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Ace of Spades is different from other typical FPS games in that it contains sandbox construction elements where players are able to construct defensive structures or dig trenches, among other options, to achieve the goals of the game. Game rounds are played on a map, which is randomly generated by default, although AoS supports custom maps and a map editor is included that allows for different kinds of maps to be created and used.  Players can choose between a rifle, submachine gun, and shotgun as a primary weapon. A shovel can be used to destroy blocks, allowing players to dig tunnels, and also as a melee weapon.

Key Features -

Endlessly Evolving Battleground

Class-based FPS Mayhem

Construct Tunnels, Fortresses, Anything

Tons of Insane Game Modes

Strategies for Victory

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Ace of Spades – The Ultimate Sandbox FPS

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Ace of Spades Review

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Ace of Spades Screenshots


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Ace of Spades – The Ultimate Sandbox FPS


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Ace of Spades System Requirements

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