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Dungeon Party Overview

Dungeon Party is a humorous, cartoony fantasy MMO with simple gameplay and a focus on team work. While there are only three classes, the sheer level of appearance customization helps add flavor to the game. Dungeon Party does not have a persistant world – instead players join or create games in a lobby and lose their level & skills at the end of each round. The game tracks your wins, losses, and other statistics. Players earn money depending on their performance and can purchase new gear, clothes, and other accessories.

Rogue - A well-balanced class that can fit many situations. The Rogue focuses mainly on speed and cunning, but also possess self-healing and buffing skills. A poor team player, the rogue has no abilities that assist teammates.

Wizard - The premier team player. Wizards have both offensive and supportive spells like heals and buffs. Wizards have the highest damage potential, but have the lowest heath and defense.

Executioner - The brute of the bunch. What the Executioner lacks in brains is made up with brute force. The Executioner has the best defense and melee skills, but relies on other classes for supportive abilities.

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Full Review

Dungeon Party Review

By Ange Perdu

Dungeon Party is an innovative MMO that focuses more on fun than leveling up. Players enter a 3D-animated world filled with odd characters, imminent danger, and humor around every corner. In Dungeon Party players have their pick of characters and customization. Each user can create multiple heroes and switch them between battles.

The core characters are the Thief, Wizard, and Executioner. Each hero comes with their own school of magic and set of spells that can be performed.

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Bi-Polar Treasure and Awesome Gameplay

The gameplay in Dungeon Party is awesome. Each player is part of a team with the sole objective of finding and carrying the hidden treasure chest to the exit point. The team that successfully makes it out the dungeon with the treasure wins. Unfortunately, there are numerous traps, opposing team players, guards, and powerful bosses in the dungeon waiting to attack. The treasure is also an obstacle players must overcome. In this virtual fantasy world, the treasure chest is very emotional. She doesn’t go with just anybody.

A team must earn the treasure’s love in order to leave the dungeon with it. Killing guards, dungeon bosses, and extending the length of time a designated player carries the chest will increase its love for a specific team. A meter on the screen monitors the amount of love a treasure chest has. When the meter turns completely blue or red it indicates that team color is loved enough to exit the dungeon. Each team is usually made up of five players or more. Teams can have anywhere from two to eight group members, but the opposing team must have the exact same number.

Dungeon Party has a simple interface that lets players easily navigate. Users can click a magnifying glass icon to join a team or select a crown icon to create their own team. The player who starts the team will be given the title as team leader. During gameplay, team members can send instant-messages to each other. The action in Dungeon Party is fast-paced. Teams make a mad dash through the dungeon trying to slaughter as many monsters and opposing team members as possible to guarantee a victory.

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Wacky Weapons and the Way of the Sneaky

The weapon selection in Dungeon Party is far from the norm. Like most things in Dungeon Party it’s somewhat comical. The illustrious grand Wizard is armed with a trusty rake, marshmallow skewer, and firework stick. The sneaky Thief has a rolling pin, plunger, and hunk of gammon to swing at foes. The bold Executioner has a slender pool cue, dead head, and hammer in his arsenal. All weapons produce similar damage as a sword of sorts. Crates scattered throughout the dungeons can be used as weapons, also. Some crates possess fire, healing, or speed. When they are smashed or thrown, that area and all in it will catch on fire, be healed, or double in speed.

The spells in Dungeon Party are silly and mediocre. They have slightly higher damage rates, but rarely give a player an advantage. The Thief hero uses magic from the way of the sneak. One of his spells lets a player throw a knife in the back of their opponent. It is funny, yet seldom effective. When a player kills a monster experience points are given. There is no experience advancement system for characters in Dungeon Party. The primary focus in this game is fun. However, each level gained earns one magic point which can be exchanged for spells in the shop. Instead of spells or fancy weapons, teamwork, strategy, and speed are the keys to winning in Dungeon Party. The team aspect makes this game fun.

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Screams in the Dark, Oh My?!

When nearing the end of a round, a countdown clock will randomly ignite the game into Blackout or Dizzy mode causing sheer chaos. During Blackout mode the entire dungeon will be pitch black, with only a few steps lighted in front of your hero’s path. Screams echo from the darkness while players frantically try to maneuver through the dungeon without falling into trap or arms of an enemy. An enormous rolling boulder with scattered skeleton bones zooms through in the darkness, crushing anyone or anything in its way.

In the Dizzy mode the entire screen flips upside down. Players will find themselves actually dizzy during this mode. Controls and directions are jumbled as the right becomes left and vice versa. Picking up crates also becomes a complex task while looking at the screen from a completely upside down viewpoint. The difficult to beat bosses morph into almost impossible to destroy beasts. Fellow dizzy teammates do not provide much assistance when the dungeon itself literally gets tipsy. The randomness and frenzy these two modes create add a rather unique challenge to the overall game play in Dungeon Party.

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Not Your Average MMOG

Dungeon Party is not your average MMO game. Accurately titled, this game is all about a good time. Experience and rank are seldom-used words in this virtual world. Dungeon Party combines humor and group teamwork in a fast-paced environment for a fun gaming experience. Odd characters, wacky weapons, horror movie themed bosses, and a high-maintenance chest of treasure form a truly innovative adventure. Over 20 dungeons set in one of three massive environments are available for teams to compete in. A special feature called the Dungeon Party Level Editor allows players to create their own dungeon. The dungeon can be part of the Dracula’s Castle, Egyptian Pyramid, or Pirates’ Cave environment. Players can invite friends to compete against other users inside their new dungeon for the treasure chest. Giving Dungeon Party users the ability to design their own level adds a bit of excitement and keeps the game from becoming too bland or repetitive.

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Final Verdict: Great

Dungeon Party is just that – a party. This game is loads of fun and nice break from traditional MMO games. The 3D graphics, dungeon mazes, challenging combat, and humor embedded into every element makes this game worth playing. Although, it doesn’t have a very large playerbase, there is always a group of players ready to party.


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System Requirements

Dungeon Party System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Win95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP
CPU: Pentium 4 processor
RAM: 1024 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB
Graphics Card: GeForce 6600

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP or Vista
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
RAM: 2048 MB or more
HDD: 2.0 GB
Graphics Card: GeForce 8600 or better

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