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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Divina Overview

Divina Online follows a convoluted story based on Norse legends of Ragnarok. Players must take up arms following the destruction of the world to protect the Goddess Clarisse. Unfortunately she remembers nothing and it’s up to you to restore her memory and save the world.

Character Classes:

Assassin: If there’s one thing Assassins do well, it’s dishing out pain in large doses and quickly exposing the enemy’s vulnerability. These masterful damage dealers have many ways of eliminating foes, all of them efficient and effective, no matter the distance.

Cleric: The Cleric is an integral part of any team, bolstering teammates with healing magic when they’re wounded or on the verge of defeat. These kind souls dedicate their lives to keeping their friends strong and healthy even in the face of devastating damage. Some Clerics, however, turn away from the light to study the ways of harmful magic… Which will you choose?

Knight: Out of all the classes, the Knight exists with the sworn duty to protect and lead their companions, with faith, pride, and honor! With the highest HP, physical defense and a natural affinity for one-handed weapons, Knights are towers of strength. In Divina, you have two options —to fight as either a Guardian or as a Destroyer!

Sorcerer: Sorcerers are the undisputed masters of harmful magic. The Destructive path allows Sorcerers to harness the devastating forces of fire and ice, while the Mysterious path focuses on Earth and Lightning based attacks and supportive spells. A party with a Sorcerer is capable of surviving even the most dangerous quests.

Machinist: Like Sorcerers, Machinists excel at putting out strong damage at long range. But while Sorcerers rely on magic, Machinists rely on devices and scraps — transforming metal and other found items into impressive weapons, ammo, and traps.  This makes them capable of raining down destruction upon their enemies or using crowd-controlling traps to keep them at bay.

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Full Review

Divina Online Review

By Jaime Skelton


Disaster has struck the world of Divina: some harm has befallen the great tree Yggdrasil, and caused the world’s greatest calamity, and it’s up to you, a time traveler, to figure it out. While Divina is similar to games such as Spirit Tales and Lucent Heart, it makes its own impression on the MMORPG world with some interesting game mechanics.

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To Challenge the World

Character creation in Divina is straightforward.  Five classes are available: Knight, Assassin, Machinist, Cleric, and Sorcerer.  Each class has different roles and abilities available to them.  For example, the machinist can specialize in laying traps or in strong cannon attacks, while knights can go the traditional sword and board tank style or wield two-handed weapons.  Options for customizing your character appearance are limited, but not so much to make everyone a clone of each other – especially once the fashion system is taken into account.

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Ruins Not Forgotten

You begin your adventure in the City Ruins, a run down and desolate area where darkness has taken root. A set of basic tutorial quests will teach you how to move, how to interact with NPCs, and how to specialize your character. The tutorial quests do a good job of explaining features such as combat, leveling up your stats, and learning new skills.  How you allocate stats and use your skills is ultimately up to you, but there is a lot of friendly advice in the character class channels.  The community is quite friendly to newcomers, and will happily answer any questions you might have.

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Restoring the Balance

Divina’s core rests on the storyline and quests it offers. There are plenty of quests to be had, from long story quests to daily quests and challenges, ensuring you never have a lack of something to do in game.  Normal storyline quests lead you in a natural progression through several zones, though at times, completing their objectives can be disjointed.  Leveling up usually unlocks more quests, which may at times send you to kill the same monsters you were killing previously.

The game also offers several repeatable quests designed to supplement your progress.  Since you’ll sometimes be killing the same monster type several times, repeatable quests can offer a strong benefit to your experience and wallet.  Daily quests also exist in Divina, which offer unique rewards.  Each day you do the daily quest, you get a special item that you can only get that day.  Collect a week’s worth of these items, and you can turn them in for an extra special prize.

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The New You

You will gain stat points as you level up.  These can be allocated into six core stats:  strength, constitution, dexterity, perception, intellect, and spirit.  Each stat has particular benefits for certain classes; for example, wizards never need strength, and machinists will find little use for intellect.  Starting at level 20, you will also begin to obtain specialization points for your class.  Each class has two different lines to specialize in.  You can freely put points into either line as you level; however, keeping your specialization focused leads to unique skills at max level.

At level 30, you have the option to select a secondary class.  Using the hotkey, you can change into this class at any time, even during combat.  This offers quite a tactical advantage, as each class has separate mana and health pools.  The secondary class starts out at a lower level than the primary class but gains experience at twice the rate, so you can level it through mob grinding, or daily events and quests and still easily keep it on par with your main class’ level.
While in town, you can change class freely.  In the wild, you are limited to changing class only three times; this means that class changing should be used strategically.  As you fight monsters, you raise the change meter, and when it fills completely, you regain one of the three class change “hearts.”

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Dressing for the Occasion

There is no armor in Divina, at least in the traditional sense.  There are several costumes you can obtain during the game, and any class can equip any costume.  You are free to mix and match as you see fit, and even use a large variety of dyes to customize your look.  The cash shop in the game focuses highly on this customization, offering a variety of costumes for your character, along with mounts for you to ride upon.  Costume pieces aren’t limited to the cash shop, however, as you can obtain pieces from monsters, by completing the Creature Tome, at vendors, and through treasure hunting.

Instead of armor, you have a core and four keys, plus your weapon.  Matching the name of the keys to the core will provide bonuses such as attack or magic damage.  Weapons and cores can be crafted by the use of cards, which are refined out in the wilderness areas.  Higher level monsters also drop schematics for new weapons and cores, and the rare cards required to make these weapons, which are much more powerful than a normal crafted item.

There is also a monster transformation feature in Divina.  In each area, the Creature Tome includes nine different types of creatures, each with a progress bar. Filling the progress bar requires killing the monsters; reaching 100% allows you to transform into that particular creature. Some monsters have unique abilities that can only be accessed by transformation.  Transformation has an hour cooldown, even if it is cancelled, so use these skills wisely. Completing a creature tome page also grants specific rewards to the player, including gear and costumes, so it’s worth it to grind out these monsters.

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The Bards Shall Sing of Your Might

Divina’s guild system is quite unique, playing more like an MMORTS than a social system found in most MMOs.   Players can build their own homesteads within the guild once they’re level 20, gathering raw materials for the guild to expand its own buildings.  The officers, in turn, can set how they want the guild to develop, and can craft guild buildings that benefit each member towards that goal.
The guild system bonuses are useful, and include guild-only dungeons and zone bonuses. The guild-only dungeons offer a different experience for players.  Monsters are not the same, and bosses drop different loot.  The zone buffs the guild system gives also benefit in the dungeon, making your teammates more powerful and capable.

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Of Mice and Men
Another different feature is the “sidekick” system: you can level up these mini-pets, train them with skills and stats, and even send them to do refining or treasure hunting for you.  Sidekicks can be obtained in a variety of ways.  Some are dropped from monsters, others from gachapon capsules (bought from the cash shop or vendors) and others from completing certain quests.  Sidekicks also have a loyalty system.  Talking to them raises loyalty (talking about their interests doubles loyalty gains).  Sending them to work or summoning them for battle lowers their loyalty.  At high levels of loyalty, their health, mana, and damage are increased, making it worthwhile to keep it high if you’re using the pet in combat.
In the closed beta, Divina featured mandatory open-world PvP, starting at level 30.  Fortunately for some (unfortunately for others), this has changed.  PvP in the game is now regulated to duels, PvP arenas, and GM events; even on the PvP channel, no one can battle in the wilderness.

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Final Verdict:  Great

The loss of the open world PvP was a blow to some of Divina’s early fans.  However, Divina still offers a great depth of content to its players.  The class system is varied and unique.  Being able to select a second class on the fly, with its own separate resources, is a unique and refreshing game mechanic.  Crafting is a great way to build your character’s power, although refining cards can take a long time. The game’s art and story are charming and endearing, giving MMORPG lovers something to cheer about in Divina.



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System Requirements

Divina Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Higher
CPU: Pentium 4 or similar
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2.0GB +

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