Nexon America is the US subsidiary of Nexon which has been developing and publishing MMORPGs since 1994. Based in Korea, Nexon has subsidiaries across the world and has recently purchased a majority stake in Ndoors.

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Company Size: Large
Region(s): North America
Year Established: 2005
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Phone Number: 213-389-3440

Games In Service

Games in Service

MapleStory (2005)
Mabinogi (2008)
Combat Arms (2008)
Dungeon Fighter Online (2009)
PopTag (2010)
Vindictus (2010)

Retired Games

Retired Games

Kart Rider [North American version canceled before release on March 19, 2008 with no explanation]
Audition Online [License not renewed by Nexon. Serviced stopped on February 24, 2009. Developer continues to publish the game]
Sugar Rush [Canceled before release by Nexon. Developer continues to search for a publisher]

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games

Dragons Nest

Company Info

Company Info

Nexon was first formed back in 1994 and is responsible for several early MMOs including Dark Ages and Shattered Galaxy. Eventually the company split, leaving its older titles to KRU Interactive while the new studio developed free to play games supported by optional micro-transactions. The 2003 hit MapleStory developed by Wizet propelled Nexon to international fame and fortune. They continue to publish games developed internally and by other studios.

Nexon acquired the MMO developer and publishers Ndoors on May 4, 2010. Nexon also acquired GameHi on May 28, 2010. Both companies continue to run as subsidiaries of Nexon corporation.

Nexon is a privately held company.

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