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Airmech allows players to take control of a transforming mech, and pilot it in action filled games. The game offers competitive, cooperative, and solo game modes. Each robot has their own unique abilities available, and can select a number of support units to aid them. Playable directly using Google Chrome, Airmech promises players a game that will leave them wanting more!

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Publisher: Carbon Games
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Team-Based
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Action and RTS blending. +Unique units and robots. +Fast-paced gameplay

Cons:  -Offline play restrictions.

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Airmech Overview

Airmech is an action RTS when you control a transforming mech. The game offers a variety of modes: cooperative, competitive, and solo play are available. Players may also play solo offline, though they will only receive benefit from their first 90 minutes each day. The game can be played directly in Google Chrome, or can be downloaded. It is also available as AirMech Arena on the XBox 360. The game is constantly adding new pilots and units, so players may always find a different experience waiting for them in every game.

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Airmech Review

AirMech Review: New Type of Action RTS

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist


Recently I have not been playing many MMORPGs due to my tight schedule as a student. This has resulted in me playing a lot of RTS (real-time strategy) type games because they allow players to hop on and play without needing to grind any gear or levels. Naturally this led me to try out AirMech which turned out to be quite interesting. Read on to learn more about this new game.

AirMech or AirMech Chrome is an action real time strategy (aRTS) by Carbon Games that is played similarly to DOTA. Waves of creeps periodically spawn and march towards the enemy base in hope of destroying it but are often met by tower defenses. Alongside these creeps march powerful player controlled heroes to aid in this constant siege. The game is playable on your desktop either through Steam or a standalone launcher as well as through Google Chrome.

AirMech is not simply another skinned DOTA game as it offers many new changes and additions to the traditional DOTA style gameplay. Players pilot a mech capable of air and ground combat. While flying in the air, players will mainly be creating and positioning new units. Yes, that is right, it is a DOTA game with the ability to create and position units still intact!

There are different maps offering different game modes for all players with online and offline play. These game modes include classic mode, capture the flag and survival which can be played solo, co-op, or PvP. Classic is the simplest game mode and seems to be the most popular. Classic mode resembles the DOTA gameplay the most out of all the available game modes.


The beta AI really needs to be improved.

In this game mode players, either in teams or solo, fight alongside creeps hoping to destroy the enemy base. While in air mode, players can queue build orders for up to four units at a time out of the many available. These units can then be lifted with the air mech and placed anywhere players deem to be tactically advantageous. Units vary in cost and build time requiring players to carefully manage their resources. This is also very important because if the player’s own mech blows up, it will only respawn if resources are available.

While all units can be used to push or defend, only ground soldiers are able to capture bases. The bases are controlled using a simple system that allows control over bases if four soldiers from the same team enter the base in a row. The AI behind this system needs to be improved as I have found that simply parking a tank in front of base entrances makes it impossible for soldiers to enter the building.

The second game mode, capture the flag, is pretty self-explanatory. This game mode still includes the ability to build your own units but the main goal is to capture the enemy orb and bring it back to your own base. Every time this is done the enemy base loses 1/3 of its HP, meaning three captures result in a win. Capture the flag or CTF does not seem to be very popular as the queues seem to take forever. This is understandable though for a beta game with only around 200 players playing at one time.

Finally I’ll discuss the final game mode, survival, in which players are forced to defend their base from waves of enemies. It is very simple to begin playing but also provides a lot entertainment; definitely a mode not to be overlooked! The AI controlled waves of units start out easy but increase with difficulty as the game progresses. They aim to destroy your base while you are trying your best to keep it alive. This simple yet very fun game mode has got to be my favourite game mode in the game mainly because I play AirMech alone. I could see the other game modes being more entertaining if playing with at least one other friend.

Talking about playing with friends, the game offers a lot of customizability for all players allowing them to build a team of mechs and units that work together. I was rather taken back by the number of customizable aspects of the game as I did not expect a game playable in the browser to offer so much, especially this early in its release!




Players are able to customize their pilots which give bonuses ranging from unit repair rate to XP bonuses. There are a decent number of pilots available to choose between allowing for players to experiment for quite a while in an attempt to find one that matches their play style.

Along with various pilots, many different types of mechs are available to prevent the feeling of being locked into a traditional MMORPG class system. Mechs are easily swappable depending on the player’s mood or team members’ preferences.

My favourite area which is customizable is the unit load out. Players will not simply be restricted to building the same structures and units as each other, resulting in some dynamic and unique matches. Since the number of units in a load out are limited, players are forced to weigh the pros and cons of each unit based on their team composition and play style. A good mix of units can have a massive impact on the game.

While the customization options available are great, I am not happy to see non-cosmetic items being locked to players unless purchased. I am against the idea of a strategy game providing advantages to long time players or even players with a fat wallet as these items can be purchased with in-game or micro transactions. A game which focuses on the player with a better strategy coming out on top should not give an advantage to players with access to better items. We have all seen games thrive with revenue generated from only cosmetic items; AirMech should try the same.


Items go through a rotation cycle, allowing for free trials.

The graphics are impressive for being playable in a browser. They might not be very realistic looking but the art style matches the tone of the overall game. The desktop client supports very high resolutions with nice options such as anti-aliasing to get the most out of its aesthetics.

The controls can be hard to get used to but over time I had become accustomed to them. At first I was not a big fan of the way units are controlled, created and positioned but once I learned all the hotkeys, the controls did not seem so bad.

To conclude, AirMech is definitely a game to check out and worthy of MMOHut’s Best Browser Award in 2012. It takes a unique approach to the traditional DOTA gameplay for an innovative and overall surprisingly fun game. While it is not a game which pulls me in leaving me wanting to play it all day, it is fun to play every now and then.

It needs to offer more to its players; some experimentation to find that hook that keeps players coming back again and again could push this game mainstream. The game is still new so hopefully we will see improvements in the future.

Graphics: 4/5

Controls: 4/5

Customization: 4/5

Community: 2/5

Features: 2/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Airmech – Open Beta Preview
With the recent surge in popularity in the MOBA genre, new developers need to come up with ways to keep things fresh to gain players. Carbon Games is attempting to toss some new renovations to the genre with Airmech, a blend of MOBA action with real-time strategy elements from games like Starcraft. MMOHuts had a chance to preview the early beta release of the game, to see how the game stacks up against the giants of the MOBA platform like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.


53675  420x310 airmech match


When we first logged into Airmech, the game provided a quick tutorial on game mechanics. Movement is handled with WASD, aiming with the mouse cursor, and attacking through left click. Although this may differ from most MOBA players preferred control scheme, it works well for Airmech.


The tutorial also teaches us one of the most fun, and unique aspects of the game: flight. Using shift, you can transform your mech from robot to jet, allowing you to zip around the map with ease. The downside to the transformation is you can only attack other aerial targets as a jet, such as players that are likewise flying. Shift also transforms back into robot, though, allowing for seamless play.


53673  420x310 airmech air mode


The tutorial also introduces unit construction. Like many MOBA games, “creeps” constantly spawn from a main base, and head towards the opponent. However, Airmech adds an additional layer of strategy through unit use. Tanks, turrets, mines, and additional soldiers are just some of the things that can be built. You can then go into jet mode, pick them up, and place them strategically across the battlefield. You can also issue them commands, such as attack, defend, or patrol, giving a great deal of flexibility and control over the battlefield.


Once finished with the tutorial, we were placed into a lobby with several options. The game offers a quickplay function, letting you get right into the action if you prefer. You can also host your own game, including password protecting it for friends, or pit yourself in a single player mission against AI. Otherwise, the game offers 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 PvP missions plus co-op missions against the bots.


53674  420x310 airmech lobby


To test and hone our skills, we started by competing with the game’s AI. The map was a simple area, and the idea was to capture and hold as many bases as possible, while trying to destroy the enemy’s main base. The AI was often questionable during the match. Countless times it charged into a base full of heat-seeking missile turrets we built, only to explode in a shower of metal. It did, however, display some clutch moments in base capture, which requires three to four soldiers to enter. Since vehicles cannot take bases, soldiers are one of the most important commodities on the map – and the most fragile.


Unlike traditional MOBAs, Airmech does not seem to have activated abilities. You attack with your guns using left click, which also melees your opponent if they are close enough. In addition to persistent levels, your robot can also level up in matches; however, most skills you learn are generally passive such as increasing your defense, firepower, and how many units your jet can carry at once. Key skills and ultimates are lacking, and there are no in-match item shops to gain boosts throughout the match. MOBA experts might find this a bit disdainful, but we also found that it kept gameplay fair between players.


53676  420x310 airmech units


Since we were still learning the ropes, our first game took about twenty minutes. However, we emerged victorious, gaining experience and Kudos, which is the in-game currency. Checking out the shop for the game revealed a wealth of purchasable goods, including mechs, units, and even pilots and other customizations for your bot. Many of the items, it seemed, were only purchased through real cash currency, which may turn away a lot of potential players.


Unfortunately, a lack of potential players was also a key snag we ran into in Airmech. There simply were never many players around to play against. We realize, though, that the game is still in an early state, so proper advertising and word of mouth will go far in attracting more people. The one game we did have against others was a 2p v 2p match. It was hectic and intense, and seeing the strategies the other players were employing gave us a good idea of what can be expected and how to adapt on the battlefield. Hit and run strikes against opponents and their bases are quite strong, especially when backed up by sending in forces of tanks and soldiers.


With some development time and more players, Airmech might really shine. The combination of MOBA and RTS is done quite seamlessly, and once you’ve gotten used to the tactics that players have created and use to win, you’ll be ready with a counterattack of your own. Hopefully the game will get a little less reliant on cash purchases for new units and mechs to counteract a “pay for power” attitude. Overall, Airmech is definitely an interesting experience, and one to keep an eye on, especially as it is available to be played through Chrome and also offers offline play and experience.


To see more of Airmech, check out MMOHut’s First Look of Airmech, or our official preview page.


Airmech Screenshots

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AirMech Arena Launch Trailer

AirMech Teaser Trailer



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Airmech System Requirements

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