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Face of Mankind Overview

Face of Mankind has no levels or skills.  The experience points gained in the game are granted through doing simple tasks and achievements designed to familiarize yourself with the game environment.  High-ranking members of your faction can also award you EXP for participating in organized “groups” with objectives to complete, custom set by the group leader.  EXP only serves as a means of showing your higher level faction members that you’re dedicated to the game and ready to advance and be promoted.  Money, called UC (Universal Credit) and FC (Faction Credit) both serve as your means to self-enhancement in terms of equipment, augmentations, food, and clothing.

The eight factions in Face of Mankind each have different specializations and roles to play in the world.  Gameplay is centered around faction conflict and RP, as factions can take control of colonies and worlds to set tax rates and get access to resources and benefits.

The factions are divided into three categories:

The Global Dominion

Law Enforcement Department: The LED is in charge of arresting players with high Penalty Points (PP).  PP is accrued through unlawful killing and carrying illegal drugs.  Only the LED can scan players inventories for illegal items, make arrests, and make non-lethal takedowns with taser weaponry.  It’s the duty of the LED to force criminals to carry out their sentences mining in a prison facility.

Freedom Defense Corps: The FDC is like the LED, but generally not called in or allowed to act unless an area has been turned into a zone of total anarchy by one or more factions.  The FDC is then called in to impose martial law, and generally force out serious troublemakers so the LED can take over again.  FDC can see one another on the minimap, and can clone at increased speed and at a lower cost.

The Clans

Guardians of Mankind: The GoM are a group of activists and humanitarians dedicated to freedom of trade and speech.  They make the best medical equipment in the game, and are decidedly neutral when it comes to politics, existing only to help other human beings and promote freedom.  Despite their optimistic ideals, they often find themselves at odds with the FDC and LED.  They have exclusive rights to produce mediguns, and can use medical service terminals for free.

Brotherhood of Shadow:  The BoM is the faction that makes drugs.  Drugs in Face of Mankind are serious performance enhancers that make one much more effective in combat.  Unfortunately, drugs are illegal, and just carrying them can land you an arrest at the hands of the LED.  The BoM is also known as being one of the heavier RP factions.

Mercenaries of Blood: The MoB are exactly what the name states; mercenaries.  Politically neutral, their services are offered to whomever pays the highest amount, and pays most regularly.  This makes them one of the least complex factions, as their alliances are determined purely by credits.

The Corporations

Vortex Inc.: VI is a faction that’s responsible for the invetion of the vortex gates, which are used to link all of the colonies together and allow players quick travel around the world.  Members of this faction are able to get a discount on transporting items, can accept economic contracts, and have exclusive rights to produce a special type of weapon.

EuroCore: The EC is the dominant faction when it comes to producing items.  They receive huge discounts to item production at quality levels 1-3, and are generally responsible for putting gear up on the marketplace.  In exchange for this, they do not have exclusive production rights to anything in particular.

Colonization and Mining Guild: The CMG gets discounts for the mining of raw materials.  They’re the ones responsible for supplying the rest of FoM with raw materials in general, and lack exclusive production rights.

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Full Review

Face of Mankind Review

By B. Olivia

This is a game I’ve been meaning to try out for a long time. When I first heard about Face of Mankind, it was during a discussion with a friend about realism in MMORPGs. Why aren’t more MMORPGs realistic and RP-friendly? Why don’t players do something more than just hit monsters? He suggested Face of Mankind, a game that he found terrifying and hardcore, and couldn’t stand. I never got around to trying it. But, reviewing these games is my job, so here we are. Time to roll up my sleeves and stick my arms into the mysterious abyss that is FoM, and see what reaches back.


46988  500x375 madness thumb copy

That’s right Leonidas – we’re not in Sparta anymore.

One of the first things I noticed about FoM was that it was surprisingly well-populated for a game of its type. I also noticed that I wasn’t immediately killed by people – also unusual for a game of its type (open PVP). But don’t worry, dear reader, I get killed eventually. We’ll get to that. And just FYI, death isn’t permanent – this is the future! Everyone has clones. Duh. Death merely costs you time and in-game money.

This is a game that prides itself on being RP-intensive. RP is roleplaying, and roleplaying is basically what you’re always doing in an MMORPG. You’re playing the role of a character within a fictional world. Some of us enjoy getting into our roles and feeling immersed in the world around us, enhancing the escapism. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to remain immersed and convinced you’re actually in a fantasy world when you’re fighting the same respawning mutant helltoad over and over again to find a specific brand of belt. I’m happy to say that FoM has none of that nonsense. In fact, FoM has no PVE content whatsoever.

That’s right. No PVE content whatsoever. Let that sink in for a minute. This means there is not a single automated NPC that you can kill in the game. There are no drops. All equipment and items are crafted by players. Materials are “mined” from mining stations to make them. The game is basically a faction-based, first-person shooter RPG with a persistent multiplayer world. All there is to do is kill other players.

Oh, and play your role. That’s right. You have a role.

I have a role?!

46986  500x375 i have a role thumb copy

When you start FoM, you choose a faction. Each faction has different bonuses and perks associated with it. The corporate factions are good at crafting certain types of gear, the military faction gets to use certain weapons, the organized crime faction can produce performance enhancing drugs, etc. etc. and so on. What’s important is that you stick to your role. Your faction leader(s) will work with or against other faction leaders. Alliances and wars can be set at any time. Potentially, you could lead your faction, but that’s based on your own social skills and dedication to the game. What’s important is that you play your role.

This means that if you’re in the law enforcement faction, you can’t just run around shooting unarmed players for kicks. It’s YOUR job to tag and arrest people carrying illegal drugs (produced by the organized crime faction) or people with high Penalty Points (PP, accquired when you do illegal activities like kill people in a faction you’re not at war with). Stick to your role and doing as you ought to do within your faction’s MO is important, and it’s reinforced by the faction leadership, who have their own mandates and actions scrutinized by the active GM staff employed by FoM to make sure all of the factions are acting as they should.

Confused yet? I know. It’s crazy. The long and short of it is that you’re actually going to feel like you’re a part of something that matters. Which is kind of awesome.

Burgers and Murder

I joined the faction called the “Guardians of Mankind.” Apparently, the focus of this faction is to be a neutral, humanitarian organization dedicated to seeking out political corruption and ending it, as well as providing the best quality health packs to the marketplace. After completing the tutorial, the game commanded me to communicate with my faction members in faction chat, otherwise I’d basically be not playing the game correctly. I did, and they were very accomodating and friendly.

I was given proper gear, a gun, shown the basics of combat by two members, and also given a stack of burgers which I was told would increase my speed in combat. I can’t remember a time in my life when inhaling burgers made me feel lighter on my feet, but apparently this is magical future-food, so I rolled with it. I asked them if they were willing to show me what a scuffle looked like in the game, and they told me they were expecting trouble from the military and law enforcement factions that night, since they were conducting a wedding in Berlin.

When I asked why the armed military and police had an interest in crashing a wedding between humanitarians, I was given a lot of hemming and hawing and never really got a straight answer. The general consensus seemed to be “because they’re trolls.”

Thus began the downward spiral.

“I now pronounce you man and- WTF!”

46987  500x375 i now pronounce you man and wtf thumb copy

So I’m standing here at this gazebo out in the middle of a badly lit field, watching these people stand around in a circle. I got bored, so I got up to get a snack, certain I’d come back to a pile of corpses and armored cops teabagging bodies (sorry for going AFK during your wedding, guys). I came back with a bowl of dinner, surprised to find that no one was dead, and no one was crouch-humping any dead people.

One minute passed. Then, shots were fired, people started running around like jacked up jackrabbits, I was confused, but determined to defend the innocent hippie-wedding. I shot at people I thought were our enemies, twirled around in circles for a while, and fell over dead. In retrospect, it’s my own fault, really; I neglected to eat my burger.

I logged shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, this experience mirrored one I’d had earlier in the game, which seemed cool, but involved a lot of waiting around in a hotel room with guns drawn, waiting for the enemy factions to show up so we could have a confusing clusterf**k of a fight. The gameplay reminded me of an old Unreal Tournament deathmatch, with graphics just about as ugly to look at. Which brings me smoothly into my next point…

Welcome to 2001!

47008  500x375 welcome to 2001 thumb

And that’s being generous. The graphics in FoM are just not good. A game can be forgiven for having low-res 3D graphics if the art design is eye-catching, but that’s not the case here. Animations tend to be wonky and awkward, the gameplay moves at a frenetic, not terribly fun pace (unless you’re a hardcore fan of old-school shooters), and environments are just bland and generally empty. The “mining” system involves just sitting at a terminal “mining” for resources by hitting a button over and over. I’m not kidding. There is no wilderness to explore (except the barren wilderness of city streets), and nothing to do beyond chat with your faction members and keep up to date on the latest scuffles. Which is fine for some people, really, but I crave a bit more out of a game.

If a game with this kind of premise received some serious, wise investment and a new engine with, say, cover mechanics and a bit more of a realistic, slow pace, I could see getting sucked in completely. It would be dynamite. But as it stands, my jaded self just can’t ignore the fact that this game’s mechanics are far behind even the most minimal standards of gaming today. I fear that the “premium” member model (the game’s only source of income) isn’t enough to support the game, and the options for microtransactions are minimal, stifling the game’s potential for growth through new player patronage. The old engine is only going to become more glaring as time goes on, so unless FoM changes something soon, I can’t foresee a future for it. And that makes me very sad.

Final Verdict: Fair

The only reason this game doesn’t get a poor rating is because I think the premise is great, the playerbase is amazing and friendly, and I love the potential the game has. But everything else, in terms of actual gameplay and enjoyment factor, lacks severely. It’s really unfortunate, too, and it breaks my heart to have to knock a game with such a unique premise and dedicated playerbase – I just couldn’t get over the aged engine and boring gameplay. RP and competition is fun to a point, but most people are going to log in, be simultaneously over and underwhelmed, then log out. I stuck it out, and while I was charmed by my faction buddies (if you’re reading this, GoM, I want to thank you for being such great people), the game itself failed to impress.


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System Requirements

Face of Mankind System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz or AMD 1800+
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 5 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 / ATI Radeon 9000

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz or better
RAM: 1024 MB (1 GB) or more
HDD: 8 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce FX5200 / ATI Radeon 9250 or better

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