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Arena of Heroes Overview

Arena of Heroes is A Free Turn-Based Tactics Game on Mobile, PC, and Mac. Compete in an intergalactic arena that offers a tactical turn-based game experience across any device! The Arena of Heroes is where the battle for the Galaxy takes place. Two sides of up to 2 players (Guardians) select heroes and do everything they can to destroy the enemy base. Each team consists of 4 heroes. Specific battles in the Arena take place on their own towers, but each tower is built the same. There are three “lanes,” or pathways between the two bases. In each lane there is a tower that must be defended or destroyed. Each base spawns minions – robotic fighters who attack enemies automatically… Players select four heroes to do battle against other players. Each player has a Power Core in the back of their base. Attack the enemy’s Power Core until it has no remaining health. When it explodes, congratulations, you’ve won the match!


Turn-based Tactics Game – Play on your iOs or PC/Mac with fast-paced real-time turns or asynchronously at your leisure

100% Free to Play! – Always free, always available to play against your friends or through competitive matchmaking

Collect and customize your own roster of unique Heroes –Weekly releases include hot content, premium skins and exclusive heroes

Plan your ultimate strategy – Battle against enemy heroes, minions and towers as you dominate against real players in the PvP arena

Stunning graphics – Clash your heroes in a stunning sci-fi fantasy environment

Squad based tactical combat – Complex ability and hero combos

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Arena of Heroes – First Look

Full Review

Arena of Heroes Review

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)




Arena of Heroes is a relatively new Turn-based Battle Arena brought to us by Sneaky Games. The game is similar to MOBAs such as League of Legends or DOTA2, but with a turn-based twist. You can collect heroes and lead them into galaxy-spanning war. There are PVP rank ladders to climb and a variety of ways to play. Arena of Heroes has all the ingredients for an addicting Battle Arena game.




Just as you would expect, you can purchase heroes and skins. There is a decent selection of Heroes, and you’re given a decent number of them to work with in the beginning. As the game is still relatively new, the skin selection isn’t that large. You can gain the currency to purchase the Heroes and skins by playing the game or by purchasing the currency from the shop. While in a match, you can upgrade your heroes’ skills. Unlike other MOBAs, you won’t have to worry about purchasing items or improvements as that’s not part of the game. Basically, it’s the level of customization you would expect from a MOBA.




Arena of Heroes has 3D graphics with a default isometric perspective. However, it is possible to rotate and change the camera perspective freely, so you’re not stuck with it. The quality of the graphics isn’t very high, with both models and textures being fairly simple. I believe that this is a purposeful choice to make the game more accessible to those with lower-end PCs, and to make the cartoonish style of the game stand out more. I personally enjoyed the cartoony sci-fi style chosen for the game, but wish there was a bit more detail.




Although there are keyboard hotkeys, you will probably end up doing most things with your mouse. This includes the movement, selecting attacks, and other things. The game is designed for mobile devices at its heart and the UI reflects this simplicity. You can change your camera perspective using the right mouse button. Personally, I liked that I wasn’t stuck with the usual isometric perspective that MOBAs tend to have. For the most part, the controls were quite responsive, however I did feel that they were a bit rough around the edges. I’m sure that they’ll be smoothed out over time, though, and it’s not a game-breaking issues.




As Arena of Heroes is still fairly new, the population is pretty small. Depending on the time of day you log on, you might find that you cannot find another player to play with. On the other-hand, if you get on during the various ‘prime times’ you might find that you get a match within a few seconds of entering the queue.




Arena of Heroes is pretty unique in the Arena Battle genre. It’s a MOBA with a turn-based twist. This is something quite refreshing in an industry that seems to center around doing what works with little-to-no innovation. However, don’t be mistaken, if you’ve played League of Legends or DOTA2, you will be almost instantly familiar with this game as, past the turn-based combat, it sticks to the MOBA formula closely. This isn’t bad however – the insane popularity of MOBA games is a testament to the fact that something in the formula works. It’s a mixture of what works and new ideas, which is just what I like to find in a new game.


Something that is quite awesome that the turn-based combat allows for is asynchronous play. That means that you can play matches with others that have up to 24-hour turn timers which, as you might guess, means that the match could possibly drag on over several days. This is great if you want to play with a friend in a different time zone, or just want to play a lot of games at once for whatever reason. There’s also the usual real-time and AI matches.




Games are played One versus One, with each player choosing several heroes to play with. Each hero is given a certain number of action points, which are used when you move or when you do an action. This is a bit different than how most turn-based combat games do it, as they usually have separate pools for movement and action points. While it’s not as fast-paced as other games in the genre, it’s just as intense when it comes to strategy and tactics.




There are three lanes, each with a sentry turret. The primary goal is to bypass the enemy sentry turrets while protecting your own so that you can get to the enemy base. You won’t have an easy time of doing this, as you’ll have to worry about the enemy Heroes, the enemy minion bots, and even the sentry turrets themselves shooting at you if you get too close. Positioning yourself just right so you can get off your attacks, while making it difficult for the enemy to attack you without putting themselves in danger is an important skill to learn.




I felt the matches had an odd pacing at first. Sometimes things would feel like they were going too slow, but (oddly enough) it felt like things were going a bit too fast more often than not. When I first started playing, matches would seem to end just a handful of minutes after they began, seemingly for no reason. Each time has a sort of “health” pool and when one reaches a certain threshold, the match is over. This can be tens of minutes, or just five minutes after the match starts.



Conclusion: Good

Arena of Heroes is a pretty neat tack on the MOBA genre. It takes what works and gives it a unique twist, which is something we don’t often see. I’ve got to commend Sneaky Games on making their game so accessible as well. However, while I enjoyed the gameplay, I felt the controls and graphics need a bit more polish. All-in-all, I enjoyed the game and would recommend others give it a try if they enjoy the turn-based genre, as you will more than likely enjoy this title.

Past Preview:

Arena of Heroes Beta Preview
By W.B. Wemyss (Tagspeech)


Arena of Heroes is now in open beta, and is essentially a turn-based DOTA game that pits players against one another through matchmaking. With the recent announcement that PWE would be picking up the title as one of our mobile line launch games, I was given the assignment to check how ready Sneaky Games was for the big time. Individuals are expected to use the game’s premium currency to unlock new skins and new characters, much like League of Legends and similar titles. The big difference here is, once again, that the game is both turn-based and squad-based – individual matches feel more like a game of wacky chess than anything else.


The character roster is colorful, but initially limited. Players are able to increase levels and earn rewards through gaining fame, which is awarded after victories. The game fortunately allows for a lengthy tutorial and plenty of practice matches, but some players may find the game’s slow-pace and unusual approach to competition a bit off-putting. This is certainly going to be a niche title. And fans of anthropomorphic animal people wearing human clothes will certainly enjoy the game, because there’s plenty of that. There’s even a mole person with beefy forearms who smashes things, has terrifyingly bushy armpit hair, and wears John Lennon glasses. Truly, there’s something for everyone in Arena of Heroes.


More on that: it’s just difficult for me to imagine who this game is targeted to. If it’s targeting the turn-based strategy fans, then why use such a limited system? As it stands, the game feels like someone took an RTS strategy game and shoehorned in a turn-based element. I don’t know who would enjoy that. As a big fan of squad-based strategy games like XCOM, on paper I should like this kind of thing, but the lack of a coherent grid for planning movement and attacks feels strange. There simply needs to be more to it than this, like actual cover mechanics or using terrain to one’s advantage.


It’s difficult to do that when attack ranges are so limited. Normally I’d be the kind of person to play a more patient, defensive game when it comes to turn-based strategy, but even my “sniper” couldn’t attack beyond a stone’s throw distance. He had an overwatch mode (allowing him to attack the first enemy that comes into his attack range) but again, limited range, and limited only to that character. All in all, the game just feels plodding and confused, like it just doesn’t know what it’s trying to accomplish with itself.


Why not just create yet another active, MOBA/DOTA style of game wherein players select their favored hero, jump into an arena, and go nuts? This one vs. one squad-based stuff is for a real niche of patient, older gamers who are more likely to actually play something like chess, Civilization, or another cerebral strategy game in their spare time. Therefore, the question has to be asked, why don’t those players just go off and play those games instead of Arena of Heroes? Why exactly, in this era of extreme competition, would I want to play Arena of Heroes? Perhaps these questions will never be answered.


The simple fact of the matter is, a turn-based game is generally the approach you take when you want your combat system and gameplay to have a great deal of realism or complexity. But the whimsical nature of the characters, setting, and combat in this game seems like it was designed for a more active, action-y title than what Arena of Heroes currently is. There’s just so much clashing and confusion. You may be wondering, “Tagspeech, I’m hearing a lot of complaints. Didn’t you enjoy anything in the open beta of this game?”


To that, my answer is this: No. But I’m just one person. Sure, I may not be the kind of person who obsessively enjoys matchmaking PVP strategy games, but I know plenty of people do. And sure, maybe I’m not the biggest fan of whimsical, goofy characters; but plenty of people are. I can’t speak for the entirety of the gaming community, but that still leaves the fact that I am struggling to figure out who this game is for.


So, it’s too early to tell exactly how successful the game is going to be upon official release, it has been garnering a bit of attention from tired DOTA and LoL fans who are looking for a change of pace. The whimsical character roster (a hillbilly rabbit with a minigun, anyone?) and easy-to-use matchmaking system are its best points, but so far it seems that the game needs a little extra ‘oomph’ in the combat to make it more engaging for a wide audience. If they want it to be a niche title, then they’re going to have to make the combat a lot more complex and tactical. Either way, serious decisions need to be made by the game’s developers, or Arena of Heroes won’t attract (and keep) enough attention to stay afloat.


Tagspeech is the alias of author W.B. Wemyss, who was responsible for the bizarre cyberpunk fever dream called Children of Athena


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Arena of Heroes Official Trailer

Arena of Heroes – Gameplay Tutorial

Hero introductions

Introducing Max

Introducing Metus

Introducing Carmen

Introducing Doombeard

Introducing Evron

Introducing Blink

Introducing Aliea

Introducing Tempest

Introducing Lily


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Arena of Heroes Official Game Site

Updated Heroes List

Available on the App Store Here! (Coming soon)

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System Requirements

System Requirements

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  • Arena of Heroes Review - Posted on February 13, 2014
    Arena of Heroes is a relatively new Turn-based Battle Arena brought to us by Sneaky Games. The game is similar to MOBAs such as League of Legends or DOTA2, but with a turn-based twist.
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    Perfect World reveals the news that Arena of Heroes is now available on the App Store for iOS with a bonus skin for the first players.
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    Arena of Heroes is now in open beta, and is essentially a turn-based DOTA game that pits players against one another through matchmaking. With the recent announcement that PWE would be picking up the title as one of our mobile line launch games, I was given the assignment to check how ready Sneaky Games was for the big time.
  • Arena of Heroes Now Available - Posted on June 28, 2013
    Zattikka, the digital games entertainment group, today announced that its game development studio Sneaky Games has launched Arena of Heroes, the first multiplayer turn-based MOBA game that is truly cross-platform.

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