Over 9000 Zombies!

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Prepare for maximum undead chaos in this top-down zombie shooter.

Note: This is a buy-to-play retail game.

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Publisher: Mastertronic
Playerbase: N/A
Graphics: Low
Type: Top Down Shooter
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: No
Filesize: ~200 MB

Pros: +Simple to learn and play. +Difficulty increases over time.

Cons: -Only two player co-op supported.

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Over 9000 Zombies! Overview

Over 9000 Zombies! is a top-down zombie shooter where survival is the only goal. Choose from a variety of over 20 weapons to burn, explode, and shoot down hordes of zombies with no precision shooting required. Gather scraps from the fallen to build turrets and defensive walls. Play solo, or in two-player co-op.

Over 9000 Zombies! goes into Steam Early Access on July 3.

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Over 9000 Zombies! Review

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Over 9000 Zombies! Screenshots

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Over 9000 Zombies! Articles

  • Over 9,000 Zombies: New Map Editor Available - Posted on October 30, 2014
    Board up the windows and barricade the doors, because the undead are coming in full force. The odds of survival are slim, but with the new map editor for Over 9,000 Zombies!, currently on Steam Early Access, you might have a fighting chance to see another dawn.
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