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 Guns of Icarus Overview

Guns of Icarus Online is a multiplayer FPS that sends you straight to the skies, putting you in the shoes of a member of a steampunk flying ship crew. Teams of ships will duke it out above the wastes in a post-apocalyptic style world using a variety of weapons, ranging from grappling hooks, to missiles, and even flamethrowers. You can customize your ship, class and appearance to suit different roles, from having your character repair faster, to gearing your ship up for blazing close combat. Guns of Icarus Online boasts a unique gameplay that is hard to compare to most other multiplayer-oriented titles, and if you’re tired of the daily grind of MMOs, you can be absolutely sure that this is a title that will offer you some fresh air.


Captain – The Captain is in charge of the ship, he chooses his ship, maneuvers it, and gives orders to the crew members. The set-up and function of the ship depends mainly on them.

Gunner – The Gunner is fully equipped to duke it out with enemy ships, and possesses a plethora of different ammunitions for different ranges and effects. If you want to set the enemy on fire from a mile away, this is your class.

Engineer – A crucial, neurotic class; the engineer tries to be everywhere at once as he/she tends to the ship’s various engines. When things start catching on fire, you’ll be glad to have them around.

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Guns of Icarus Review

By Gui

There’s no denying it, steampunk is a neglected genre as far as games go, a strange thing considering how popular it is in literature, and its very successful titles, with such fan adored names as Thief and Arcanum. That’s why it’s always good to see a game like Guns of Icarus Online pop up. Originally set up through Kickstarter, it now comes with a 19.99$ price tag through Steam. Yes, it is a pay-to-play title, so this is a bit different from our usual reviews, and we’ll take this into consideration as we go through the many features Guns of Icarus Online has to offer.

Clockwork & Steam

Let’s start with the obvious; Guns of Icarus Online is not a MMO. The reason we’re reviewing it, is that it has a planned adventure mode that is supposed to closely resemble a MMO experience. As of now, Guns of Icarus Online consists of a skirmish mode. In short, for your 19.99$, you get a team battle/area control experience, with little progression, but sizeable planned expansion. The game looks very good; the interface is smooth, simple, easy to use, and straightforward. The graphics are average, but everything is incredibly well created. The characters have some crazy cool looking uniforms, and the ships are outright stunning. Fans of steampunk have a great love of aesthetics, and they will not be disappointed here. The battles are gorgeous, epic, and intense, made all the more so with the soundtrack, noticeable for the drums, a bit reminiscent of traditional Japanese drums (think Shogun 2). The performance is where things start to go wrong. Expect lag, lots of lag, and enough glitches to go around, mostly in crowded battles. Weaponry in particular has a tendency to go weird at the worst moment, leaving you wide-eyed as your flamethrower refuses to fire at a perfectly exposed and vulnerable enemy ship.

Rockets, Flamethrowers and Hooks!

The thick of Guns of Icarus Online is, in a sentence, you working with your crew to make sure the other ship does not get out alive. That’s it; flying ship battles, no more, no less. This is both its greatest strength and failing. For one, the battles are a pure, absolute blast, with ships racing through the sky as shower death at each other. Crews of 4, including 1 captain and 3 engineers and/or gunners, occupy one of many ships of varying sizes, speeds and functions, in which each part, from guns to engines, can be damaged and destroyed. Each class can perform any function, but are evidently much better at their calling. This is not due to having more efficient tools, but rather, it’s because they have more of them. As an example, gunners will have to choose between carrying a hammer or an extinguisher, while the engineer can do both. On the other side, gunners have different ammunitions for different ranges and effects. The classes all have fewer slots than possible items, making team composition crucial, and matches fairly competitive. And it doesn’t end there; ships are an equally crucial part, with each of them having their own layouts, different gun slots, stats and specificities. They are indeed different enough that each of them offers a somewhat different gameplay experience.

Blazing Skies

There are few things more entertaining than rushing about and wielding different mounted turrets as you gun down the other ship. Unfortunately, that’s all there is to it. Once you’ve played a few matches, there’s not much more to see, unless you intend to play competitively. There’s too few ships to make the experience diverse enough, too few game modes, and only the promise of future features to keep someone going. There is a progression system, but it offers no reward other than achievements. Essentially, the game’s longevity comes almost exclusively from customization available as soon as you start playing. This is the major downside of Guns of Icarus Online; the experience is top notch, but there’s just way too little of it, resulting in minimal replayability. For 20$, this is not a good deal. They have an in-game vanity store set up to pay for future upgrades, and while the items offered are very neat and for the most part cheap, it does feel like a bit of a rip-off to pay 20$ for a limited experience, and then 1 to 5$ more for individual aesthetic items. This would be a bit more justifiable if there was more value to that 20$ you put in.

Final Verdict: Fair

While Guns of Icarus Online has a very solid foundation for an incredible experience, it’s just that, a foundation, with little on it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s fun to be had here, and this is a very cool experience that you will remember, if anything for its originality and intense gameplay. But there’s just not enough to justify the price tag. Of course, all of this may change if the developers’ promised adventure mode comes through as expected. It wouldn’t take much – a few more ships, some more maps, another class, but more importantly, a solid, unlock-oriented progression system, any of those things could add much needed longevity to an otherwise anemic title.


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Guns of Icarus Online – Co-op Prologue

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 System Requirements

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