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Destiny Online Overview

Destiny Online is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG by EnjoyMMO. The graphics and gameplay in Destiny Online feels remarkably similar to other EnjoyMMO games. The game’s most interesting feature is its in depth pet system. Players can capture practically any enemy in the game and customize their growth as they level up. The experience rate in game is fast paced, so players should be able to complete all of the newbie quests and have themselves nicely equipped within an hour or so after creating their character. The game’s five playable classes are:

Warrior - Their key attributes are Strength and Vitality. They are the primary melee oriented character in Destiny Online and are capable of dealing large amounts of physical damage. They enjoy the highest HP in the game and high physical attack power.

Swordman - Their key attributes are Strength and Stamina. They are capable of dealing of dealing long-range physical attacks. They use long swords and other weapons which have a long reach. They are very similar to Warriors.

Mage - Their key attribute is Intelligence. They are the primary offensive spell casting class in Destiny Online. They have low HP but can devastating amounts of damage with their spells.

Taoist - Their key attributes are Intelligence and Spirit. They play a lot like mages, except their spells curse their opponents rather than lots of damage. They rely more on their pets than other classes.

Priest - Their key attribute is spirit. They are a supportive class capabable of both buffing their team mates as well as healing them.

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Full Review

Destiny Online Review

By, Omer Altay

Destiny Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG published by EnjoyMMO with cute anime inspired graphics. In terms of core gameplay and graphics, Destiny Online is very similar to EnjoyMMOs other titles – Magic World Online and Phoenix Dynasty Online. EnjoyMMO actually launched Destiny Online back in 2008 as ‘Legend of Golden Plume’, the game was later renamed to ‘Destiny Online’ in early 2009. Unlike Magic World Online and Phoenix Dynasty Online, Destiny Onlime is aimed towards a younger audience, as the game’s graphics are brightly themed and cute. Those looking for a game with better graphics, may want to skip this one, but everyone else can read on!

25343  500x375 destiny online login screen

Starting Out in Carp Village
Upon first logging into Destiny Online, players must first create their character. The game has five playable classes – Warrior, Swordman, Mage, Taoist and Priest. The game’s character customization options are limited to a handful of different hairstyles and colors, which is a bit disappointing.  After actually entering the game, players will can either start grinding right away or start the ‘New Comer’ beginner quests;  I strongly recommend completing all of the ‘new comer’ quests, as they’re extremely easy and are quite rewarding.  Quests usually involve talking to NPCs or killing monsters outside town. Even though there’s no real innovation in this department, questing gives some great early game direction to the game.

Core Gameplay
The core gameplay in Destiny Online is rather simple. The experience rate in game is quite fast. Players gain four stat points every time they level. The skill system is a bit interesting, as players don’t simply pick skills out of a skill tree like most games. Instead, players must talk with their trainers to improve their various class skills. Mages for example have various different schools of magic which must be trained by talking to a class mentor NPC . Training skills requires silver (the currency in game) as well as some of your own experience points. Whenever a school of magic reaches a certain milestone, your character will automatically learn new skills.

25341  500x375 destiny online level up

Master System
Before completing any kill quests, I strongly recommend players find a ‘master’ in game. The master system in Destiny Online is essentially a ‘mentor’ type system where higher level players are encouraged to help out newbies. The game actually makes selecting a ‘master’ quite easy and upon choosing a ‘master’ players receive a bonus to their experience as well as a percentage of their master’s damage output. This sort of breaks the game, as my level 5 Mage’s attack was increased by 267 upon selecting a master, which allowed me to 1 shot practically anything within 10 levels of my character.

Destiny Online isn’t the first MMORPG to have a mentor system, as Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu did it as well. I think the mentor system is great in concept, as veterans of the game can help out newer players, but in Destiny Online the bonus damage is a bit ridiculous. After selecting a master, I found that Destiny Online felt a bit too easy. The game wasn’t even remotely challenging, but I don’t believe the game was even designed to be challenging, at least the PvE component.

Convenient Questing
One of the most polished features in Destiny Online is its ‘auto track’ system. The auto track system is similar to the pathfinding feature in Eudemons Online and Conquer Online. Players can find quest NPCs and merchants in town simply by clicking the ‘find npc’ button near their mini map. Players can also easily find quest locations, as quest NPCs and monsters in quest descriptions are highlighted in red. Upon clicking on any red highlighted name – the player will automatically find the selected NPC or monster. This makes completing quests remarkably easy. The game’s map also makes things quite convenient, as players can simply bring up the map and left click anywhere on it and their character will automatically move to that location. You can even bring up a map in an entirely different zone and click somewhere to have your character run all the way there automatically.

25339  500x375 destiny online interface

Bobo… I choose You!
Without a doubt the most interesting feature in Destiny Online is the game’s in depth pet system. It’s actually a lot like the pet system in Battle of the Immortals. Players can ‘catch’ practically any enemy in the game using a ‘Fairy Rope’. Caught monsters will become pets that level up with alongside the player. Just as players gain 4 stat points per level, pets also gain these stat points, so players can customize their pet’s growth.  One of the ‘new comer’ quests require you to catch a BoBo as a pet, so you’ll have your very own pet before reaching level 10. Different pets have different abilities, so try them all out and see which works best with your particular class.

Pay to Win!
One of my least favorite aspects of Destiny Online is its in game bot. Like Godswar Online and WYD Global, Destiny Online has a built in bot which can level up your character for you without you ever being near your computer. This bot is actually quite sophisticated, as it can also loot enemies and use potions. Now, none of this would be a ‘bad thing’ if everyone had access to the bot, to ya’know – level the playing field, but that isn’t the case. Players have to pay ‘gold’ (The cash shop currency) by the hour to use the bot system. This means that paying players have an enormous advantage over free users.

To make things a bit more ‘fair’, EnjoyMMO does give out ‘free gold’ to users based on how long they are online. The longer a player remains online the more ‘free gold’ they get. This gold can be claimed by talking to the Bullion NPC in the game’s capital – Golden Plume City after reaching level 35. Paying members still receive an enormous advantage over free users, as the gold obtained without paying are paltry.

25351  500x375 destiny online pet system

Cute PvP
Even though Destiny Online is a ‘cute themed’ MMORPG, the game still has a PvP system. In fact, the PvP in the game is quite brutal. Upon reaching level 30, players can openly PK each other anywhere outside of a select few ‘safe zones’. Players who PK too many innocent people will have their name in red, at which point they have a high chance to drop some of their items upon death.  Destiny Online also has a tribal war system, which is essentially a generic faction vs faction system. Members of different tribes get to fight it out across large scale battles.

Other Neat Features
Destiny Online has several interesting features. One of my favorites is the game’s ‘top lists’, which lists some of the most accomplished players in game across various categories. For example, players can view the ‘Top grinders’ on the server as well as the best ‘Armor Smith’ simply by clicking on the ‘Top List’ button.  With a public list like this, I’m sure many players will try their best to make it on the list, and those on the list will try to climb as higher as possible. Another thing worth mentioning is that the game world in Destiny Online is surprisingly large. The world is broken down into 9 major areas and each of those major areas have 4-9 different ‘maps’ inside of them for a total of 70+ maps.

25346  500x375 destiny online market

Final Verdict – Fair
Destiny Online is a feature rich 2D Fantasy MMORPG that leaves players wanting more. The game certainly has some interesting aspects, but unfortunately nothing unique. Anyone looking for a family friendly ‘cute’ themed game should still give the game a chance.


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System Requirements

Destiny Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 95 / 98/ XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 500 MHZ
RAM: 128 MB
HDD: 1500 MB Free
Graphics Card: Any 32 MB+ Graphics Card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 95 / 98/ XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 700 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 1500 MB Free
Graphics Card: Any 32 MB+ Graphics Card

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