Barbarian Brawl

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Defend the ham at all costs in this barbarian-themed 3D brawler with 20 player battlegrounds!

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Publisher: Thrillion
Playerbase: N/A
Graphics: Medium
Type: Brawler
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Visible carnage. +Six different classes.

Cons: -Limited game modes.

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Barbarian Brawl Overview

Barbarian Brawl is a 3D multi-player brawler. Play as one of six ham-fisted barbarians in defense of your quiet village and their precious supplies of meat! Choose from multiple types of weapons, and watch body parts fly in the carnage to come. Battlegrounds are free-for-all areas supporting up to twenty players.

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Barbarian Brawl Screenshots

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