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Genghis Khan Overview

Genghis Khan is a F2P fantasy war themed MMORPG by Gameclub. Loosely based off the historic victories of legendary warrior Genghis Khan, players are teleported back in time for a shot at greatness as a hero in that coveted era. Choose between four factions and up to 12 different character classes. Complete challenging quests to further your alliance’s world domination. Participate in multiple PvP modes to not only earn a high ranking reputation but to enjoy the bountiful rewards of a champion. Take up a profession to aid in upgrading armor and equipment or learn a variety of powerful skills. Comparable to games like The Chosen or Seven Souls Online players get to kill hordes of menacing monsters, raid instances with their friends, and conquer the known world.

Factions – Russia, Mongolia, Turkey, and Persia


Crusader – Devoted to their cause they take their honor and allegiances with grave importance. These preachers are armed with a spear and shield to perform devastating melee attacks.

Warrior – Sheer physical strength and courage makes these soldiers one of the best. Warriors use an enchanted knife to bring their enemies down to their knees.

Pyromancer – Masters of the art of fire these warriors are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Equipped with the Holy Fire Crest they can send high level damaging blows to their opponents.

Swordsmen – Knowledge and the mighty sword aid these knights with confidence as the wage combat. They’re equipped with a variety of swords and maces.

Warlock – These weavers of magic are capable of mind control as well as the ability to transform their foes into animals. Along with their arsenal of magical attacks they cross and the book is their secret weapons.

Prophet – This class has the ability to manipulate wind, thunder, clouds, and even lightening at will. The staff and horn are their core weapons on the battlefield but supernatural powers are also at work.

Monk – Not to be underestimated, this nature lover can transform into a powerful beast. Conquer foes with an assortment of magical attacks, a banner, and prayer beads.

Shaman – These spiritual healers are a perfect edition to any party. Shamans are equipped with a mystical hammer and drum.

Guardian – Part of Genghis Khan’s European invasion these soldiers possess damaging long distant attacks that aid in any assault. They use the Blunderbuss and cannonball as weapons of mass destruction.

Rifleman – This class utilizes artillery like the Firelock and an endless supply of bullets to silence their enemies. They are excellent at long range attacks.

Assassin – Their agility and swift ranged attacks makes this class ideal for covert missions. Assassins are armed with a crossbow and lightening fast bolts.

Archer – Similar to the Assassins this class is notorious for their precise ranged attacks. These ancestors of Marksmen continue the tradition of using the simple bow and arrow to slaughter their enemies.


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Full Review

Genghis Khan Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Genghis Khan is a 3D free-to-play warfare fantasy themed MMORPG by Gameclub. Set in the epic days of Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan, players become soldiers on a mission of their own to conquer the world. Choose between four different factions representing Russia, Mongolia, Turkey, or Persia. Explore a vast world while completing challenging quests in the name of your country. Learn a crafting profession, upgrade weaponry, and even breed mounts for an advantage in combat. Wage war on opposing factions in six different PvP modes. Join a party to raid treacherous instances for bonus points, participate in scheduled events, or raise your sword in large scale guild battles in a land where legends are born.

Conquer or Grind, the Gameplay

Like most RPGs players start out in a remote village roaming from NPC to NPC tackling various quests. The game features a relatively high level cap making questing and grinding an essential part of the gameplay. There are endless amounts of quests for heroes to complete. These tasks often vary from relaying messages to blowing up enemy campgrounds. Undertake quests like killing wolves, collecting cow milk, slaying gigantic spiders in the labyrinth, or climbing on top the Holy Mountains to battle Yeti monsters. The mixture of simple to more challenging missions that are readily available for players at all levels keep heroes on the move. Using the mouse or WASD keys for direction users can easily trek through the vast world of Genghis Khan. There’s a handy auto-walk and navigational map as well. The mounts and integrated mounting system is by far one of the most noticeable features in the game. Within the first few quests players are given a mount or horse of their own. These creatures are not just for quick rides from point A to point B. They can assist in combat, level up, breed with others steeds, and even evolve. It’s very cool. Similar to your character in the game which possess the ability to develop special skills overtime, mounts also unlock their own skill sets that can be used during battles. While monster grinding players can capture their enemy’s mount. Heroes can battle on foot or while mounted. Players with more powerful mounts have a significant advantage over those who do not since they provide additional boosts. During combat players can execute various attacks depending on their hero’s class. Send blistering arrows, snipe, ignite roaring flames, or drop a burning bomb on foes. Killing monsters and successfully completing quests earn XP, coins, or a random item.

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Raids to Hierarchy

Raiding instances is another major part of the gameplay in Genghis Khan. The game features dozens of different instances that vary from hidden treasure caves to Ancient ruins. Most instances require a warrior to belong to a party in order to enter. Raiding can begin as early as level 20. Each instance or Hero Arena has a set time limit and different monster invasion for players to slaughter. Defeat troublesome bandits lingering around the cave or stop demons from entering the world in the Ancient Ruins area. Players are encouraged to join parties and participate in raids for reputation points and XP rewards. Much like Seven Souls Online there’s an option for players that are members of guilds to create kingdoms and control their own territory as king. The hierarchy adds to the allure of being able to conquer and rule an empire like a great Mongolian warrior. Each guild can have a reigning king. Guilds can challenge rivals in large scale territory wars or in the Royal Arena with the object of killing the opposing team’s king and capturing the entire region.

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Four Ways to Die on the Battlefield

Similar to ARGO Online there are multiple PvP modes available for players throughout the game. Each mode varies with set time restraints, requirements, and objectives to follow. In the Two-Player Battlefield mode parties of two battle an opposing party in quick five minute survival matches. The team with all of its members still alive wins. The Six-Player Battlefield is played on a much bigger map with party and solo registration options available. Solo warriors are matched with other players to form a team. To win players must eliminate their rival’s Nine Flag Tent and earn 200 battlefield points. Points are rewarded for killing opponents, destroying buildings, and slaying monsters. Each battle lasts an hour. On the Patron Battlefield heroes only have 20 minutes to assassinate their opponents’ guild leader. It’s a very fast paced war. During Cross-server Battle mode heroes automatically earn XP as they enter combat against players from other servers. Participating in PvP battles usually yield high performing players honor points and badges that can be used to buy rare items in special NPC shops.

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Swords & Honor Shops

There’s a variety of different NPC shops scattered across the world for players to purchase equipment and weapons. Depending on a player’s class weapons like the Prairie Knife, Sword, Gun, Longbow, Prairie Mallet, Spear, Staff, Crossbow, Prairie Blunderbuss, Paddle, Cross, Banner, and Kereyan Sword are available. Much like JX2 Online players have the option of crafting and upgrading items but it’s a lengthy process involving gem enchanting. Warriors can take up various craft professions to create jewelry, potions, gear, and weapons of their own. Despite the array of professions and item shops the character customization options in the game are still somewhat limited. Armor in the form of generic helmets, necklace, bracers, greaves, boots, and belts don’t really make a difference in a hero’s appearance. Most of the heroes look identical to one another. Although there’s an abundant supply of NPC shops for users to purchase items there’s only a handful of items available at each merchant. Random specialty items like drinks and boosts. Buy pills of chaos or potion of life for an edge in combat.

There’s an option that allows players to sell and trade their unwanted goods as well.

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Final Verdict: Good

For gamers who love the thrill of PvP Genghis Khan has a lot to offer. There are six different PvP battlefield modes for players to participate in. Whether you’re a level 60 warlock or a level 30 there’s always some action to get into. Fight alongside fellow comrades in territory wars or against monsters in dungeon instances. Complete challenging quests, breed mounts, and upgrade weapons on the path of world domination in the Era of Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan. Similar to The Chosen this game features lots of scheduled events for players to test their skills and move up the ranks. This war themed MMORPG from Gameclub is definitely worth trying if you enjoy F2P fantasy games.


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Genghis Khan Links

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System Requirements

Genghis Khan System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows Me/98/2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU: 800MHz P3 processor
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA FX 5200
DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Requirements:
OS: Windows Me/98/2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU: 2GHz P4 processor
Graphics Card: NVIDIA FX 5700
DirectX: 9.0c

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