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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Fists of Fu Overview

Fists of Fu is a 2D action MMORPG with ’2.5D’ graphics. It offers a light-hearted story which gives players just enough of an excuse to beat up everything that they encounter. For the most part, Fists of Fu plays much like Dragonica Online, as the game has many instanced dungeons. Aside from its in depth PvE elements, Fists of Fu has multiple competitive lobby based PvP modes that support up to eight players at a time. There are thousands of items to collect, over 60 armor sets available, and plenty of ranks & achievements to earn.

The game’s three starting classes are:

Fighter – Fighters have the most hit points and armor in the game, but have limited offensive capabilities from a distance.

Archer – They focus on dealing damage to their opponents from a distance.

Mage – Like in most MMORPGs, Mages have powerful ranged attacks but significantly less armor and hitpoints than the other two classes.

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Full Review

Fists of Fu Review

By, Omer Altay

Fists of Fu is a side-scroller MMORPG with anime style graphics that mixes a fantasy themed persistent world with instanced dungeon stages. The game resembles Dragonica Online in many respects, but one key difference is that movement is limited to two dimensions. The character and monster models are still rendered in 3D which helps give the game a modern look, but the art style is a bit lighthearted and humorous.

29059  500x375 fists of fu character selection

Three Ways to Fu
Fists of Fu is published by Outspark, the same company behind the hit game Fiesta Online.  The beta test period for the game started on June 23rd and introduced a new launcher called O+ which aims to simplifying the process of downloading and patching Fists of Fu as well as all Outspark games. At around 500 MB, the Fists of Fu client download is manageable and the game plays well on a wide range of computer hardware. After installation and patching, players will find character creation is a bit lacking, as the game has absolutely no appearance customization. This leads to players looking virtually identical to other characters in game, just like they do in Lunia. There are three classes to chose from, each available in male or female form. Fu and Ling are the Magicians, Hu and Xao are Archers, and Shen and Wu are Fighters. Each class uses its own weapon type and has two advanced class options available for the late game. It’s disappointing to see so few playable classes and job advancements in the game, especially considering other side scrolling MMORPGs like Dragonica Online and MapleStory have much more variety in this department. MapleStory has some 15+ playable classes while Dragonica has four starting classes and many more job advancements.

29058  500x375 fists of fu character profile

Action Packed Gameplay
The gameplay in Fists of Fu is remarkably similar to Dragonica Online and other action games. Players don’t simply “point and click”. Every action in the game including movement, attacking and using skills requires players to actively press buttons. Like other action MMORPGs, much of Fists of Fu can be played entirely with the keyboard. As a fan of action MMORPGs in general, I have to say the core gameplay and combat mechanics in Fists of Fu are fun, but they aren’t very original. In fact, it’s safe to say much of the interface and gameplay in Fists of Fu is copied directly from Dragonica Online, an action MMORPG released back in 2009. Players can battle against enemies in Fists of Fu through instanced dungeons located outside of town. Keep in mind, unlike Dragonica, which has a persistent world outside of Towns, Fists of Fu only has only instanced dungeons. There are no enemies to kill outside of these dungeons, so in a way the game is similar to Lunia.

29062  500x375 fists of fu combat

Each instanced dungeon can be completed under three difficulty settings – Beginner, Expert and Hardcore. The higher difficulty dungeons yield better rewards but are significantly harder. Players can chose to venture alone into these instanced dungeons or party up with others. The game actually has a really good “party finding” system which allows players to find people easily find others working on the same quests / dungeons. In order to clear a dungeon players need to defeat the boss in the final room. Each dungeon has its own unique boss, which adds some depth and difficulty to the game. Unfortunately much of the gameplay in Fists of Fu is incredibly linear. Players need to complete the first few dungeons numerous times before being able to advance to the more difficult ones. In fact, each new instanced dungeon needs to be unlocked before being able to attempt it. Players unlock new dungeons by completing older ones, much like the progression system in Lunia. The first few dungeons are incredibly easy and short, but as players progress in the game, the later dungeons are much more difficult and longer.

29097  500x375 fists of fu martial arts intsructor

Leveling UP and Combat
The experience rate is fairly slow in Fists of Fu, but each new level yields new skill points and an increase in stats (Players don’t get to distribute stat points manually). Each class in the game only has a handful of skills, so there really isn’t too many different ways to “build” your character. For the most all every mage will play like every other major and warrior will play like every other warrior and so on. This lack of distinction amongst characters is definitely a major drawback. The combat is probably the most fun aspect of Fists of Fu, though it does get repetitive. Combat actually takes skill, so players need to effectively dodge attacks and form combos if they want to be as effective as possible. Players can hit F10 to see all available combo attacks for their characters, but I found myself spamming the basic attack hotkey more than anything else. Skills have to be used sparingly, as they use up a lot of MP, so players won’t be able to “spam” their skills in combat. The actual skill animations themselves look quite nice.

29131  500x375 fists of fu skill description

Non-Combat Stuff
Aside from grinding and questing in instanced dungeons, Players in Fists of Fu can craft, enchant and upgrade items at the blacksmith. Players can also sell their items to other players by setting up a personal shop in the game’s Plaza. Yes, like Rose Online, Seal Online and numerous other games, Fists of Fu uses a personal shop system instead of an auction house, which makes commerce within the game a bit annoying. The game’s item crafting system isn’t exactly too deep and its more like item crafting in MapleStory than anything else, because there’s no actual crafting skill. Instead, players simply bring certain items as well as a fee to the blacksmith in town, and he just crafts the item for you. Players can use strengthening stones to upgrade their equipment as well as gems to socket into their gears to enhance them. One good thing about the enchanting system in Fists of Fu is that players can remove gems from socketed items, so players don’t need worry about “ruining” their equipment with low tier gems. Keep in mind though, removed gems don’t return to your inventory, they get destroyed.

All in all, there’s a decent amount of things to do outside of the core PvE elements. PvP especially is worth checking out.

29119  500x375 fists of fu quest details

Action Packed PvP!
Aside from grinding quests and dungeons, Fists of Fu offers a compelling PvP system that’s well worth checking out. Players can enter the lobby-based PvP area after reaching level 3. Even though this area of the game is lobby-based, where players can host or join rooms, it works really well. The game currently has three PvP game modes, Team Competition, Team Deathmatch and Survival with up to 8 players in each game. Unlike PvP in most MMORPGs, players can begin enjoying the PvP in Fists of Fu right away. Whether you’re level 5 or level 40, the game will automatically equalize characters so they largely the same stats. Higher level players who enter the PvP arena will have access to more skills though, as even though the game equalizes stats, it doesn’t give lower level players skill that they haven’t unlocked yet. Each match does have a leaderboard, but unfortunately kills and death don’t really mean anything, as everyone just kill steals each other. Then again, this happens in most games, but it’s especially true for Fists of Fu, as players can take a long time to kill and the game awards the kill to whoever got the last hit. With 8 players in a single game, PvP can be quite chaotic, but even so it’s fun and a good distraction from grinding. Players earn PKPoints for performing well in matches which can be exchanged for Rank badges as well as other items in the PvP item store.

29109  500x375 fists of fu outspark

Final Verdict – Good
Fists of Fu is a fun action packed 2D MMORPG which although fun doesn’t bring anything new to the genre. Unfortunately, there are better action games out there. Namely Dragonica Online, which Fists of Fu copied. Even with its faults, those looking for a new action game to try should give Fists of Fu a chance.


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Fists of Fu Links

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System Requirements

Fists of Fu System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows  XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 1 GHz / AMD Equivalent
RAM:  512 MB
HDD: 1.5 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce2 / ATI 32MB or higher

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz / AMD Equivalent
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: 1.5 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce 8400 / ATI HD 2400 or higher

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