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Heroes & Generals pits you in the role of a soldier on the front lines, or as a general, calling the shots from behind. Both action and strategy are represented in Heroes and Generals, as players vie for control in a persistent online war. Experience AAA a quality shooter as you combat others in an FPS mode, and enjoy outmaneuvering your opponents with the in-depth strategy the RTS involves.

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Publisher: Reto-Moto
Playerbase: ??
Graphics: High
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: FPS and RTS
Filesize: ~2GB

Pros: +Unique blend of FPS action and RTS play. +AAA development team. +Persistent world for an FPS.

Cons: -May not appeal to fans of one or another genre. -Limited information available.

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Heroes & Generals Overview

Heroes & Generals is a unique blend of MMOFPS and MMORTS games. The game world is persistent, which is generally not done for an FPS game. Players may specialize their character to become a war hero on the front lines, or pursue the path of strategy as a general. The action content allows players to ride in vehicles and planes, in addition to being on foot. Both game modes are interconnected; what happens in the action mode carries over into the strategy mode, allowing players to keep tabs on things like supply-lines and production.

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