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LaTale Overview

LaTale is an innovative 2D side scrolling fantasy MMORPG. The game’s most prominent features are its incredibly large library of skills for each character class and its unique fast paced combat. Start your adventure in the world of LaTale by selecting one of the game’s four starting classes:

Warriors- Warriors are the generic melee archetype in LaTale, they can use two-handed swords, spears, or knuckles. They are capable of dealing large amounts of physical damage, but lack strong defensive capabilities.

Knights- Knights are similar to Warriors with a stronger emphasis on defense than damage. They can use either a sword or blunt weapon in one hand, and a shield in the other.

Wizards- Wizards are capable of using staffs, knives, and knuckles. They are capable of dealing large amounts of damage with their area-of-effect spells but have incredibly low hit points and defense. Wizards can use any of the four elements; fire, water, wind and earth.

Explorers- Explorers are the ‘archers’ of LaTale. They are capable of using daggers, bows, crossbows, and knuckles. They deal little damage but have the fastest attack speed in the game.

Engineers - Engineers use a combination of dark magic and technology to devastate their foes.

Soul Breakers- Soul Breakers are capable of using some of the most destructive magic in the land.

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Full Review

LaTale Review

By, Omer Altay

LaTale is an innovative new 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG published by OG Planet. It’s no secret that the game got a lot of its inspiration from games like Maplestory and Wind Slayer, but the game did a lot of innovating on its own, as each of the game’s four starting classes, Warrior, Knight, Wizard and Explorer have an incredible amount of skills. LaTale is hands down the best looking side-scrolling MMORPG out there and perhaps the most content rich one.

4554  500x375 latale character creation

Starting Out
When I first logging into LaTale, the first thing I noticed was the game’s phenomenal music. Aside from the game’s login music which sounded surprisingly like the background music from Ragnarok Online, the game’s other tunes sound a lot like traditional RPG music, which certainly enhance the gameplay. While creating my character, I was surprised to find that I actually had a great deal of choice when it came to picking my character’s hairstyle, color and appearance. When I say a ‘great deal of choice’ the character customization is nowhere near as varied as Perfect World, but it is more varied than the game’s side-scrolling competitors. After creating my character, I was presented with a short yet informative tutorial that I recommend all MMORPG newbies should undertake. The basics of the game are explained by a series of power rangers, which is pretty whack, but since the tutorial only takes a few minutes to complete it shouldn’t bore too much. After jumping into the game and getting a feel for it, I quickly came to the conclusion LaTale is one of those rare few free MMORPGs that are truly great. The game’s most impressive component is the game’s massive skill library.

4622  500x375 latale tutorial

Yo mang, I got lots of skills!
The sheer number of skills in LaTale is quite impressive, as each character gets multiple class specific skill trees and general crafting skill trees to experiment with. Wizards for example have a different skill tree for each of the games four elements, Fire, Wind, Water (regular), water (healing), and earth along with a skill tree for ‘general’ wizard skills which gives Wizards six class specific skill trees on top of five crafting and two weapon specific ones. What I’m trying to emphasize is that there are A LOT of skills to choose from, which adds a lot of variety to the game. Since characters only gain a single skill point each level, it’s impossible to become proficient in all skill trees, so it’s best to focus on a single skill tree while only putting a few points into others if it’s absolutely necessary. Although Wizards have the largest selection of skills, the game’s other classes also have their own unique skill trees to play around with, and there are enough skill trees for each class to ensure that not everyone has the same exact build. The one real complaint I have with the game’s skill system is that players have to wait until level 80 before reaching their first job advancement, which may feel ‘out of reach’ for some players.

4608  500x375 latale skill trees

Argh! Clumsy Controls
The single biggest complaint I have with LaTale is the game’s clumsy controls. At times I found myself having to fight a two front battle, one against the monster in front of me and another with the controls. In order to ‘sprint’ in LaTale, you have to double tap the direction you wish to travel, which isn’t terrible, but it becomes a nightmare to do while in combat, as you’ll constantly have to reposition your character in combat if you expect to hit your enemy, as every time an enemy attacks you, they get closer to your character and at times can actually be ontop of you, making it impossible for you to hit them unless you sprint away and reposition yourself accordingly. The simple solution to this mess would be to have an option to permanently enable ‘sprinting’ without having to double tab. Another complaint with LaTale’s controls is that they simply feel unresponsive at times, especially when fighting multiple enemies, as whenever you get hit your character will get knocked back, and if you’re fighting enough enemies you can potentially get ‘stun locked’ making it impossible to get out of harm’s way.  There’s no reason why these obvious control issues couldn’t be before fully launching the game, as the ‘sprinting’ issue can become extremely frustrating at times.

4540  500x375 latale attack miss main

LaTale vs MapleStory

Although LaTale borrowed a lot of features from MapleStory, it is absolutely no clone. Sure, both games have side-scrolling graphics and the same exact minimap, but the gameplay itself is significantly different. LaTale’s game mechanics, although a bit buggy at times, are genuinely different than MapleStory’s or any other competitors, as the gameplay feels a bit faster and the graphics aren’t as childish. The game takes the simplicity of MapleStory and builds on it by adding its own unique features, like PvP and a mailing system.  If you’ve played MapleStory before and liked it, odds are you’ll also love LaTale, as the XP rate is a bit higher and players can participate in PvP. Maplestory today has a much larger world map and feature list compared, but that’s probably because it’s been out for over three years.

Final Verdict: Great
Although LaTale’s game world isn’t nearly as big as its competitors, the game has a fair amount of character customization and genuinely fun core gameplay along with a massive library of skills for each character class. If you’re a fan of side scrolling MMORPGs or are looking to try something different, there’s no reason not to give LaTale a chance.


LaTale Videos

LaTale Character Creation


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LaTale Gameplay Trailer


System Requirements

LaTale System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz or higher
RAM: 1 GB+
HDD: 2 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: GeForce4 MX, ATI RADEON 9000 or higher

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU:  Intel Core i3 530 or higher
RAM: 2 GB+
HDD: 2 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: GeForce 7 Series, ATI RADEON HD or higher

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