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King of Kings 3 Overview

King of Kings is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG published by Gamigo with a strong emphasis on PvP battles. Players can create their own guilds and fight for control over land in the game world. Guilds that control territory are free to build their own cities. Graphically speaking, the game looks a bit dated, but it has a very strong emphasis on PvP. PvE fans aren’t completely ignored though, as the game boasts thousands of quests and a high level cap. Auto navigation features make progression simple, but players will have to wait until level 50 to make their first job change.

Warrior - The most physically powerful class, able to carry the heaviest armor and most powerful weapons.

Berserker - All out offensive fighters that can deal heavy damage at close range. Berserkers can dual-wield.
Ranger - Versatile fighters that are masters of the bow and blade.
Knight - Mounted fighters equipped with a lance and bow.

Mage - Fragile in body, but powerful in mind. Mages can cast devastating spells from a distance.

Sword Mage - Armed with crystal infused blades, Sword Mages can deal heavy damage but are still fragile.
Conjurer - Conjurers can harness the power of nature to deal heavy damage to their opponents.
Wizard - Masters of elemental magic, Wizards have high damage potential but rely on allies to project them.

Cleric - A supportive class that can heal and buff allies during battle. Clerics are devout and benevolent soldiers.

Scholar - True believers who are granted enormous healing abilities and the power of resurrection.
Bishop - Bishops have learned from Mages and are capable of offensive and defensive abilities.
Priest - The devotion of the Priest allows them to discharge pure holy light and call on angels for aid during battle.

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Full Review

King of Kings 3 Review

By Erhan Altay

Tired of Grindfests? Looking for an MMORPG with an oldschool feel? King of Kings 3 may be what you’ve been waiting for. While it has a typical fantasy theme, the gameplay is geared towards PvP, and more precisely RvR (realm vs. realm) combat. Join one of seven warring realms and conquer the world of Tangramia.

34648  500x375 king of kings 3 character creation

A Shattered Realm

After centuries of warfare, the once united world of Tangramia split into seven rival realms: Germania, Lutetia, Britannia, Mediterrania, Anatolia, Polonia, and the New World. That last one aside, its obvious that the Roman Empire was the inspiration for Tangramia. Players can chose between any of the seven realms during character creation, but first they’ll have to get through Gamigo’s clunky account creation process. The German publisher Gamigo holds both the European and American licenses for Kings of Kings 3. Each account has three character slots per server, which is enough to create one of each of the three base classes: Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. There are a number of appearance customization options including around eleven hair colors and styles per gender. There are also several face styles and ‘features’ to chose from. Features covers things like tattoos, makeup, scars, and so forth. Players are asked to set a character password before finishing character creation as an added security precaution. The password must be at least eight characters, which makes it more bothersome than the four digit pin some games ask for these days. The character designs themselves aren’t very detailed, but that’s because the graphics quality in Kings of Kings 3 is dated.

34680  500x375 king of kings 3 leopard

Familiar Beginnings

After logging in for the first time, players are met with several screens of text that explain the backstory of Kings of Kings 3. It scrolls pretty fast, and I’m no speed reader so I missed about a quarter of it. It didn’t seem to exciting, but it helps that there is some lore to the game. Each realm has its own starting area, but the newbie experience is pretty similar regardless of region. Being the good Turk that I am, I chose Anatolia as my realm. For those of you who slept during class, Anatolia is the geographic region where most of modern day Turkey lies. Like many other recent Asian MMORPGs, King of Kings has an auto-navigation feature that makes traveling and questing a breeze. Players start next to a quest NPC, and gain their first level simply by talking to him. A series of quests that involve talking to various NPCs around town, and eventually fighting nearby creatures come next. Players are rewarded with ample HP/MP potions along the way, along with a new weapon and pieces of equipment. It is highly recommend that players complete this beginner chain of quests, as it will take them to level eight or so in no time. It’s much, much faster than grinding.

34686  500x375 king of kings 3 mini map

Retro Look & Feel

As I went about my newbie chores, I noticed that the interface and art style looked somewhat familiar to those in the now defunct Turf Battles. The visuals are much sharper than Turf Battle’s, and the resolution options go all the way up to 1920×1980. But, the health and mana meters next to the avatar portrait on the top left, and the character and backpack screens all look like something from a classic action RPG. There are some nice visual touches such as swaying trees, and light waves breaking on the shore. Overall, the best that can be said of the graphics in KoK3 when compared to other recent, free-to-play MMORPG releases is that they are functional. Everything is brightly colored, easy to see, and thankfully there’s none of that trendy bloom effect that makes everything unbearably bright. King of Kings 3 supports both keyboard (W,A,S,D) and mouse (point and click) controls. There are two hotkey bars, one activated by the function keys (F1-F12), and a smaller one activated by the number keys (1-0.) Besides skills, players can assign items such as health and mana potions to these slots.

34678  500x375 king of kings 3 interface

The Path to Glory

The experience rate in King of Kings 3 is pretty high, but only if players stick to questing. Each level, players are rewarded with 2 stat point which they can distribute among six stats: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower, Stamina, and Luck. Players can hover their cursor over each stat to see what it does. Besides stat points, players receive a single skill point every level. Each class has its own skill tree consisting of 10 skills. Players must purchase skill books before they can place points in a given skill, along with meeting its other prerequisite. As with other MMORPGs, I find the need to go back to town to pick up a skill book totally pointless, but it is what it is. At level 50, each class can make its first class advancement to one of three available first classes. Warriors can become Berserkers, Rangers, or Knights. Mages can become Sword Mages, Conjurers, or Wizards. Clerics can become Scholars, Bishops, or Priests. Players are accompanied on their adventures by an Imamu, which is basically a fairy. These can perform a number of helpful tasks. They accumulate experience which they can transfer over to the player, and when they are summoned they can repair the player’s equipment. Imamu can also automatically sell items in your backpack when your inventory is full. Players can set which items they want sold ahead of time so as not to lose rare drops. Besides Imamu pets, players can also collect a variety of mounts. Some quests reward players with temporary mounts, but more permanent ones can be purchased at higher levels.

34707  500x375 king of kings 3 skarabare

Lone Wolf

King of Kings 3 has very linear progression, monsters are found in clumps and defeating these monsters boils down to spamming a single skill over and over again. There’s no cool down to consuming HP or MP potions, and after the first dozen levels players will have to chug them during every fight. Those who can put up with the repetitive nature of early level gameplay can look forward to some pretty interesting PvP features. First and foremost, players can freely attack members of rival realms that intrude on their territory. It is also possible to disable the default peace mode which will allow a player to attack anyone they like, including members of their realm. The game discourages same-realm PKing (player killing) by increasing the chances of dropping items upon death for those who indiscriminately attack others. The game also keeps track of PvP victories and losses, and uses them to publish various ranking lists which are updated daily. Players can access these rankings via a button near their mini map on the top right of the interface.

34710  500x375 king of kings 3 sword mage skills

Founding a Kingdom

Solo PvP is just the bottom layer in King of Kings 3. Players can go on to found guilds and participate in guild activities, including guild quests which pit guilds against each other. Players must be level 20 or higher to join or found a guild, and there are five guild ranks which determine how many members a guild can have (maximum of 28.) Once a guild reaches rank 3, its guild master can found a Legion. Legions are also ranked from 1-5, but are made up of entire guilds, not individual players. A rank 5 Legion can have up to seven guilds in it. Legions can also construct buildings on their own plots of land which provide benefits to all of its members. The leader of a Legion can embark of a series of quests to found his or her own Kingdom. Any would-be monarch will require a vast amount of resources, including gold and rare materials to found their Kingdom. Legion members can donate these resources to their leader who, if successful, will be rewarded with a unique royal mount, a monthly in-game salary, and the ability to fortify towns. Leaders of Kingdoms will also be able to populate their towns with NPC defensive workers, temples, workshops, and much more. Even players who don’t have the time or stamina to work their way up this ladder can own a personal home that can be upgraded and decorated with an assortment of furniture.

34712  500x375 king of kings 3 teacher mary

Find Your Niche

The simple, but functional graphics make King of Kings 3 an approachable MMORPG for gamers whose computers might not be on the cutting edge. There are plenty of bonus features like a crafting system, and the ability to equip mounts with gear like saddles and armor, but the core PvE gameplay still involves taking turns swinging at stupid AI monsters. Players looking for an organized PvP experience will appreciate the detailed guild system in King of Kings 3, but the large number of factions worries me a little. Each server will need a lot of players to make it seem active, and whether or not King of Kings 3 can attract those numbers remains to be seen.

Final Verdict: Good

Despite a dated interface and graphic style, Kings of Kings 3 is a very functional MMORPG. The PvE content is not spectacular, but the PvP features make it worth the effort. The ability to organize large masses of players and participate in massive battles is appealing. Added extras like customizable player housing, and the ability to build entire cities are added bonuses.


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System Requirements

King of Kings 3 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/ 2000 / 98 / Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz Intel P3 or equivalent
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 5500 or better

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows XP/ Vista
CPU: 2.4 Ghz Intel P4 or equivalent
RAM: 1024 MB (1GB)  RAM
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 6600 or better

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