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Global Agenda Overview

Global Agenda is a 3D MMO shooter with RPG elements. The game features four different classes for players to choose from and get straight to the action. Both PvE and PvP Missions are available as well as training and arena type areas. Players choose from a fairly wide selection of weapons and equipment for their class, and can allocate skill points to better fit their needs. Combat in Global Agenda is intense, strategic, and skillful. Players can choose from the following four classes:

Assault: The assault class utilizes heavy weapons and explosives to deal tremendous damage on the battlefield. Assault is the closest thing to a ‘Tank’ in Global Agenda. They specialize in miniguns and rocket launchers and have skills to allow them to sustain large amounts of damage while their teammates assist.

Medic: Medics play the healing role in Global Agenda, and are vital to a team’s success in most missions. This class is has numerous items to heal and buff their group ranging from healing guns to healing grenades. Medics are also given the ability to spread toxins to enemies and also have a nice poison damage niche in Global Agenda.

Robotics: Turrets, shields, and gadgets make up the robotics arsenal. This class takes advantage of tactical equipment to hold their ground in combat. Robotics players are extremely useful in team combat as they provide priceless support to their allies.  A well placed turret or some mobile cover can make all the difference in a challenging encounter.

Recon: The recon class specializes in stealth tactics and ranged combat. Recon players have the tools to move around quickly and undetected while also being very proficient in taking out enemies from afar. The recon plays an important role both in PvP objectives and PvE Missions, providing quick disposal of dangerous threats.

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Full Review

Global Agenda Review

By, Kenneth Bodzak

Futuristic shooters are a dime a dozen in the MMO market, but Global Agenda has no problem holding its own. Global Agenda delivers a wonderful type of hectic combat that demands skill, strategy and teamwork. While the game only allows for players to choose from 4 different classes, each class is unique with 3 distinct skill trees. The game has just enough of a storyline to make it interesting, and just enough items to make character equipment fun and important. Global Agenda keeps players entertained with a good balance of all the elements of a standard MMO mixed with RPG elements.

Global Agenda was originally a subscription based game and then converted into a Guild Wars like buy to play title without a subscription. In April 2011, the game once again changed business models and relaunched as a free to play game. Back when it was buy to play it had a free trial with few restrictions. Rather than a simple “X amount of days” time period to try the game out, Global Agenda allows players to experience the game with a much smaller level cap and limited access to features. The full restrictions involve being capped at level 12 (out of 50), lower login priority, restricted access to currency and inventory space, limited PvE and PvP Missions, limited loot, and being exempt from joining or creating agencies (guilds/clans). Now at first glance this is a boatload of restrictions and limitations, but a majority of them won’t even be noticed in the early levels of the game. Since going free to play, these restrictions are no more. Free users can access every aspect of Global Agenda, while those who opt to make a one time payment to buy the game get a few special perks (increased experience rate for example). Once players finish the tutorial and emerge in the main city, the fun starts up as if you pay to play.

32276  500x375 global agenda character customization

Choosing Your Class

Character creation in Global Agenda is clean and simple. Players get to choose from one of the four available classes: Assault, Medic, Recon, or Robotics. Assault favors heavy weapons and soak up damage; they are the tanks of the game. Recons specialize in stealthy maneuvers and long range attacks. The robotics class plays a strong support role by providing turrets and cover that can be deployed on the battlefield. Medics are largely self-explanatory and have a great deal of healing tools at their disposal in addition to some nice poison and disease damage.

The class descriptions have been kept simple because they are simple. Each class has a very important role in any kind of team play, and they are supplied with equipment and skills that perfectly fit the class. A player that chooses a class that fits their style of play will surely not be disappointed by the available equipment or skills. Each class has a unique appearance so they are easily distinguishable. While this does make some characters look alike, individuality will show through in equipment and coloring. There seems to be a nice balance where not all medics will look alike, but a medic won’t ever be mistaken for an assault player.

32285  500x375 global agenda gameplay

The Commonwealth

After choosing a character and customizing a face, players are put straight into the game’s tutorial missions. I sort of wish the game let you customize a bit more than just your face, but as is that’s all you can customize. The tutorial is a well voiced and well designed escape mission that walks players through basic movement, combat, and equipment controls. The tutorial is the same regardless of a player’s class, but it gets the job done effectively. Completing the early training puts players in the main city at level 5 with a bit of starter equipment and a quest line to get them in the right direction. Players have the option of skipping the tutorial, and they’ll still end up at level 5 with the same starter equipment, but it’s short and gives players a sense of direction and purpose, so it’s worth completing.

The introduction cinematic and tutorial are the only real events that involve the game’s storyline, which isn’t exactly verbose or unique. Players are informed that a big bad alliance called the Commonwealth are in control, and those who fight for freedom are fighting against the Commonwealth. This sets the stage for many of the PvE missions, where players spend a great deal of time disposing of commonwealth drone NPCs. The story involving the Commonwealth coming to power and such is an interesting one, but the game mutes out the storyline quick enough to put the real focus on your character and the actual gameplay instead of sitting around trying to figure out what technological advancements allow medics to have grenades that explode healing energy.

32286  500x375 global agenda hd graphics

A great deal of time is going to be spent in Dome City, a futuristic establishment where all types of vendors, trainers and missions are available. The city is a haven for those against the commonwealth, and contains quests to get you acquainted with the game as well as direct players to other quest hubs to begin leveling further. Once a player ventures out of the city, they make their way to small quest-filled towns where they are given the standard kill and collection quests. The leveling grind is nothing special, but as always finding a friendly group of players to team up with makes things easier and more enjoyable. Global Agenda’s party interface is simple and effective and has its own VOIP, allowing players to voice-chat with their party.

Fast Paced and Crazy Action

The beginning tutorials and quests do a superb job getting players acquainted with their skills and weapons, while also supplying them with a decent set of starting gear. The moment a player sets out on a quest they are going to notice the fast paced and skillful combat that Global Agenda can deliver. The aiming reticule is going to be your new best friend, and your jetpack will consistently bring a smile to your face. Every character is equipped with a jetpack which provides an exciting sense of supreme mobility much like the booster system in Exteel. This combined with the reflex-testing melee combat, puts Global Agenda’s combat at the very top of the charts as far as intensity goes. All melee weapons feature a force-field feature to provide a blocking mechanic against other melee attacks, while also draining energy. Weapons do not consume ammunition, they only consume energy which is shared between the jetpack, weapons, and other things like blocking attacks.

32296  500x375 global agenda snipe

The combination of aiming, firing, activating skills and items, managing your energy, moving your character through the world, and interacting with your team really draws a player into the experience and really makes the game stand out. Just zoning in to the PvP Arena in the main city will be enough to exemplify the type of fast paced shooting, slashing, and blocking that it takes to succeed. Unfortunately, while questing players may find that combat becomes incredibly more hectic due to NPC respawn rates. At times it can seem like you are taking on an endless swarm of enemies, and it can easily become overwhelming for a new player.

Crazy hectic combat is always a good thing, but MMOs should try to keep those adjectives far away from their interface and menus. Global Agenda falls short in this category, and could use some polishing up. The game could benefit from a large amount of organization in the inventory, as well as some more detailed tooltips and mission filters. A strong example would be the game’s auction house, which is at times quite tedious to navigate. Luckily, many of these problems are not too prominent early game and can be ignored for the time being or adapted to in the long run. Speaking of ignoring, almost every NPC has some lame punch line to say when you talk to them, and it gets old very quickly. A bit of light humor is always nice for the atmosphere, but it can be a bit overdone at times.

32279  500x375 global agenda desert

A Bright Future

Global Agenda supports agencies (guilds / clans) and that they play a huge role in the endgame. The game has a feature referred to as AvA, where agencies fight over sections of a huge persistent territory. There is an enormous amount of the persistent world that players can engage in combat for and hopefully obtain control of. While this system seems to be just beginning to step into the spotlight, it has the potential to give Global Agenda an enormous amount of depth. Aside from character development and some simple PvP and PvE missions, agencies are able to fight for complete control of the persistent world. Powerful agencies will become strong and control great deals of territory, much like in EVE Online from CCP and PlanetSide from Sony Online Entertainment.

32295  500x375 global agenda skills

Final Verdict: Great

Global Agenda has some shortcomings that may deter some gamers. Items and equipment can be a bit confusing at first, some interface functions can be clunky, and the NPCs (both friendly and unfriendly) tend to be obnoxious. Shining through, however, is the games combat. Fighting is fast, fun, and just feels right. The game has a lot to offer and is definitely well worth checking out.


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System Requirements

Global Agenda System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 2.4 GhZ Dual Core Processor
HDD: 15 GB Free
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series or ATI Radeon HD3000 Series video card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 2.4 GHz Quad Core Processor
RAM: 3 GB or more
HDD: 20 GB Free
Graphics Card: 512 MB Video Card with Shader Model 3.0

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