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Knight Age Overview

Knight Age allows you to engage monsters and complete quests without ever leaving the comfort of your trusty steed. This allows a realistic flow to gameplay. The game focuses strongly on a guild interaction, and all guild members work towards ensuring the guild’s strength. The massive 50 v 50 guild battles require the attention of all participants, as well. Instances in the game will change depending on how you play, and also come in different varieties: solo, multiplayer mounted, and even base capturing.. The game also features an in-depth pet system, which also functions as item enhancement.

Knight Age is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG that has just recently opened up for public beta testing. It is published by Joymax who are best known for Silkroad Online. The game has beautiful anime style graphics and deep colours. Knight Age has something different to offer the MMORPG community in the form of its “pupa” pet and mount system, in that, both play a huge role in the game. The four player classes are:

Knight – This is the bruiser of the four. He acts as the tank and uses a one handed sword and shield.

Mage – The Mage is the most flexible class out of the lot. She can act as a healer, target DPS or even AoE damage dealer depending on how she is built.

Archer – Archer can deal damage from afar or up close with a sword. She can also set up traps and poison enemies.

Warrior – Warrior is the Knight’s more DPS-ey bigger brother. More fragile (despite his appearance) but packs a bigger punch with his weapon of choice, the two handed lance.

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Full Review

Knight Age Review

Full Review

By Daniel Dalton


The first thing you’ll notice about Knight Age are its lush and colour graphics and soothing background music. While simple, the graphics Knight Age implements are beautiful and add a lot to the game. You have the option of choosing between four archetypal characters:  Knight, Mage, Archer, Warrior.


The Knight is a “heavily-armored hero specialized in close combat and defense.” Basically a bruiser, intended to be tanking the damage in the front lines. The Mage is capable of taking on multiple roles depending on how you choose to play her. She can both heal and deal major damage to hostile targets, this versatility is nice to see. Now we move on to the Archer (my personal favorite). The Archer deals damage from a distance with a bow and arrow or she can switch to a sword to get more involved. She also uses various kinds of traps to catch enemies off guard and induce confusion (think Hunter from World of Warcraft). Last, but not least, the Warrior. The Warrior is the main damage dealer of the four. He inflicts significant damage from close-combat attacks and critical strikes, he likes to fight up close and personal. I went with the Archer. Character customization is limited, there are some preset faces and heads to choose from. This is not a big issue though, most of the time your character’s features will be hidden under whatever gear you will be wearing. As of this review the class types are gender locked.


Take that you sneaky fox!

I recommend going through with the optional tutorial even if you are familiar with the MMORPG genre. It is quick and familiarizes you with the game’s unique pet system. In the tutorial you are given your first pupa (pet). Your pet can fight for you, grow as you grow, and assist you in other ways. The longer you spend with any one pet, the stronger it becomes as the bond between master and pet increases. However, you can breed different types of pets by finding various eggs around the Knight Age world. Some of these eggs are rare and you never know where they might pop up, so keep on the lookout. You end up conflicted between sticking with your old and trusty pet or moving on to a bigger and better, albeit less experienced one. In certain situations you can even combine two pupa to create an augmented super pet. This leads to entertaining choices and is one of the things that separates Knight Age from another generic Fantasy MMORPG. Once you hit level 5 you are able to ride a mount. Similar to pets, you can raise them and enhance them in various ways over time. While it may be hard to get used to fighting on a mount at first, eventually you’ll find you never want to get off it.


My very own donkey!

Knight Age has a nifty auto travel system between quest points that serve as a welcome break and allows you to enjoy the beautiful environments. Unfortunately, the quests are nothing special, kill 10 of these, collect 6 of these items and so on and so forth. That on top of repetitive combat means you’re going to have a bad time when you have to collect 20 animal hides. However, the pleasant music and decent ambient sounds make it seem less of a grind and more entertaining. Thankfully most individual collection quests are done with quick and the quest chain leads you to new environments as you progress which take away from the monotony of it.


So who do I need to see this time?

As you level up, you can invest points on a skill tree as you see fit depending on your focus. For example, two max level Mages could serve very different roles depending on how they were built. These roles play a key part in the PvE side of the game when it comes to taking down big bosses in party-based instances. Having a good mix of healers, damage dealers and tanks is essential to be successful in any instance offering a good payload. On the PvP side of things Knight Age is very similar to World of Warcraft. You can duel any other player almost anywhere and then there are certain zones for open PvP. Furthermore, the game boasts guild-based PvP battles of up to 50 per side. This allows for some chaotic fun if you’re a competitive player.

Before we move on to our conclusion I just want to quickly add that, much to my surprise, the Knight Age community has been extremely friendly and helpful. I asked many questions over the course of my experience in Knight Age and they were answered in a matter of seconds of pressing enter on the public chat box without any sort of backlash that you have come to expect in f2p MMORPGs nowadays. On top of that, there always seems to be a GM online that is able to help you with anything that a player cannot.


Final Verdict: Good

Despite the game’s combat that can get stale sometimes and lackluster questing, Knight Age has a lot of addictive qualities and is a great game that has a lot of potential to develop in the future. This is definitely a must try for any fans of the Fantasy MMORPG genre.


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System Requirements

Knight Age System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i5-750 or AMD Equivalent
Graphics: GeForce GTX 260 or AMD Equivalent

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2.4GHz or AMD Equivalent
Graphics: GeForce 6600 or AMD Equivalent



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