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Infinite Crisis is a MOBA style game set in the DC Universe that has been twisted upon itself. A wide variety of the traditional DC Heroes and Villains have been re imagined, many in startling new ways. This gives many new ways to team up against the opposition, as each character has their own unique skills and abilities.

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Publisher: Turbine
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
Type: MOBA
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes
Filesize: 2 GB

Pros: +Instantly recognizable characters. +Destructible environments. +Impressive distinguishable ability animations. +Similar maps to other MOBAs with slight tweaks and improvements, eases learning curve. +Responsive solid gameplay.

Cons: - Roster is smaller than established MOBAs. – Villains neglected in release priority. -Alternative Universes for same characters is incredibly confusing when coupled with skin purchases. -Not enough fresh ideas to separate itself from other MOBAs.

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Infinite Crisis Overview

Infinite Crisis is a next-generation, free-to-play MOBA featuring fast-paced battles, streamlined RPG mechanics, and iconic locations and characters from across the DC Mulitverse. Recruit a roster of powerful heroes and villains to command in destructive combat where catastrophic events can reshape the map and the environment itself can become a weapon.

Infinite Crisis features a weekly rotation of free iconic heroes and villains from across the DC Multiverse. Permanently unlock your favorite Champions for free with Merit, earned by playing matches regardless of victory or defeat!


Seize Control of Catastrophic Events - Rain down meteorites and control powerful alien tech. Wipe out teams and turrets with a destructive blast of the Doomsday Device!

Fight to Save the DC Multiverse - Join online matches and compete in the Protector Trials; rise through the ranks as the Infinite War escalates.

Be a DC Legend - Throw cars and reduce buildings to rubble with the powers of DC’s greatest Champions. Master characters to unlock their unique stolen powers, and share them across your roster. Iconic DC settings like Gotham and Coast City are yours for the wrecking.

Core Infinite Crisis Universes

PRIME (EARTH-0) – Home to legends like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, this universe is where hundreds of heroes and villains originate. Universe Prime, also known as Earth-0, is the keystone upon which the Multiverse rests, and so the Monitor has great interest in maximizing the fighting potential of its populace to better defend it from extra-dimensional threats.

ARCANE (EARTH-13) – The Shadow League, a cabal of twisted sorcerers, lusted for absolute rule over Earth. Blinded by ambition, they performed a ritual that extinguished the Sun. With eternal night blanketing the Earth, the world’s most powerful magicians united to reignite the Sun, but its new arcane heart forever altered life on Earth. Heroes and villains have since adapted to their magically infused environment, developing strange new abilities.

ATOMIC (EARTH-17) – As the Cold War was brewing between the world’s superpowers, a mysterious object from space crashed into Kansas. Mistaking the crash for a first strike, the United States unleashed its full nuclear arsenal against the Soviet Union, who retaliated. The ensuing nuclear war instantly vaporized 97% of all life Earth. The survivors hope the Earth can be healed, but the nuclear aftermath has left them with scars that never will.

GASLIGHT (EARTH-19) – The Victorian era has swept the Earth and a prosperous Age of Invention has revolutionized society through powerful steam technology, and this amazing progress is only the beginning. Heroes and villains have begun to emerge from all corners of society, and with them bring new sources of power and problems far stranger than steam and gas lights.

NIGHTMARE (EARTH-43) – Tales of horrors prowling the night were once just legends on this Earth – until the darkness returned. Ancient and terrible powers beyond comprehension awoke and brought with them an army of monsters. In fighting these creatures, some heroes have fallen, twisting into monsters themselves. Heroes and villains have set aside old rivalries and are united in fighting darkness that threatens to engulf their world forever.

MECHA (EARTH-44) – In this universe, there were no heroes, until a league of scientists known as the Justice Consortium created them. Technology had always been advanced on this Earth, but these new robotic creations were able to think and feel, and wielded powers beyond anything yet seen. They now defend the Earth from threats within and beyond, particularly the Doom Legion and their villainous assassin bots.

Maps Available

Gotham Heights - Unleash chaos and destruction on the elevated streets of Gotham in this explosive capture-and-hold map. Charge into instant action with four allied Champions, either clashing on the streets or taking your chances in the urban jungle.

Coast City - Annihilate whole teams and structures in Coast City, a two-lane map hiding a deadly Doomsday Device. You must adapt between dominating the urban jungle and pushing into the enemy base to destroy their Power Core, or risk subatomic obliteration.

Gotham Divided - Tri-lane havoc meets modern twists in this destructive 5v5 where realities collide. Conquer the urban jungle to unlock and upgrade deployable health, speed, and disable skills. Provoke and vanquish the Leviathan boss to repurpose its weapons and obliterate your enemies.

Infinite Crisis Screenshots

Infinite Crisis Featured Video

Infinite Crisis – First Look

Full Review

Infinite Crisis Refresher Review

By Jason Parker (Ragachak)



What Makes a MOBA?

Specifically, what makes a successful MOBA? MOBAs are the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena style of game, such as League of Legends, DOTA, and SMITE. But what is it that makes some MOBAs successful while others fail? Just recently, Dawngate announced that it will no longer try to compete against Riot Games’ titan, League of Legends, and will be closing down in a little less than 90 days. Turbine meanwhile has an interesting title coming in Infinite Crisis, a DC Comics MOBA title that merges several alternate realities into one game. IC creates a “save the universe” goal while pitting players against one another in combat, pushing towers and trying to destroy the other base. But is one side or another clearly the heroes? If they are supposed to be fighting this ominous force, why fight each other instead? This is not made very clear at all.


Let’s return to the main question about MOBA success. When the rash of World of Warcraft clones hit the market, every single one of them went free to play or simply disappeared. They were trying to fight against an established game with millions of players, expecting to have similar numbers right out of the gate. Fighting against titles like SMITE and League of Legends is the exact same problem. DC Infinite Crisis feels in many ways a clone of DOTA , and while MOBAs traditionally feel the same, a successful game will find a way to make its own mark. SMITE, for example, uses third person and skillshots as well as a variety of other techniques to be its own game. I feel sadly that there is a lot of confusion going on in this game for fans that are not comic book aficionados to start with. While Infinite Crisis scores big on solid gameplay and easy hero ability recognition for fans of DC, anyone else may feel a bit lost and overwhelmed when trying it out.



In Brightest Day. . .

Thankfully calling out a game for only drawing in DC fans is a lot less niche than one might suspect. It’s a humongous intellectual property that has only grown its presence with the gamer community thanks to the recent barrage of movies and success of SOE’s DC Universe Online. Virtually everyone is familiar with at least one character in the DC Universe, whether it is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, et cetera. But uninitiated MOBA fans might become overwhelmed piecing together the lesser known characters powers with the tweaked take on classic MOBA gameplay. The multiple universes only make this newbie learning curve steeper, as most will mistake the two variations of Batman as skins rather than unique heroes. Gaslight Batman is a ranged lane character. Nightmare Batman is more of an assassin, who isolates opponents before dealing hefty burst damage. Batman is … also a stealth based character, who gains damage when in stealth or on a stealth pad (IC’s version of a bush).

Sure, character builds and skills are different between these similar characters, and having several Wonder Women, Supermen, and Batmen might mean that everyone can play their favorite hero each match. Maybe. But this could confuse someone new who sees three different Green Lanterns and not know how to deal with them. Trial and error (after error after error) is the only answer. Unfortunately the tutorial addresses most of the tedious basics that veteran MOBA players don’t need to be told again, but at least you get rewarded for your time with five hero unlocks (1 per mission). Gaslight Batman, Wonder Woman, Doomsday, Batman, and Green Lantern will be yours for going through this tutorial.


At its core, Infinite Crisis is still a MOBA. Each of these characters has at least one skin. You still have lanes with turrets and minions reskinned to fit the DC Universe. Instead of a jungle, you have an “Urban Jungle.” The bushes are purple lengths of space known as Stealth Pads. Instead of monsters we have robots and mecha that fight for you or against you. As with all MOBA titles, the goal is to ultimately destroy the enemy base by strategizing, pushing, purchasing items, and utilizing your character’s unique skills. One definite change that stands out is the ability to be able to buy items (called artifacts) while at one of your turrets, instead of going back to base. These artifacts upgrade as you spend credits on them, making them increasingly powerful. But you cannot restore hp/willpower by standing at a turret, or restore the use of your healing items. That must be done at the base.

Airquotes Jungle

One particularly aggravating problem with Infinite Crisis’ gameplay is its lack of AFK punishment. In one match, a teammate failed to pick a character before the match began. Instead of dropping this player out of the game, however, the game randomly selected one and dropped them in the match. It’s an infuriating mechanic that peeved League of Legends players for years before it was fixed. Since the technology is available to prevent this from happening, I feel that Turbine is dropping the ball on dealing with AFKers.


There is a joke here

More Common than a Locomotive

“It’s all been done” is a common argument used by existing MOBA players that prevents them from testing the competition. Abilities used in League of Legends are familiar and very visible in DC’s Infinite Crisis. You will see common themes that also crop up in DOTA 2, possibly even Smite. But it can become very hard to find new ways to use abilities and powers, especially when there are so many MOBA titles going at this very moment with character rosters already in the 100s. So yes, many of these powers will not go unnoticed. The “summoner spells” (called “Stolen Powers”) however are a new take on extra spells. There are several of these and you can choose two at hero selection. As you continue to play a character over a series of matches, you can unlock their unique version of a super power. For example, playing as Catwoman will unlock her “Teleport,” while Gaslight Catwoman will receive her unique “X-Ray Vision,” letting you spot stealth enemies or see enemies hiding behind walls. Another good example is the Super Strength power. There are meteorites littered on the ground that can be picked up with this and thrown at enemies, or even automobiles! Incorporating the environment into battles is a very nice touch indeed. For players that don’t have the patience to grind it out on a single character, they can alternatively spend Merit (which is gained by playing and winning, or by completing achievements) on super powers in the shop. This is a nice motivator to get players to test out new heroes.


Don’t think we forgot about customizing your character though! There are two additional items you can customize your character with, similar to Runes and Masteries in other games. They are Mods and Augments. Mods modify your item purchases, changing them in a variety of ways. This is kind of nice, because there are many of them to choose from, all of which cost Merit. Augments affect two stats at a time. These are much cheaper (merit-wise) compared to Mods. You find these on your home screen under “Amplifiers” instead of on the store directly. Your Amplifier pages can hold up to 3 Mods and 4 Augments, and accounts offer three slots for Amplifier pages (and another can be purchased for merit or Crisis Coins). Crisis Coins are the in-game currency that requires real money. You can also gain Crisis Coins via Achievements in-game, and can also be used to purchase heroes.



What’s The Bottom Line: Needs Work (3/5)

DC Infinite Crisis is in the extended end of its open beta at the time of this article. The game has been in development for quite some time, and while I do love MOBAs and comics, I am disappointed. The pretense lore for the game seems quite flimsy and does not appear to hold much sway over what actually occurs. There are so many characters in the DC Universe that are not in game yet. Instead of focusing on the alternate reality characters, perhaps they could have given a role to the less popular heroes and villains, and use it as a platform to get some other comics press (and thus more revenue)? I’m thinking of Booster Gold, The Question, Deadman, and Larfleez, just to name a few. I think the Alternate Reality thing could still work, but releasing a bunch of those characters all at once might become overwhelming. I would hate this to go the way of Dawngate, and it is with that in mind I say that trying to compete or overthrow established big guns at their own game in the genre is a fools endeavor. Focus on your niche and make it work! Infinite Crisis is certainly on the right track. I believe it just needs the right promotion and continued content updates to grow into its paws.

Previous Review

Infinite Crisis Open Beta Review

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)



Have you ever wanted to play as your favorite superhero? Happen to be too swept up in the MOBA craze to dedicate the time to games like DCUO? Then Infinite Crisis might be the game you should delve into. In this free to play MOBA game, your favorite superheroes from the DC Comics are featured and then twisted in ways only the minds behind the Infinite Crisis arc could have imagined. Play Batman, Superman or perhaps a villain like the Joker in a frantic battle unlike any other.

I am just going to say it right off the bat, Infinite Crisis is a game that tries to get people to play this game by using characters many people including non-gamers are familiar with. And I am not saying this to sound negative about the game, but the marketing behind it is sound. Getting more gamers reading comics and more comic readers gaming is a good venture in my view. If you are unfamiliar to the MOBA genre, let me give you a brief explanation on how a MOBA game usually works.

In a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) you take the role of a hero, and together with other people in your team you will have to work together to either destroy or capture objectives while trying to crush the opposing team whenever they get in your way. The concept of the game is fairly simple and anyone can learn and play it in only a matter of minutes. The heroes you play as each have a special set of tools and skills that you can use to gain various attacks, cc, or movement buffs, to oversimplify it. For each kill, minion kill, or objective destroyed or capture you will earn money. With this money you will be able to buy items, and with these items your hero will get stronger. If you haven’t been living under an e-stone for the past few years, you should definitely be familiar with this genre, since it is the most successful genre at the moment.


Since Infinite Crisis spins around villains and heroes, you should know what some of these characters can do, especially since the team behind this game tried to make these characters feel as real to the comics as possible. Everyone has 5 abilities and 4 of them are usually abilities that you can use that have some sort of special power. And I think Infinite Crisis captures these individual personas through visuals and skill sets that paint an overall picture showcasing their personal missions. Take for example the Joker. Straight off the bat you know that this is a champion that likes to fool around and trick people with vicious surprises. And his skills portray his personality well, particularly his signature delayed exploding present attack that goes off when enemies near its proximity. To avoid getting so serious, there’s a hefty bit of humor involved in Infinite Crisis to keep the skills feeling comical without disregarding the comics. And it feels to hit the middle mark right between what gamers and comic fans would expect.


Currently there are three available maps that you can play on. On each one of these maps there are objects like cars that you as a hero can pick up and throw around. Since you are a champion you can use your heroic and villainous powers to cause real destruction to the world you are playing in, and you can tear down whole structures trying to bring down your enemies. I must admit that as a MOBA fan I was a little bit shocked to see the enemy Flash pick up a car, and throw it over towards me while I was just trying to focus on do my thing, i.e. killing him. The sheer destructive force of battles immerses you in the realm of the superhero fights we’ve all read and watched growing up, and separates this MOBA from others on the market.

Besides knowing your surroundings, and knowing who you are fighting against the most important thing is to know your champion. You will want to build him in the correct way with the money you earned from minions that are also known as drones. The items in Infinite Crisis are called artifacts, and there are three sorts of artifacts: Attack, Health and Power. Different artifacts scale better with different hero types, so some research is required to get the most out of each new hero or villain you pick up. Players not wanting to put in said time though can still get by decently with the recommended item list though.

Besides the destructible nature of the maps, the three modes available in Infinite Crisis stand out as rather unique. While the goal of eliminating enemies and gathering gold as fast as you can remain the focus, the way it plays out changes quite a bit.



Gotham Divided

This map stands as that good bit of ‘comfort food’ to put more experienced moba players at ease. It consists of the usual three lanes plus “urban jungle” that you will have to duke it out with against the enemy team. In each one of these lanes you will find towers, these towers are your guardian angels in the early levels of the game that help prevent either side from getting bullied to harshly. Just like in other mobas, destroying them is key as they offer a hefty gold boost to your team. Each lane spawns endless waves of drones that push lanes and offer a source of income when not killing other heroes. Money buys you artifacts. It’s as simple as that. Between all the zones you will find the famous jungle, a neutral area filled with monsters offering income on a set respawn timer. Eventually one team will push all the way down a lane and destroy the Power Core to end the match.


Gotham Heights

If you are familiar with the map Dominion on League of Legends, then I do not need to explain Gotham Heights any further. This stands as the premier mode first revealed in Infinite Crisis though so it receives a bit more love in comparison to Dominion mode. In Gotham Heights you will find yourself on a big circle, with five different capture points scattered on the outer ring. In this map you will have to capture more than half the control points to earn more points than your enemy, simple as that. Gotham Heights essentially plays out as more of a team deathmatch, with group fights happening early and often. Smart players can turn the tides in their favor by utilizing various item pick-ups scattered around the arena such as health packs, speed boosts, and even special jungle monsters that drop buffs when defeated. Most of the map is clear of fog of war, but you can still set up ambushes by utilizing the shadowy central parts of the ring. Holding more capture points than your opponent will tick points away from their team score until one team runs out and is defeated.


Coast City Marina

This map is really interesting, and probably the most original map Infinite Crisis offers. Basically the map is a pentagon with two lanes; the make-up of each lane works akin to Gotham Divided in terms of turret placement and minion spawn. The jungle sets itself apart as a vast space between the lanes, ensuring roaming between lanes is a more costly and time consuming process. Beyond this, the possibility is there to have more than one dedicated jungler as there’s simply too much there for a single player to deal with effectively. This map is ideal for players that just want to focus on outplaying their laning opponent in a head to head battle as jungle ganking occurs less frequently here than any other mode. I personally didn’t enjoy this map as much since it took a lot of the rewards for map awareness and team coordination out of the genre, but that may just be from having too much experience on smaller moba maps to adjust my expectations.

The map overall finds cohesiveness when the Dooms Day Device activates, a central turret that forces players to come together for an epic team fight to acquire a type of satellite laser that can blast a huge area clear of any enemy players. It’s ideal for pushing heavily defended turtling foes out of lane long enough to take an objective, just hope that whoever on your team gets the device know what they are doing as it can easily be wasted.



Conclusion: Good

Playing as your favorite recognizable hero or villain added a new level of immersion to the moba genre I haven’t experienced elsewhere. Since playing as a character you are familiar with, you really get the ‘I am a hero’ feeling and want to show the enemy your special powers. But besides that Infinite Crisis tries to be even more different than many other MOBA games. But with the introduction of alternate reality heroes, roughly resembling the standard heroes but with unique steampunk and radioactive twists, the game not only expanded my knowledge of the DC Universe, but made me want to read more about these otherworldly versions of Batman and the Joker.


The more dynamic maps with fully destructible environments added new tactics that even a veteran moba player like myself was unable to immediately master. There’s certainly new strategies and ways of thinking about ganking here that should give that bit of “wow” factor to those bored with their current static moba. Unfortunately the game hasn’t caught on much in Europe, and my servers were a bit empty. This resulted in long queue times that could be a bit frustrating when I just wanted a fast match during short breaks. But if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, and enjoy playing as a super hero or villain, you should definitely check out Infinite Crisis.


Infinite Crisis Screenshots


Infinite Crisis Videos

Infinite Crisis Open Beta Trailer

Infinite Crisis Announce Trailer

Infinite Crisis – First Look

Infinite Crisis – Gotham Divided Preview

Latest Champion Profile


Infinite Crisis Links

Official Game Site

Champion Line-up

System Requirements

Infinite Crisis System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 or Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.1 GHz or better
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 400 series/ ATI Radeon HD 7000 (or better)

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  • Infinite Crisis to Launch March 26 on Steam - Posted on March 6, 2015
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced that Infinite Crisis, a bold new entrant into the wildly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, will officially launch on March 26, 2015 on Steam. For more information about Infinite Crisis on Steam, please visit:
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  • Infinite Crisis Refresher PC Review - Posted on December 15, 2014
    Thankfully calling out a game for only drawing in DC fans is a lot less niche than one might suspect. It’s a humongous intellectual property that has only grown its presence with the gamer community thanks to the recent barrage of movies and success of SOE’s DC Universe Online.
  • Infinite Crisis: Arcane Supergirl Coming soon - Posted on November 13, 2014
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has just released new info on their upcoming hero for Infinite Crisis: Arcane Supergirl, a powerful blaster champion, will be available on Wednesday, November 26. Players can burn down their enemies when Arcane Supergirl goes live in the game.

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