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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available


DK Online Overview

Dragon Knights Online is a traditional fantasy MMORPG with a heavy focus on PvP combat action. Players enter the enchanted world of Latos that has been overtaken by the vile dragon Kharvag. As an official knight fighting for your race players must complete various quests and battle numerous monsters throughout the land. Raid instances, learn dozens of new skills, and participate in large-scale guild based castle sieges for territorial control. Build strong alliances while using strategic combat to conquer and reign. There are four distinct races and classes with set gender for players to choose from in this F2P adventure from Aeria Games.

Races – Human (male), Elf (female), Felynx (female), and Lycan (male).


Paladin – Considered guardians of the light this class utilizes divine energy to execute devastating holy damage upon enemies and demonic foes. Armed with a sword and an arsenal of spells Paladins are worthy opponents.

Warrior – Notorious for their epic battle cries this class is capable of dealing large amounts of damage using a combination of deadly blows and slashes. Their powerful melee abilities make them a very valuable asset to any team.

Sorceress – Believed to have descended from the dragons this class of beauties are masters of elemental magic. They are capable of casting powerful spells using air, water, earth, and fire to devour their enemies.
Shadowmage – Shadowmages tap into the powers of darkness in order to destroy all that oppose them. They use poisons and curses to slowly take out their enemies.

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DK Online Review

Full Review

By Ange Perdu

DK Online (Dragon Knights Online) is a fantasy medieval themed MMORPG set in the turmoil land of Latos, where a sinister dragon and his army of monsters have taken control. Similar to most traditional MMOs like World of Warcraft players step into the role of a warrior chosen to fight for the greater good. Battle hordes of monsters and complete challenging quests while trekking through dangerous zones. Perfect combat skills and even transform into defeated creatures in order to gain their powerful spells. Geared heavily towards PvP, players can participate in intense duels, dungeon raids and even large-scale guild based castle sieges.

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Becoming a Dragon Knight, the Gameplay

Players start out on the striking Isle of Balt as a Dragon Knight performing various tasks for NPCs. DK Online has a quest-based grinding system so players will find themselves constantly tackling one quest after the next in order to level up instead of simply roaming the fields slaughtering monsters. Quests in the game often vary but manage to stick to the traditional MMORPG formula. Knights are given assignments that involve visiting certain NPCs for more information, gathering ingredients, and killing a certain number of beasts terrorizing locals. Complete quest like gathering mushrooms from the forest of Endless Nights, killing 15 gremlins to claim their daggers, or eliminating 10 Kobolds to retrieve their claws. Hordes of monster patrol the pathways and fields for players to hone their skills on.

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Heroes can easily target and attack their enemies using a variety of spells or swift combative moves. The combat is defiantly fast-paced. The skill animations are well done with brilliant red fireballs spiraling towards foes, sword slashes causing blood splatter, and clouds of poison visibly infecting its victims. As players level up they earn points that can be manually added to attributes and used to unlock new skills. Questing and monster killing is a vital part of the gameplay. Similar to Guild Wars knights must reach a specific level in order to participate in the game’s PvP action. Although trekking further into the kingdom and slaying enemies’ speeds up the process it can make the game feel repetitive at times. Maneuvering through the visually appealing land of Latos can also be tricky. There are invisible walls hidden throughout each zone in strange places. Bumping into to clear blockades can be frustrating especially when using the auto-walk option.

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Gremlins to Dungeon Raids

One of the features that that stand out the most in Dragon Knights Online is the unique-looking creatures roaming Latos. From feisty gremlins resembling Ewoks carrying pirate swords to creepy Nightshade Spiders the attention to detail and graphic style is impressive. Much like Tera Online players have an entire world with hordes of beasts to explore. At as early as level 1 in the game players can activate their characters’ transform ability to morph into a previously defeated monster. To perform this shape shifting option a hero must possess an Ever-changing Wand, Metamorph Scroll, or Transformation Bracelet. Each item allows a knight to transform into a monster. Players can turn into any monster from level 1-10 for free but higher level creatures require a special monster card that must be purchased or found during drops. Transformations are a nice change of pace for users that want to spice up their combat temporarily and execute some devastating spells while grinding. Near level 19 players will receive their first mount quest enabling them to acquire a faster way through trek through the land. Each race has a distinct mount. As players progress through the game open dungeons become available that knights can raid alongside their party members. When a player reaches level 20 they can choose a faction and participate in PvP duels and castle sieges also.

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Epic PvP Castle Sieges

A major feature in the DK Online is the ability to participate in epic large-scale PvP castle sieges with your affiliated guild. There are six magnificent castles stationed in Latos for parties to take claim. Similar to the game Lineage 2, castle sieges are not only fun but equally challenging. Since these wars can be played with up to 25 attacking guilds against a maximum of 5 guilds on defense, heroes must work together to strategize the best method of warfare. During battles teams have exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to massacre their enemies while conquering or defending a castle’s thrown. Knights riding horse mounts or transformed as beasts frantically storming the castle walls slaying everyone is absolute player versus player mayhem. It’s what makes playing Dragon Knights worthwhile and all the tedious quest based grinding necessary. The more powerful and skilled heroes in a guild the higher rank and political status can be gained. Guilds occupying a castle receive total control over that region allowing them to impose various taxes and reap special rewards. Guilds can use their earnings to make improvements to their castle as well.

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Dull Blades & Spellstorms

Unfortunately, the customization in the game is somewhat limited. Characters have set classes and gender-locked races along with a small selection of customizable appearance options in the form of hair color or facial expression for players to choose from. The weapons and gear are meager in terms of variety also. Most classes only have two or three weapon types available. Equip heroes with one or a two-handed sword, lances, two-handed hammers, magical staffs, and bows. Weapons can be enchanted to boost stats or occasionally crafted depending on the NPC craftsman and character’s current level. Standard gear such as gloves, belts, boots, shields, guards, helms, cloaks, and armor can be attained through NPC shops also. The NPC shops scattered throughout Latos are bare. Merchants only have a handful of generic items like Spellstorms, healing potions, mana, vigor tonics, castle return scrolls, iron ore, leather, fabric, thread, empty bottles, and copper ore. There’s also a hero weight limit enforced similar to Elder Scrolls. A player’s character can only carry so much weight in their inventory bag before it starts to literally slow their knight down. Carrying beyond the set amount will prevent entry into battles and restrict a hero’s movement. It’s a very annoying feature requiring a player to constantly check their inventory and eliminate or store unnecessary items.

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Final Verdict: Good

DK Online is a solid traditional fantasy MMORPG by Aeria Games. It features quest-based grinding with a heavy emphasis on PvP castle sieges. Players enter the enchanted world of Latos where the evil dragon Kharvag and his monster cronies have taken over. Complete challenging quests, raid instances, transform into monsters, duel and participate in large-scale guild wars seizing the castles of your adversaries. Although the customization options and graphics could be better it’s still a fun game. Dragon Knights Online may not be for everyone but it has a lot to offer players that enjoy epic PvP battles. Overall the medieval theme and massive guild brawls for territorial reign make it a fast-paced combat action F2P worth checking out.


DK Online Videos

DK Online Official Trailer

Dragon Knights – First Look


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Game has been ‘on hold’ since April 2013.

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System Requirements

DK Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

CPU – Intel Pentium4 2.8 GHz / AMD Sempron+ 2800
VGA – NVIDIA Geforce 6800 GT/ AMD Radeon X800 XL
Space – 20GB
DirectX 9 (Latest)
OS – WinXP, Vista, 7

Recommended Requirements

CPU – Intel Pentium Dual-Core / AMD Athlon64 X2 or higher
VGA – NVIDA Geforce 7800 GT / AMD Radeon X1800 XL or higher
Space – 20GB
DirectX 9 (Latest)
OS – WinXP, Vista, 7




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