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Chrono Tales is a free 3D browser-based MMORPG. The new generation engine provides players with anime-styled 3D graphics via browsers, without client download. Traveling through the time rift, players can explore in the fantasy world of Chrono Tales and save the realm from the resurgent evil. You can challenge immersive quest, forge legendary gear, tame mythological pets and experience much more mainstream MMO features in Chrono Tales.

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Publisher: Ray Media Group Limited
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Medium
Type: Browser MMORPG
EXP Rate: High
PvP: Yes
Filesize: 241 mb

Pros: +Fast leveling, +In-depth equipment enhancement, +Several PvP options, +Unique pet system, +Great looking special effects

Cons: -Botting system, -Uninspiring quests, -Overpowered cash shop

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Chrono Tales Overview

Chrono Tales is a free 3D browser-based MMORPG. The new generation engine provides players with anime-styled 3D graphics via browsers, without client download. Traveling through the time rift, players can explore in the fantasy world of Chrono Tales and save the realm from the resurgent evil. You can challenge immersive quest, forge legendary gear, tame mythological pets and experience much more mainstream MMO features in Chrono Tales.

Key Features

 5 job classes (Warrior, Assassin, Scholar, Mage, and Priest), plus 3 craft professions catering to different player preference.

Various avatar customization choices.

Immersing story-based quests with various dungeons/world bosses to challenge.

Real-time combat system with auto-pilot control liberates players from endless grinding.

Classic prefix-name equipment system and diverse forge enhancement.

Innovative pet system allows putting 3 pets in battle at once. Players can battle on mount and even soar with flying mount.

Astrology System helps players to build up characters with the various combinations of Soul Stars.

Free PvP gameplay allow players to challenge opponents in different arenas or wild area.

Weekly Siege War, Large-scale guild warfare for capital dominance.

Market system that enables players to exchange their items.

A Premium Mall that provides players with a variety of items to enhance gaming experience.



Warriors are the decedents of Earthen Spirit York. They have indomitable will and they once blocked Hell Force’s attacks with their steel-like bodies. Warriors are best at melee. Warriors are able to deal the greatest melee damage. In the face of a single target or a group of enemies, they can give overwhelming blows with their powerful weapons. Besides high attack, Warriors also have excellent physical defense, which enables them to block physical attack easily. However, they are not good at dealing with long arrange attacks.


Mages learned their magic from Ice Spirit Derain. They are well aware of the situation of the battlefield, which makes them the biggest threat to Hell Force. Mages master ranged AOE magical attacks, and take perfect control of ice spells, which could freeze enemies for a while. The weakness of Mages is their low HP. If they let enemies get close to them, their lives will be threatened.


Scholars are the most mysterious force led by Raymond. No one knows their origin. The grand connon invented by Manlans Meg has once made distinguished contributions in the battlefield. Learned and humorous scholars specialize in ranged physical attacks, and may cast a variety of self-developed devices to damage their foes. They research and master various surprising stunts to confuse and restrain their foes. However, scholars are vulnerable to magic attacks.


The legendary Assassin Benson had once broke into Hell Furnace alone and cut off the left arm of Hell Demon Ulam. They can suddenly appear near a unit and always frighten their opponents with swift attacks. In the meantime, they can hardly be hit with their high dodge. Their weakness is low HP and defense. If they fail to kill their enemy, they might be stuck in a dangerous position.


Priests inherited the power of Water Spirit. Back to the war against Hell Demon, dozens of senior Priests sacrificed themselves to revive the soldiers of Tribal Army, which turned the battle around. Priests have a good command of unusual spells, which can place people in various states. Moreover, they are capable of reviving and curing people. They can also generate buffs which can improve their magic attack. Priests are weak at low physical defense and it would take a while to master all the skills.

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Full Review

Chrono Tales Review

Full Review

by Anthny D’Urbano aka SqueezyTime


Diamond in the Rough

Browser based MMOs today are becoming more and more popular, and among the many games that continue to push the genre to new heights is Chrono Tales. Chrono Tales appears as a typical, generic MMORPG but can quickly become addicting. With a super-fast install, a self-paced playstyle and loads of features, Chrono Tales opens its doors with gameplay that will appeal to hardcore and casual players alike.

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Pretty Lights

Chrono Tales isn’t the most visually stunning game, but for a browser title the graphics are fairly nice. The semi-cutesy art style is a good blend of anime and fantasy that has just enough of both to grab the attention of both the lovers and haters of cutesy MMOs. Though the scenery is often bland, the textures are bright and colorful, which really helps to add a little “pop” to the otherwise barren fields. The cities and occasional little towns and encampments are a little more impressive. The roads are very open and often lined with trees and lamp posts, the buildings are nicely modeled and, of course, there are the various floating structures that make every fantasy city just a little more scenic.

The skill effects in the game are very vibrant and quite extravagant at times, but the real standing ovation goes to the pets. The pets in Chrono Tales come with all manner of magical effects that make them truly stand out as legendary beats. One of the Leopards, for example, emits a sparkling red aura with a swirling ball of particles on the tail that leave trails behind it, and is plated with glowing blue war armor. Mount up on one of those bad boys and throw on a flaming staff or sword to look like a real god of the elements. The downside to the awesome pet visuals is that they only apply to mounted pets and not those running alongside players.

Effects 620x314

Petshop Simulator!

The pet system is by far the most interesting and addicting feature in Chrono Tales. Simply put, everyone loves MMO pets, and Chrono Tales is all about pets. Players can collect pets from quests, vendors or via the in-game cash shop. Each pet has his own unique set of stats, including running speed, all of which can be upgraded through levels, equipment and enhancements. Players also do not have to worry about running around with the measly little pup that they picked up early in the game. Pets can be promoted every 10 levels, giving them a whole new look, with new armor and more epic special effects.

The biggest perk to these pets is that they can be used in one of three ways: Mounted for running speed, summoned to fight alongside the player, and merged with the player to buff up his stats. Not only can players use any of their pets however they choose, they can use a different pet for all three features at once. Mount up on the most legendary looking beast, merge with the most buffed up, and throw out a sidekick for maximum power. Players should be careful, however, and stock up on plenty of food. While in use, pets tend to get very hungry, very fast, and it is important to keep their satiation level high. Luckily, Pet Fodder is relatively cheap at any Pet Merchant as well as in the cash shop.


Reach for the Stars

One feature in Chrono Tales that is quite unique is the Astrology system. Once players hit level 15, they gain the ability to select a Zodiac, giving them a whole new way to upgrade their stats. Players are given a series of Crystal Balls that summon Soul Stars, which carry a random stat that may be equipped onto their Zodiac. Each Crystal Ball in the series increases in the rarity of the Soul Stars and the cost of use. What makes this feature awesome is the addition of Soul Star Combinations. There is a huge list of Soul Star Combinations—uniquely named buffs created by combining specific Soul Stars onto the Zodiac—each of which add much more interesting passive buffs than the simple skill increases of the individual Soul Stars. One such combination is Life Leech, which gives players a 10% chance when damaging an enemy to steal life equal to 30% of the damage done. There are over 30 unique combinations available to players. Unfortunately, this process is very expensive. Not only does it cost large amounts of gold and silver to summon Soul Stars and add slots to the Zodiac, Activating the higher level Crystal Balls to allow the summon of Legendary Soul Stars costs cash shop currency (diamonds).

Astrology 620x461


In MMORPGs today, equipment enhancement has become an absolute necessity. Chrono Tales adds several ways for players to enhance their equipment, via the Forge system: Refining, Enchanting, Upgrading, Socketing and Embedding. Characters may refine their equipment, with the use of a Bijou, which increases each of the item’s stats, preventing players from having to worry so much about constantly finding upgraded equipment drops. Enchanting an item requires a Rainbow Shard and increases the rarity value of an item, giving it better stats as well as adding new ones. This is a very important feature as items with orange names are way more awesome than those with blue ones. Upgrading items simply increases the Grade level, allowing for higher level refines but also increasing the item’s level requirement by 10 levels. Socketing an item allows various special gems to be embedded, allowing new stats to be added. The depth of Chrono Tales’ enhancement system not only gives players a much closer attachment to their gear, allowing them to stick with the same gear throughout their journey, it also gives players another way to pass their downtime. The major downside to the Forge system is that each of the required materials must be bought in the cash shop. Though they can be acquired through a few quests and events, it is rare and paying players are given a huge step ahead of those who do not use the cash shop often, or at all.

Are We There Yet?

Chrono Tales is a fairly automated game, which tends to be a big controversial issue in MMOs. Players are given an in depth Auto-fighting system, the ability to auto-run to any NPC, monster or quest target in the game and the ability to meditate, gaining experience for doing… well, absolutely nothing. The Auto-fighting system gives players options to set up Auto-release skills, an Auto-fight range and several options to improve the process even further. For an unlimited amount of time players may set their characters to run around a field and kill anything within their Auto-range, but with the use of Auto-fighting Points they can add more advanced features, such as Auto-revive, Double-exp, returning to town for potions and Auto-repairing equipment. These Auto-fighting points are gained fairly easily through the meditation process or by simply logging into the game every day. These features are both a pro and a con for players; they have the ability to take care of their important daily tasks (like… real life responsibilities) yet once players get a bit higher in level the amount of experience gained becomes very minimal. Of course, players are able to buy experience improving items via the cash shop if they really want to get ahead.

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To War!

It is (probably) a scientific fact that MMOs with PvP combat are automatically better than those without. Chrono Tales has a wide variety of PvP options, so there is plenty of fun to be had. There are the basic arenas: Solo, group and ranked matches, as well as a Siege War for guild vs guild mass slaughter. Every Saturday and Wednesday at 19:00 (time-zone is not stated) guilds may sign up for a Siege War. The rules of a Siege War are pretty simple: One guild must seize a Chroland Flag within 2 hours, and the other must defend it. In doing so, the winning guild is given the title of Castellan Guild, and the ability to tax the entirety of Chroland. Chrono Tales includes a rather unique type of PvP battle, titled Survival Island. Players may sign up every day at 1:00pm and 8:00pm to join the fight. Once begun, the battle is basically a last man standing, except players must scramble across several islands as they collapse and crumble, one by one. The rewards for survival are Courage Badges, which may be exchanged for high level gear.

Final Verdict: Good

Chrono Tales is a unique browser based MMORPG that brings so much more to the MMO table than meets the eye. The large plethora of unique features in the game is simply awesome. The game focuses heavily on bringing in as broad an audience as possible, and could possible succeed in doing so better than any browser based title to date. Players are given several ways to upgrade their characters, and really fine tune them to their own styles of play. Chrono Tales’ expansive PvP options bring unlimited hours of fun to competitive players. The feature in the game that really takes the cake, however, is the unique pet system. The pet system is almost a whole mini-game in itself, and the special effects they emit are simply stunning. Chrono Tales serves as proof that browser MMOs have the ability to compete with the big client MMOs. It is far from impressive at first glance, but everyone should definitely spend some time to try it out. They won’t be disappointed.



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System Requirements

Chrono Tales System Requirements

Coming Soon. . .



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