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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available


Emil Chronicle Online Overview

Emil Chronicle Online is a popular Japanese MMO that once required a paid subscription.  The game was just recently made available as a free MMORPG, and implements a paid item store.  ECO provides an anime-style adventure that takes place in the distant world of Arconia.  Players choose from three races, twelve classes, and a huge variety of jobs when they create their character.  The twelve classes are divided into three main categories:  warriors, mages, and backpackers.

The three playable races in the game represent humans, angels, and demons.  The storyline involves a devastating resource struggle that caused mankind to reach out to new frontiers, and consequently enter the planes of Titania and Dominion (Heaven and Hell) in a search for survival.  These are areas that humans were never meant to exist in.  These intrusions create conflict in the world that players are allowed to adventure through as one of the three following races:

Emil: The nomadic, human race of this MMORPG. Emil are eager adventures and love to explore new areas and help those in need.  A resource struggle in their race’s history attributes to their adventurous attitudes and bold curiosities.

Titanians: People of divinity, the Titanians both preach and stand behind their faith.  They are strong believers in destiny and followers of the “Almighty God”.  They adventure in the land of Arconia alongside the other races, believing their past, present, and future have all been governed by fate.

Dominion: Cunning tricksters, the Dominion are scheming demons from the underworld.  Few know anything of their history because many fear their entire existence.  The Dominion are aggressive, persistent, and will do anything it takes to achieve victory.

Players may adventure through the world of Arconia and progress until the level cap at level 100.  The main trading hub of the game is Acropolis City, located in the center of the world.  The city houses NPCs responsible a handful of different features, as well as paths for new reputations and even PvP combat.  Emil Chronicle Online provides the player with an anime-like adventure through an intriguing world of angels and demons.

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Full Review

Emil Chronicle Online Review

By Kenneth Bodzak

Emil Chronicle Online is a free MMORPG that allows players to adventure as humans, angels, and demons in the far away land of Arconia.  The game was developed by the same folks who made Ragnarok Online and Requiem – Gravity.  The graphics and gameplay are largely derived from Japanese anime, and provide a wonderful surrealistic experience for the adventurer.  The Japanese title was originally pay-to-play, but recently became a free-to-play MMO and was licensed out to various locations across the world.  Run Up has rights to the game’s distribution in Singapore and Malaysia, and offers it free-to-play.  A cash shop is available, but is not at all necessary to enjoy the game by any means.  The locale of the servers (Singapore and Malaysia) does not affect the experience, as the game is available in English, and just about anybody can sign up and create a free account.

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The game’s back-story is rooted in a devastating resource struggle that drives the Emil (humans) to desperately scavenge for their survival.  People, places, and things were discovered that were never thought to have existed before.  Unfortunately some of the places found were never meant for humans to experience, creating chaos and turmoil throughout the new world.  Adventurers start in the world of Arconia and complete many of their operations out of the main city of Acropolis.  Arconia is inhabited by the three playable races in the game, and also serves as a home to some of the deadliest enemies in the game.

Stepping into Arconia

When players first decide to adventure in Emil Chronicle Online, they are allowed to create a character and choose from one of the game’s three races.  Character creation is very straightforward, and offers plenty of customization.  Players can choose from various face types, hairstyles, and hair colors.  Characters become much more distinct as equipment is acquired later in the game.  However, one of most distinguishing characteristics about a character is their race.

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The three playable races are the Emil, Titania, and Dominion.  It is much easier to think of the three races as humans, angels, and demons (respectively). The Emil (humans) are courageous and determined adventurers.  They are driven by their past struggles and explore Arconia with burning curiosities, a glowing pride, and steadfast courage.  The Titania (angels) are messengers of fate, and inhabit the world believing their actions and future are all governed by destiny.  The Titania both follow and preach the truths of the “Almighty God”, and every Titania sports a pair of angel wings and a halo to differentiate their character.  Dominion (demons) are quick-witted vagabonds that often shroud themselves in anonymity.  Very little is known about their history or motives.  However, they can be identified by their long devilish tail.

Emil Chronicle Online is very friendly to new players just getting started with the game.  The beginning tutorials are extremely informative and help explain the more complex parts of the game early on.  Players get to experience airship transport, a ticket system, basic combat, and item collection in simple situations, and have plenty of NPCs to help guide them to Acropolis city.  Acropolis city is the social and economic focal point of Arconia and the place to go to meet other players embarking on similar adventures.

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Marionettes and More!

This title employs some unique features to help make the gameplay experience more unique and enjoyable than other free MMORPGs.  Players can purchase “Marionettes” or puppets which their character can then transform into, allowing them to stay active the game world even when the user is logged off.  This feature allows users to open up shops, and even possess items with their own character to enhance the items strength while a different character uses it.  Features like these help the player stay involved in Emil Chronicle Online even while offline.

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Emil Chronicle Online also features an item enhancement system that allows players to combine items and use them to enhance their own gear.  This system helps players progress through the world and also individualize their characters to avoid having multiple people with the same characters and the same exact stats.  The system is implemented in such a way that subsequent item enhancements are less effective than the original, and prevents players from abusing item enhancements to the point where acquiring a new piece of gear is not as effective as simply upgrading an older one.  The item enhancement system provides for a steady and reliable path to character improvement, while not discouraging progress in other areas.

The game provides each character the ability to choose a job, and then later on advance and further distinguish that job multiple times as the character progresses in level.  Characters level-up via killing NPCs and completing quests, much like most MMORPGs, and have a level cap of 100 in ECO.  However, jobs can also gain levels, but only up to the cap at level 50.  Each character makes an exclusive and permanent first job choice that decides how they will progress and what direction they will go throughout the rest of the game.  Rest assured, the game thoroughly explains the paths and attributes of each job, if you care to read through the dialogues.

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Transportation and Combat

Arconia itself is not exactly mind blowing in its size, but it does take quite a bit of time to get around.  Teleportation-like travel is available through Airships.  Airships are a form of combined player housing and transportation.  The airship is a pseudo-item that allows the player to summon a ladder to their personal airship and visit it.  While on an airship the player can travel to set, airship-friendly locations.  In addition to airships, players can also purchase animals to ride on, which help them navigate Arconia (as well as lend them further bonuses).

Emil Chronicle Online takes advantage of the commonly used “auto-attack” system in many MMORPGs.  The player can target and attack a monster, and for the most part the game will do the rest.  ECO features a plethora of cute, anime-style, attack animations and combat messages that give the game a fun and cartoony feel.  The combat does evolve slightly as players make progress in the game, and becomes more complex and more interesting as a character levels up and gains new abilities.  Throw in a few fancy spells, cool weapons, some interesting looking enemies and Emil Chronicles Online does a great job making a reliable old combat system enjoyable.

Final Verdict: Good

Emil Chronicle Online is fun anime MMORPG, but it does not quite set itself apart from the rest of the free MMORPG universe.  The graphics are effective and enjoyable, but the anime style is nothing players have not seen before.   A basic combat system and linear game progression hold this MMO back.  ECO is a free MMORPG that can stand on its own two feet, but unfortunately stands no taller than the rest.


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System Requirements

Emil Chronicle Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 2.0 GHz Pentium 3
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 2 MX or Radeon 8500

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 and above or any Duo-Core CPU
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce 7300 GT or Radeon 9660+

Players may adventure through the world of Arconia and progress until the level cap at level 100. The main trade hub of the game is Acropolis City, located in the center of the world. The city houses NPCs responsible a handful of different features as well as paths for new reputations and even Player verse Player combat. Emil Chronicle Online provides the player with an anime-like adventure through an intriguing world of angels and demons.

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