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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available


BB Tanks Overview

There’s really no nice way to put this… BB Tanks is a shameless Gunbound clone. BB Tanks is a strategic, turn-based shooting game, which translates into “players take turns aiming and firing rockets and lasters at eachother by calculating the best possible angle and power for each shot”. The game has twelve different characters, or mobiles, to play and five different maps. Perhaps the best way to describe BB Tanks is a watered down, boring version of Gunbound with worse graphics. I know this may seem harsh, but the fact is that Gunbound is the same type of game as BB Tanks and is superior in every measurable way.

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Full Review

BB Tanks Review

By Omer Altay

BB Tanks is perhaps one of the worst MMOs I’ve ever played. There, I said it. I normally try not to a bash on a game too much, as it isn’t productive, but in this case it’s warranted, as BB Tanks is an awful game that I pray no one has the misfortune of playing. It’s a strategic, turn-based, shooting MMO that has the same concept as Gunbound. Like all turn-based, tactical shooters BB Tanks draws its inspiration from the old ‘Worms’ games for the PC.

9809  500x375 bb tanks hole

Shameless Gunbound Clone

After playing and reviewing Gunbound on MMOhut, I was actually pretty excited to try out BB Tanks, as Gunbound was a great game and BB Tanks is the only other game like it. My enthusiasm quickly faded after playing the game for a few minutes. The interface feels like it’s from 1997 and the graphics are awful. Both the graphics and interface resemble those from Gunbound, so you’d imagine that they’d look decent, but apparently the developers got lazy and just threw something together without ever looking at it twice. If they bothered to look at it more than once, there is no way that this piece of trash would have ever been released. Everything from BB Tank’s interface to gameplay is ripped off from Gunbound, but ripped off so poorly that the game is unplayably bad. Yes. I know ‘unplayably’ isn’t a real world, but it makes sense the way I used it!

9807  500x375 bb tanks hit enemy 640x480 main

First impressions

Upon logging into BB Tanks, the first thing I had to do was search for a game. The game only has one server and it’s almost always empty. If you’re lucky you can find a few other players online, but never more than 9 or 10. Lucky for me, I only had to wait a few minutes before I found a game with 2 other players in it. The one thing I liked about the game is that there are 12 playable characters, or mobiles, so the game does have some variety, at least in this regard.  The actual gameplay is a similar to Gunbound in that it is turn-based and players have to calculate their the best possible angle and power for each shot. Unfortunately, even though the gameplay sounds simple, it just isn’t fun. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Gunbound and also liked the ‘Worms’ games, but BB Tanks is just plain boring. Everything from the game’s awkward ugly interface to the terrible animations makes for an uninteresting game.

I’m sure there are a FEW people out there that actually think BB Tanks is a good game, so I’ll end my bashing there. I normally try to keep my bashing to a minimal in a game review, as it’s not really that constructive. To be fair, though, BB Tanks was just recently released, so I’m sure the developers are still working on enhancing the game. I’d also like to point out that I genuinely tried to like BB Tanks. I played the game for a good while and tried to find reasons to like the game, but alas, I couldn’t. The fact is, Gunbound is superior to BB Tanks in every measurable way.

9838  500x375 bb tanks screenshot

Argh! The Backgrounds and Backgrounds Suck

One thing that really ticked me off about BB Tanks is the obnoxiously animated backgrounds. Every single level has a bunch of random objects falling in the background constantly. One level has flowers raining from the sky at all times, which wouldn’t be too bad if they weren’t so incredibly distracting. They’re not little flowers either, they’re huge. It’s really hard to explain, but it’s incredibly annoying as it doesn’t stop and takes up your entire screen. Actually, come to think about it, just about all the animations in BB Tanks is annoying. Every so often your avatar performs some awkward animation, which I guess can be seen as cute or interesting, but since this awkward animation happens every three seconds, it’s stupid. I can understand if my character wants to pull a basketball out of nowhere and dribble it when he gets bored, but when he does it every three seconds it just gets in the way.

9823  500x375 bb tanks mmorpg hit

Why did OG Planet release this?

The fact is BB Tanks is not a good game and it should never have been released in the first place. I doubt anyone who played the game would disagree with me, except for a few delusional gamers that have never played anything else. Lately, OG Planet’s newest game, La Tale was incredible, so I’m actually surprised they decided to release a game like BB Tanks. If you already signed up for BB Tanks, at least you can use your account to log in to OG Planet’s other games, Cabal Online, Rumble Fighter and LaTale.

Final Verdict: Poor

Avoid BB Tanks at all costs. Everything from the gameplay to graphics is absolute garbage. If you’re looking for a similar game to play, check out Gunbound; it’s better than BB Tanks in every measurable way.


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BB Tanks Gameplay Trailer


BB Tanks Featured Video



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Shut down

System Requirements

BB Tanks System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / ME / 95 / 98
CPU: 500 MHz Celeron or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 64 MB Free
HDD: 100 MB Free
Graphics Card: Any VGA card with 4MB of video memory

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / ME / 95 / 98
CPU: 700 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 128 MB Free
HDD: 100 MB Free
Graphics Card: Any VGA card with 8MB of video memory

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