375 lunia animation thief

Starting Out

Like many other free MMORPGs, the character creation process is quite disappointing. There is absolutely no character customization. Each of the game’s classes has their own distinct look and gender which cannot be changed. The five starting classes are Engineer, Thief, Wizard, Healer, Knight, Archer and Dark Princess. The game also has nine unlockable classes which give the game an incredible amount of variety. How many other MMORPGs do you know with 15+ playable classes? Even though the customization is limited, the game more than makes up for it with its large selection of classes. These additional classes can be unlocked by completing quests in the game and completing parts of the game’s main storyline. Some of the classes though, are only available through cash-shop purchases. After creating your character and entering the game, you’ll find yourself in the town square. This is the persistent-world area of the game where you can get new quests, talk to merchants and interact with other players. It’s basically the ‘hub’ of the Lunia world where players have access to all of the other components of the game. Most of the game however, will take place in the game’s ‘episodes’.

6371  500x375 lunia town square

Levels and Episodes
All of the ‘PvE’ elements of Lunia take place throughout ‘stages’ and ‘episodes’. A stage is basically a single level while an episode consists of 10 stages. Each episode has its own story arc that relates to the game’s main plot. Players can trek through the game’s levels by themselves or play with others online by simply waiting for others to join their game rooms before starting. Each of the game’s stages are instanced, so other players can’t randomly join in. All of the earlier levels are quite easy to solo, but it certainly helps to have some teammates around for the more difficult stages. Since the game has a large population, finding people to play with shouldn’t be difficult. When I first started working my way through the first ‘episode’ I quickly found a few other newbies to adventure with, which made grinding through the episodes more fun. Unlike other MMORPGs, Lunia is not a grinding based game. In fact, the game has absolutely no grinding, as players never have to stay in one area as the game is ‘level based’, so players will constantly be trekking through the many ‘episodes’ rather than simply grinding. One complaint with the game’s progression system is its linearity. You never get to “explore” a persistent world, like you would in most other MMORPGs, but even so – the game’s linearity gives the game a whole lot of direction – so you always know what to do. Another interesting component of Lunia is the game’s story – which is presented in bits at the beginning of each stage. Lunia was one of the first free to play MMORPGs to have individual “stages”. Due to Lunia’s success, other MMORPGs like Soul Master, Divine Souls and Vindictus have used similar stage-based progression.

6380  500x375 lunia map

Action Oriented Combat

One of my favorite aspects of Lunia is its simple, yet fun, action oriented combat. Controls-wise, Lunia is an easy game to grasp, but that doesn’t stop the game from being challenging. In some of the later missions, players have to dodge obstacles and fight through hordes of enemies to succeed. In PvP, players have to time their attacks perfectly while making sure to dodge their enemies. It actually takes some time to master, but it’s not so difficult that most people will never be able to figure it out (think K-Style’in in GunZ). Lunia was actually one of the first free to play MMORPGs with “brawler” style gameplay. Since its release, countless other games have launched with very similar gauntlet-legends style brawler-like combat. Even though Lunia isn’t the newest game, it’s still a lot of fun.

6380  500x375 lunia map

An MMORPG with a story?! No way!
Well, Lunia’s plot isn’t exactly an epic, but the fact that the game even has a story is a huge plus, as most MMORPGs don’t even bother including a story. The game developers really went all out with the story, as the game features a mini cut-scene at the beginning of each of the game’s stages. Lunia currently has 6 ‘episodes’ with each one having 10 stages. If you do the math, that’s 60 short animated scenes worth of storytelling. Now, that’s impressive, for an MMORPG at least. The fact that the game is broken down into stages may make it seem like a ‘dead end’ game upon completing all 60 stages, but don’t you fret. Upon finishing all of the stages, players gain access to the game’s ‘legend’ mode which basically ups the difficulty on all of the game’s existing stages. So in order to ‘fully’ complete Lunia’s PvE component, players have to trek through a whopping 120+ stages. By the time casual players even come close to finishing all of the game’s content, odds are the folks over at IJJI will release additional content updates to add new episodes. Unfortunately, hardcore gamers will be left with little to do after they finish all of the game’s episodes. Aside from the game’s story and level structure, Lunia simply has a lot to offer.

6317  500x375 lunia cutscene story

The rest of the stuff
Lunia is one of those rare MMORPG gems that just feel like a ‘complete’ game. The gameplay is unique, polished and well paced. The game’s skill system is also quite comprehensive, as each class has multiple skill trees with a large library of total skills. The game’s PvP system is also quite entertaining and anyone can take part in it. Since the game has a large population, the PvP arenas have ‘rooms’ dedicated for low level players.  Although PvP isn’t one of Lunia’s primary focuses, it still acts as a fun distraction from the main game every once in a while.  Another interesting aspect of Lunia that I appreciated was the game’s background music. A lot of MMORPGs and MMOs don’t spend nearly as much time and effort on music as they should, as if I’m going to play a game for a 100+ hours, it might as well have engaging music. Perhaps Lunia doesn’t have the same epic quality music that Sword 2 (Previously known as Sword of the New World) or RF Online has, but it’s still up there.

6345  500x375 lunia multi hit combos

Final Verdict – Great
Simply put, Lunia is an incredibly polished unique MMORPG experience. Everything from the game’s gorgeously animated graphics to its simple yet effective controls are top notch. The only real drawback to the game is its linearity and the lack of content for those that fully completed all of the game’s stages. It’s easily one of the best anime inspired MMORPGs out there.


Lunia Videos

Lunia Official Trailer


Lunia Character Creation Video


Lunia Gameplay Trailer


Lunia PvP Video


Lunia Featured Video



Lunia Links

Lunia Official Site

Lunia Wiki [Great Resource!]

System Requirements

Lunia System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows  XP / Vista
CPU: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 512 MB Memory
HDD: 3GB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce FX 5200 or Radeon 9200 series VGA Card

Recommended Specifications:

OS: Windows  XP / Vista / Windows 7
CPU: 2.8 GHZ Pentium 4
RAM: 1024 MB (1GB) or higher
HDD: 3GB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce FX 6600 / Radeon x800 Series or better VGA Card

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