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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Luna Online Overview

Luna Online is another Korean MMORPG that has recently made its way to the American market.  With cute, bright graphics, Luna Online encourages socializing with a built-in match making system that pairs boys and girls based on their likes and dislikes.  The main draw for most players though will be the game’s elaborate profession tree, which has a total of fifty-two classes that branch out from three base jobs players select during character creation.  Players are free to design hybrid characters.  For example, a Mage who picks Priest at level twenty can still become a Warlock at seventy-five, and retain all skills trained as a priest.  Another interesting feature offered in Luna Online is player-owned Farms.  Farms can only be purchased and operated by Families (Luna’s term for guilds).  The classes are:


Level 20 Level 40
Level 75
Stage 5 Stage 6
Guard Infantryman Phalanx Paladin Lordn
Warrior Swordman Knight Panzer DeathKnight (H)
Mercenary (H) Gladiator (H) Crusader (H) ArchTemplar (E)
RuneKnight (E) Destroyer (H)
SwordMaster (E)
Magnus (E)


Level 20
Level 40 Level 75 Stage 5 Stage 6
Voyager Archer Ranger Sniper SoulEye
Ruffian Thief (H) TreasureHunter Entrapper BloodStalker (H)
Scout (E) Assassin (H) BladeTaker (H) ArchBreezer (E)
RuneWalker (E) TemplarMaster (E)


Level 20 Level 40 Level 75 Stage 5 Stage 6
Cleric Priest Bishop Cardinal Saint
Wizard Sorcerer Warlock Soul Arbiter Dark Archon (H)
Monk (H) Inquirer (H) Grandmaster ArchCelebrant (E)
ElementalMaster (E) Necromancer (H)

Note: (H) means that class is only available to Humans while (E) means it is only available to Elves. Stage 5 and 6 classes are not yet available in the Global version of Luna Online.

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Full Review

Luna Online Review

By Erhan Altay

Luna Online was released for the North American market in May of 2009 on Gala-Net’s gPotato gaming portal.  Originally developed by Eya Games (the Korean studio behind Titan Online), Luna Online tries to encourage players to socialize, and even date one another in-game.  The cute, anime-inspired graphics are appealing, but many of the game’s mechanics feel dated.  Luckily, there are several unique features that help Luna feel original, specifically player-run Farms.  To learn more about this quirky, Asian MMORPG, read on.

11855  500x375 luna online elf

Branching Out

Character creation may at first seem a little dull, with only two races (Elf & Human), and three classes (Mage, Fighter, Rogue), but there are plenty of class changes available as players level up.  Appearance customization includes ten hair and eye styles per gender per race.  Oddly, all characters look like small children in the game world.  Most NPCs are much taller and mature-looking than the player-controlled characters.  Each of the initial three classes has its own branch of advanced jobs available at levels twenty, forty, and seventy-five.  Combined, there are over forty classes in Luna.  Unlike other games similar to Ragnarok Online, players can create hybrid characters.  For example, if you choose the supportive Priest as your level forty class, you can go ahead and select the offensive Warlock upon reaching level seventy-five.  You’ll keep your priest-related spells, and gain the powerful offensive capabilities of a Warlock.  A pure support caster may choose Priest, then Bishop at level seventy-five for maximum healing potential.

11851  500x375 luna online combat

Welcome to Alker

New players start their journey in a small area called Alker Gate, and while there is no formal tutorial, a blinking icon below the mini-map brings up dialogue that explains the game’s basics.  Movement in Luna is handled through the mouse via a standard point-and-click system, and keyboard shortcuts are available to access most of the interface.  NPCs offer plenty of quests, most of which involve killing a certain number of a particular monster.  Players can ‘track’ up to five quests at a time, but I found the quest log to be a bit clumsy.  The mini-map is far too small, and cannot be made larger.  If you want to see more of the surrounding area, you’ll have to open the zone map by hitting W.  Quest-related NPCs are clearly marked on the zone map, but the interface still feels dated.  The fact that Luna Online only supports three resolutions is also discouraging.

Make Your Way to the Top

Character advancement in Luna Online is highlighted by the large variety of available classes, but players cannot experience any of them before level twenty.  The experience rate is well-paced, and players start with equipment boxes that can be opened every five levels.  These boxes contain gear, consumables, and scrolls that increase experience rate or attack power for several hours.  While these boxes help, progression still feels a bit sluggish, since players only receive a single stat point to distribute each level among their five stats (Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, Wisdom.)  Along with the single stat point, players receive SP (skill points), each level.  The amount of SP gained increases as you level up, but so does the SP cost of skills.  Each class has a large variety of skills available, each of which has several ranks.  It is usually better to focus on improving a few skills to high level rather than attempting to learn all available skills.  If you’re a mage, you should stick with one or two offensive spells rather than learning them all.  Combat is fast-paced – most monsters around your level will drop in a few hits, but it is much easier to hunt as a mage or archer than a melee fighter.  Luna has auto-looting, which makes hunting much easier since players need not stop after each kill to pick up their well-earned loot.

11883  500x375 luna online potion shop

Dating Sim?

If you follow the beginner quest line, and I recommend you do, you’ll eventually be lead to one of the large towns, Alker Harbor, where NPCs will explain some of the game’s more unique features.  The feature that seems to get the most attention is Match Making & Dating.  First players register their information with a NPC by selecting three ‘likes’ and two ‘dislikes.’  There are a few dozen icons such as ‘black hair’ or ‘hats’ from which players must choose their likes/dislikes, which makes the whole process feel artificial.  Once you enter your selection, the game will recommend players of the opposite sex with similar interests.  Since nothing prevents a man from making a female character (and vice versa), players are urged to use their own judgment when they pick their date.  Once you find a match, you can enter a special instanced ‘dating dungeon’ with your mate and build up your relationship as you play.

11888  500x375 luna online screenshots

Farm Land, Ho!

Another interesting feature (which I found more appealing than cyber-dating) is player farms.  Like in NosTale, guilds in Luna are referred to as Families, and it is Families alone that can purchase farmland.  There are only sixty farm plots per server, and several requirements that must be met before a Family can purchase one.  A family must have at least five members before the Family Leader, at level 50 or higher, can purchase a farm.  All members of a family have access to the family farm, and can help grow crops and raise animals on it.  Since there are currently only two servers and only a limited number of plots available, you’re better off joining an established family rather than trying to purchase your own plot.

11859  500x375 luna online farm

All The Same

Luna Online may not look like a heavily PvP-oriented game, but it does have something for competitive-minded players.  Many zones have open pvp rules, which allow player-killing, though attacking innocent players does come with consequences that make gameplay more difficult.  A simple crafting system is also in place that allows players to enhance their gear and disassemble old equipment to extract valuable upgrade items.  But, even with these features, Luna Online seems to recognize it isn’t exactly the most exciting MMORPG out there.  Many games push the female figure in an attempt to attract players, but few do it as blatantly as Luna.  For a game with cartoon graphics and where all characters are small children, the amount of cleavage on display can get a bit absurd.  Almost every female NPC has a massive bust, and the promotional art of the game puts these NPCs full figures to good use.

Final Verdict: Good

Luna Online offers several interesting features and a huge list of classes to play, but suffers from dated gameplay mechanics.  The cute, bright graphics are appealing, but not technically impressive.  There are certainly better games out there, but plenty of inferior ones as well.  If some farming and match-making concepts interest you, be sure to give Luna a try.


Luna Online Screenshots


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System Requirements

Luna Online Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000, XP
CPU: Pentium Celeron 1.4 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB
Graphics Card: Geforce 2

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP, Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz or more
RAM: 512 MB or more
HDD: 4.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce 4 Ti

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