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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Legendary Champions is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with exciting PvP modes. Create a character and transform into one of 60 historic or legendary heroes during team based PvP battles! Legendary Champions combines traditional MMORPG elements with a DotA style arena mode.

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Publisher: Aeria Games
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: High
PvP: Dota Style / Battlegrounds / Open
Filesize: ~ 2660 mb

Pros: +Plenty of PvP options, including DotA style mode. +Choose from 60 historic and mythological heroes. +6 classes. +Guild raids.

Cons: -Combat and progression feel too automated. -Lack of challenge during early levels. -Gameplay and setting similar to many MMORPGs.

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Legendary Champions Overview

Legendary Champions is an oriental themed MMORPG that combines DotA style PvP with traditional MMORPG gameplay. Players create a character, do quests, level up, explore the game world, and take part in all the usual gameplay elements. PvP options include a 5v5 DotA style match-up where players take on the role of Beowulf, King Arthur, Dracula, or one of the other 60 champions available. The game also supports PvP battlegrounds and open world PvP. Legendary Champions isn’t just a player vs player game, there are plenty of instanced dungeons and raids for groups and guilds to conquer.


Arcanist - Powerful offensive spellcasters. They are the masters of elemental magic.

Guardian - Defensive class. Guardians don’t deal heavy damage, but can absorb blows from opponents.

Battlemaster - Melee fighter who deals massive damage in bursts.

Mender - Supportive spellcasters who possess healing magic. They can also buff their allies, or smite their enemies.

Blade Dancer - The rogue class of Legendary Champions. Blade Dancers rely on speed and stealth.

Archer - Attacking from the distance is their specialty. Their skills can slow or maim targets.

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Full Review

Legendary Champions Review

By, Erhan Altay

The Three Kingdoms period of China is a familiar MMORPG setting, but what would happen if one of the faction leaders got tired of the endless three-way stalemate and looked for a way to spice things up? In Legendary Champions, Cao Cao has ordered his most powerful sorcerer to bend reality to better suit his ambitions. The results? The appearance of historic and mythological characters from around the world. Now the nations of Shu, Wei, and Wu each have an array of powerful generals like Dracula, Beowulf, Jean d’Arc, and many others. Players can even transform into one of these powerful champions during battles!

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Picking Sides

The beginner experience in Legendary Champions should be very familiar to free to play MMORPG veterans. Players start by creating a character that belongs to either the Wei or Shu faction. There are six classes to chose from, with each characterized by their weapon of choice. The classes include Arcanist, Guardian, Battlemaster, Mender, Blade Dancer, and Archer. Their names do a decent job describing their playstyle so players should chose the one the feel most comfortable with. Each account has multiple character slots which leaves players free to experiment with different classes. Appearance customization involves choosing from several face styles, hairstyles, and hair colors. While each faction has the same appearance and class options, they have different starting locations and armor designs. The final step is to chose a Guradian, or champion. The initial choice during character creation is not permanent, so just go with the one that looks most appealing.

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Mount Up

Many Asian MMORPGs come with well crafted auto-walk features where players can simply click on highlighted text in quest logs, or click on icons on the mini-map to automatically walk to their destination. Legendary Champions takes this feature of convenience one step further, when auto-navigate is activated, players will automatically mount up to make the travel speed that much faster. All players start the game with a basic mount, but can acquire faster ones later. The pathing is a bit silly at times, zig zags are common when a straight line would be faster. If players activate auto-navigate right after a fight, they won’t mount up since it takes a few moments to ‘leave combat’ after a fight. The reason that the navigation feature requires so much attention is because players will put it to immediate use. Legendary Champions is a heavily quest driven game. Experience rewards for completing quests are the only real way to level up since killing monsters yields almost no exp. The navigation features, general interface, and quest driven progression in Legendary Champions all combine to make the game look and feel very familiar to other recent Asian MMORPGs like Battle of the Immortals, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, and Dragon Oath.

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Next, Next, Next

The only consequence of the stellar auto-walk feature is that players can’t be bothered to read the quest text. From the looks of it, the text seems to be well translated but I have to admit I haven’t read more than a line or two. The experience rate is brisk and players will find themselves moving from one map to the next at a fast pace. Each level rewards players with 5 stat points which can be distributed among five stats: Strength, Agility, Wisdom, Stamina, and Intellect. Hovering the cursor over a particular stat explains what it does, and players have unlimited resets available until level 30 so don’t be afraid to experiment. Each class has its own set of skills, but increasing the rank of a particular skill is a bit harder than raising stat values. Players must purchase or find skill books. During the first twenty or so levels, there’s no need to bother ranking up skills since enemies die after a few regular attacks. The lack of difficulty in PvE during the early stages will come as relief for some players, but others may it makes Legendary Champions feel tedious. The ability to transform into your chosen Guardian for a short time every 30 minutes helps up the tedium. Players will want to save this ability for when they’re fighting one of the generals in small, instanced rooms. Several quests involve this type of battle while others involve killing X number of a certain monster, or collecting Y amount of a certain herb or mineral.

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Finding Joy

As publishers are apt to do, Aeria Games has given Legendary Champions its current name. The game was originally known in Asia as Heroes: Scions of Phoenix. It was developed by the Taiwanese studio UserJoy which also developed Kingdom Heroes, another free to play MMORPG published in the West by Aeria. While Legendary Champions does support plenty of resolution options, and gives players a decent set of graphic options, the visuals are not exactly cutting edge. The interface helps make up for this fact by being very functional. Movement is controlled with either the mouse or W,A,S,D which should make the game more accessible to that vocal minority who can’t stand the point-and-click control scheme. One of the best parts of the interface is the fact that it does some times without manual input. If a player’s health or mana runs low, the game will automatically consume the appropriate potion. Additionally, players can select at what percent of total health or mana they want this feature to kick in. All this automation is convenient, but comes with its own set of consequences. Combat feels detached, players will start concentrating on their next target before the current one is even dead. Most AI enemies are not aggressive with the usual exception being a single elite in a camp of monsters. Players can tell whether or not a target is aggressive by the color of its name, yellow means neutral while red means they’ll attack on sight.

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Healthy Competition

While the special DotA style PvP mode is the most heavily advertised feature in Legendary Champions, it likely won’t be the first player vs player experience users encounter. Besides the three capital cities and a few other select zones, every map in the game operates either under Faction PvP or Open PvP rules. Players in faction PvP maps can turn on their PvP flag located under their health bar to take part in combat. While adventuring on open PvP maps, there’s no option to opt out and all players are vulnerable to attack. Upon death, players are given the option to respawn at their rally point, their capital city, or right where they died (though this option costs premium currency.) It should also be noted that players can purchase temporary stat and speed buffs through the item mall. But this isn’t as imbalanced as it first seems, if a player defeats someone with a premium buff active, it transfers over to them from their slain opponent. So the buffs may help paying players, but they also make them a bigger target in group fights. One frustrating premium service in Legendary Champions, however, is inventory management. The game only gives players 35 inventory slots to work with, additional ones must be purchased with cash.

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Guardian Champions

Besides leveling up, stat distribution, and skill rankings, players in Legendary Champions have to decide how to specialize their Guardian Champions. There are four categories of champions: Wei, Shu, Wu, and Misc. Medals are required to upgrade or unlock new champions. These medals themselves come in three variants, one type for each of the three factions. Phoenix badges are used with Wei champions, Kirin badges for Shu champions, and Serpent badges for Wu champions. Players will only be able to earn badges that correspond to their faction, but it is possible to unlock champions from other factions via trading. Each champion has four unique skills, and its own playstyle. The PvP mode where players control their champion is similar in gameplay to titles like League of Legends, Avalon Heroes, and Land of Chaos Online. But these champions also provide stat bonuses to characters outside the arena. Due to this fact, players should pick a champion that provides a bonus in a stat that’s important for their character.

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Familiar Path

While the champions do add an interesting twist to the game, the bulk of the content in Legendary Champions feels too familiar and even a bit outdated. Many players will get tired of the game before even experiencing PvP. It should be remembered that Legendary Champions is an MMORPG first and must be judged based on the merits of its MMORPG offerings. Besides PvP, the game does end game PvE content in the form of guild raids. God Beasts act as powerful bosses that require 20-30 organized players to take down. The reward for slaying one of these God Beasts includes the usual fare of powerful equipment but also includes gold, the premium currency. There are currently around 40 maps in Legendary Champions with the highest level ones aimed at players around level 60. It remains to be seen what direction the game takes from beta onward, but the unique champions feature does merit a look.

Final Verdict: Good

Legendary Champions manages to do something new with the otherwise overused Three Kingdoms back drop. The inclusion of so many characters culled from distant lands gives the oriental setting a breath of fresh air. Open world PvP and the special DotA style arena make Legendary Champions a competitive MMORPG. The 20-man raids ensure that PvE isn’t neglected and that there’s enough end game content to look forward to.


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Legendary Champions Videos

Legendary Champions Guild Raids Trailer


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Legendary Champions Gameplay – First Look HD



Legendary Champions Links

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System Requirements

Legendary Champions System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000 /  XP / Vista / Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz
RAM:  1 GB
HDD: 4 GB Free
Graphics Card: nVidia 6200

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E2100 or better
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: 6 GB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce 8600 or better

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