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JollyGrim Overview

JollyGrim is a 2D collectible card game that combines real-time strategy tactics with RPG elements. In this rare hybrid MMO from GameSamba, players step into the role of a young student living in a mysterious fairy-tale world like no other. Although the characters are familiar their adventures are wacky with various twists and turns. Users can choose from single player story campaigns and AI battles or wage war against others in a multiplayer mode with 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches. Use strategy to outwit opponents during grid-based card showdowns. Build powerful decks with popular favorites like Red Riding Hood to Anime inspired characters such as Kyuubi no Kitsune. Collect over 200 different cards featuring cherished fairy-tale characters or mythical monsters to battle against other players’ decks. Explore and rank high in the Leaderboards in this unusual CCG.

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JollyGrim Review

By Ange Perdu


JollyGrim is a hybrid MMO that adds elements of RTS with fantasy role-playing for a unique collectible card gaming experience. Players enter a magical world that goes beyond the pages of our favorite fairytale storybooks and into the realm of the unknown. Since the human population consists of primarily of children, a small group of adults built an academy to educate the youth on surviving in the wacky and sometimes dangerous land. Each player starts out as Will, a young boy attending the JollyGrim Academy. Guide him along in the single player campaigns through various adventures or take a chance venturing out on your own with intense card-based PvP battles in multiplayer mode. There’s over 200 different fable inspired collectible cards that users can acquire to build up their playing decks. Unlock special skills, boosts, and items for an advantage. Rise from the ranks of obscurity to fairytale legend on the leader boards and participate in special tournaments with your friends.


JollyGrim 101, the Gameplay

There are two separate game modes in JollyGrim. Beginners are encouraged to start out in single player mode to build up their decks and later progress into multiplayer PvP matches. The single player campaign modes are divided into chapters which takes Will on various adventures. Users will start out in the halls of JollyGrim Academy learning the basics. There’s an odd sense of humor embedded into the fairytale theme of the game that makes the dialogue and cut scenes rather comical. It’s almost as if it’s a screwball or parody of the beloved classics many of us grew up reading. The first few chapters in the campaign has Will chasing a hamster with a stolen ring through the halls and desperately trying to get past a group of hostile girls in a locker room. In between the dialog players are given tasks to execute. Most of these quests require a card based battle to complete. Cutting class for example to go to the local Taco joint where Red Riding Hood happens to be working part-time turns disastrous when the Big Bad Wolf comes in complaining about how one of their burritos gave him the runs. After some more comical banter and the refusal of a refund, the wolf demands a battle to the death. Players are joined with Red Riding Hood to face off against the irate wolf. All battles take place on a 10×7 grid similar to the game Carte. Users must left-click on their chosen card and then the highlighted grid space they wish to move. Once in position a player can right-click on their card to initiate an attack and then left-click on the enemy to strike. There’s a few animated effects like bloody claw slashes or ice sickles that appear on inflicted cards but that’s about it. The graphics are very cartoonish and appear only in standard 2D. Each character can execute several moves or spells. Successfully completing quests in the campaign mode will unlock the next chapter and occasionally reward players with new cards or skills. Campaign mode can be repeated at several varied levels of difficulty ranging from an easy Lullaby to arduous Legend setting. Depending on the amount of challenge a player prefers. Although entertaining the non-stop card battles can feel repetitive at times.


Standard Versus & Calling Reinforcements

One of the most impressive features about the game is the massive card collection that players can accumulate. There are over 200 different cards available. Each one features a recognizable fairytale character or legendary beast. The wide variety makes the collection process more interesting. Players can acquire the Pied Piper, the Gingerbread Man, Kyuubi no Kitsune, Princess Ozma, Lizardman, Cat Sidhe, Pegasus, Rupunzel, The Caterpillar, Red Riding Hood, Ebenezer Scrooge, Werewolf, Gelatinous Blob, Pirate, Ninja, Siren, Skeleton, Dragon, Witch, Mage, Priest, Warrior, Thief, Troll, Pixie, Duelist, Ondine, Valkyrie, Monster Book, and more. All cards are categorized into a specific type with a control set, rarity value, and HP level. Players must build their decks with up to 10 control point cards and only a total of 7 control points worth of cards can be played at a time. Extra cards can be set aside in the reinforcement area and used later in a match. Similar to BattleForge powerful cards and strategy are essential for victory. Users must carefully select their deck by clicking and dragging the preferred cards into the two panel hand list before a battle begins. Each card has its own signature moves that they can execute during combat depending on the type. The Dragon card can ignite the terror in the skies maneuver which calls all dragon kind cards on the grid to aid in an attack. The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland series collection delivers Bad to Great Advice which heals all ally cards with various HP amounts. The Lizardman has a tail whip move that punishes enemies with a devastating critical hit. Additional skills can be unlocked through leveling up and completing campaign chapters. Players can enroll in different classes at the academy to boost their card decks also.


Leaderboard Domination in PvP

In Multiplayer mode players use their decks to battle other players in to the death showdowns. Users are automatically matched up for combat from the lobby area. Battles consist of 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 mode. Identical to the combat in single player mode individuals or teams must destroy all of their enemy’s cards on the grid to win. Much like Eredan iTCG matches are somewhat difficult to find due to the small playerbase and community. The game is still in its early stages so more frequent matches may become available soon. There’s a convenient chat interface that allows players to communicate with each other and messaging features. As players level up they can form alliances and compete in special club battles with cool prizes. Tournaments are set to be held regularly also. The auction option allows players to trade rare cards and items with each other. Although the game features a shop with specialty items, boosts, and avatar costumes it’s somewhat unnecessary. Players will primarily use auctions and in-game rewards from battles to acquire most of their cards and accessories. The set gender character of Will and player avatar limits users. In terms of character customization there is none. The attempt to combine fantasy role-playing in the game integrates nicely within the gameplay but falls short when it comes to customization options.


Final Verdict: Good

JollyGrim is a very entertaining hybrid TCG MMO by GameSamba that takes players beyond the pages of their favorite fairytales and into a more comical mysterious world of possibilities. Go on various adventures with Red Riding Hood, Pied Piper, and a long list of characters. Build massive decks with Gelatinous Blobs, Dragons, Witches, and over 200 other fable creatures. Tackle single player campaigns trekking through the land of JollyGrim and wage war in card battles or go toe to toe with others in multiplayer PvP matches. Boost cards with a variety of skills that unlock through leveling and winning battles. There’s clubs, tournaments, and chat options for users to socialize. Hold auctions to sell and trade unwanted cards and create a powerful deck worthy of ranking high in the Leaderboards. Similar to other games like Carte, Pokémon TCG, and Eredan iTCG player use strategy and a winning hand to take out their opponents. Any fans of trading card games or fantasy MMOs should definitely check out what this strange fairytale realm has to offer. 


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