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In EVE Online, start out as a rookie pilot out to make a name for yourself. Choose and develop hundreds of skills, preparing yourself for whatever role you’ll take in the ever-expanding galaxy. Become an intrepid explorer, a wily politician, savvy merchant, a skilled fighter pilot, and everything in between! The galaxy is driven by you and your fellows actions, so what you do in EVE Online reverberates throughout the game world!

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Publisher: CCP Games
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Open
Filesize: ~5 GB

Pros: +Persistant, player driven galaxy. +Hundreds of skills, ships, and weapons. +Thousands of systems to explore.

Cons: -Very complex gameplay. -Open PvP may not appeal to all. -Many missions and systems are similar.

Free Trial Restrictions: 14 Days Free Trial. Cannot transfer ISK (currency), create contracts, or train advanced skills such as Industrial Ships.

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EVE Online Overview

EVE Online allows players to create a custom avatar to represent them in its absolutely massive game world. The game boasts over 5000 systems you can travel to, through an extensive star gate network. You can develop your character using hundreds of skills, each of which is your choice — there are no mutually exclusive skill branches in EVE Online. You can also select your ship from hundreds of different models, which are highly customizable. Much of EVE is player based. Corporations are mostly player run and operated, and the economy is almost completely player run as well. The extensive political system is also player run. Everything in game is time-based, from research to development, but the game offers you plenty of activities in order to thrive. There are four major factions to chose from each with well developed lore and several ancestry and blood line options.

Amarr Empire - A deeply religious, authoritarian state. Structured as a theocracy, the Amarr are led by their Emperor whom they worship as a deity. The Amarr Empire is the largest force in the galaxy and controls 40% of the known solar systems.

Caldari State - The Caldari State is a union of several Mega-Corporations who control every aspect of society. The fierce competition between the ruling corporations maintains a system of meritocracy that has allowed this relatively small nation to rival the larger empires in both military and economic force.

Gallente Federation - The only true democracy in New Eden, the Gellente value liberty and human rights above all else. They welcome people of all cultures into their territory and thus are a very multi-cultural state. The only thing they are intolerant of is intolerance itself and so remain ever vigilant in the defense of their Federation and its ideals.

Minmatar Republic - Though they are the most populous people in the galaxy, the Minmatar prefer loose political ties. Many Minmatar clans have united to form the Republic but many remain enslaved in the Amarr Empire or have settled in Gallente territory seeking new opportunities.

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Full Review

EVE Online Review

By Erhan Altay

EVE Online was released in 2003 by the Icelandic company CCP Games and has steadily built up a subscriber base since then largely through digital distribution rather than the convention retail method. EVE Online is by all accounts a unique MMORPG experience that takes the genre further than any game past or present. All players are part of the same persistent galaxy that contains thousands of individual solar systems that can be explored and claimed by player-run organizations. The developers set almost no restrictions on player interaction which means pilots must be ever vigilant against pirates, scammers, imposters and other unscrupulous types. To find out what it’s like in such a dangerous, yet promising galaxy, read on.

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A Simple Start to a Long Journey

By and large, the free trial account registration process is quick and painless. Players fill in a single page that requests their basic information and are good to go. The client download and installation process are smooth but may take some time on slower connections. A short but haunting intro movie greets players and portrays both the potential and bleakness of ever-lasting life in the super advanced galaxy of New Eden. The atmosphere set right from the start is enough to give the impression that EVE is no ordinary game and thus will demand more than the ordinary amount of attention. To CCP’s credit, much of the game’s beginning phases have been made much simpler over the years. When I first played Eve Online several years ago, character creation itself was a science that required mastery. Players would start with radically different skill point totals depending on how they answered the myriad of questions concerning their character’s background, schooling, occupations, and so on. Now, the process has been streamlined. Each of the four available factions (listed in the overview) has three bloodlines to chose from and each bloodline has three ancestries. Appearance customization is fairly involved but is of little consequence since players cannot leave their ships.

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Earn Your Wings

New pilots start their adventures in a high security solar system at the heart of their faction’s territory. Every solar system in Eve has a security rating ranging from 0.0 to 1.0 which represents the response time of NPC controlled police forces. in 1.0 areas, attacking other players will lead to almost instant retaliation but the reach of the police is limited, the vast majority of the galaxy is ungoverned and set at 0.0 security. The less secure a solar system, the more rich it tends to be in mineral resources but new players should take the time to learn the basics before venturing too far. An optional tutorial is available that explains the game’s basic controls and features. I highly recommend new pilots go through the entire tutorial which also explains how to complete agent missions, train skills, and mine asteroids.

Training ‘Till the End of Time

Character progression is handled very differently in Eve than in other MMORPGs. Players chose among hundreds of available skills and set them to train automatically. Training continues whether the player is logged into the game or not and a query can be set to keep skills automatically training one after another. The speed at which a skill trains depends on its rank (1-5) and on the player’s stats. There are five stats in Eve Online (Memory, Intelligence, Charisma, Perception, Will) and each skill has a primary and secondary stat which effects how fast a player can learn a skill. This system has benefits and some severe consequences. Primarily, it takes grind out of the game, leaving players free to spend all their game hours actually playing the game and participating rather than ‘leveling up’ their characters through monotonous means. But the downside is that new players will literally never be able to catch up with older players as they’ve had a head start of several years. To compensate, there are so many skills that it would take even the oldest veterans over two decades to train them all to rank 5. This means all players, regardless of when they started playing must specialize in certain fields rather than attempt to learn every skill. The range of skills available is truly breathtaking. There are dozens of skills involved in the operation of turrets, lasers, shields, various ship types (frigates, cruisers, battleships, etc), drones, hull enhancements and so on. Throw in non combat related activities such as mining, manufacturing, transportation, corporate structure, and the skill list becomes quite lengthy.

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I’ve got a Task for You…

The simplest and most profitable activity for new pilots is running NPC agent missions. These are available at most stations and come in several formats. The most common involve destroying several NPC vessels and returning to the agent with an object found in the wreckage of the destroyed vessels. Other agent missions involve bringing back mined ores or processed resources. Some are simple delivery quests that ask players to drop off goods in stations located in nearby solar systems. All of these missions rewards players a healthy sum of ISK (the universal currency) but tend to get repetitive fast. Since players must train extensively before being able to use more powerful ships, there’s really not much to do besides wait around and collect ISK. From my experience, fellow pilots in the local and region chat rooms are more than willing to help new players out with large ISK donations which makes mission running seem even more meaningless.

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Corporate Recruiters

The only way to stave off the repetitive nature of mission running or mindless asteroid mining is to join a player run corporation. Working together with fellow pilots allows you to accomplish far more than anyone can alone. Even if you’re a new player with limited skills, your assistance could help a small corporation claim a lone 0 security solar system and start earning large amounts of ISK. With enough active players in the area, you’ll generally be safe since player killers tend to roam alone and seek out lone targets rather than organized groups. Eve can be enjoyed by the casual player at this level for many months but for those who want to take it a step further, joining a corporation that also happens to be part of one of the large active Alliances could open a whole new dimension. Huge intergalactic battles take place in Eve Online involving hundreds of players on each sides. Billions of ISK worth of ships are destroyed in these battles and huge swathes of territory change hands. Even major newspapers including the New York Times have covered the larger events that have occurred in the game world.

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Many Paths to Success

Combat plays a vital role in Eve Online and all new pilots will have a chance to experiment with it and become at least somewhat competent through basic skill training but the military career path is just one of many. Miners can make considerable amounts of money if they work effectively with allies willing to protect them and others willing to transport and manufacture their mined resources in distance markets. The sheer complexity and multiple reliance built into Eve Online make it a daunting challenge for beginners. The game’s steep learning curve and attention to minute details has earned it the mocking title of ‘a spreadsheet in space.’ Surprisingly, this description isn’t too far off but as Eve Online’s continued commercial success proves, there’s a large audience for this kind of game. To wrap up, anyone interested in a serious, in-depth gaming experience should give the dynamic, community-driven EVE Online a chance.

Final Verdict: Great

Eve Online offers a unique MMORPG experience which is far more in-depth than any other game. Players craving something more complicated and involved than the usual MMORPG fare would do well to give the Eve Online free trial a spin.


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System Requirements

EVE Online Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows  XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium or AMD at 1 Ghz
RAM: 1 GB Free
HDD: 6.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: 64 MB video memory

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Pentium or AMD duel core at 2 Ghz
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: 6.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: 256MB video memory

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