NHN USA owns and operates the ijji gaming portal. Best known for publishing several free to play MMOFPS games, ijji has recently branched out by ‘channeling’ MMORPGs published by other studios and exposing them to their massive audience.

26078  320x200 ijji Official Site: http://ijji.com
Company Size: Large
Region(s): North America
Year Established: 2006
Headquarters: Irvine, California
Phone Number: 650-691-9700
Email: info@nhnusainc.com

Games In Service

Games in Service

GunZ: The Duel (2007)
Soldier Front (2007)
Drift City (2007)
Lunia (2008)
Alliance of Valiant Arms (2009)
Soul of the Ultimate Nation (2009)
Genesis A.D (2010)

In addition to publishing the above games, ijji channels several games that are hosted and mantained by seperate teams. These include:

Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu (2007)
Rohan Online (2007)
Splash Fighters (2008)
Atlantica Online (2009)
HolyBeast Online (2009)
Warrior Epic (2010)
Neo Steam (2010)
Karos Online (2010)

Retired Games

Retired Games

Huxley [Closed beta ended on August, 12 2009. Has been frozen since]
Gunbound [License was not renewed. IJJI servers were shut down on July 24, 2009. Developer continues to publish the game]
Gunster: Rain of Bullets [Shut down due to lack of interest on February 14, 2007]
KwonHo: The Fist of Heroes [Canceled before release on November 14, 2007]

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games

Karma: Operation Barbarossa

Company Info

Company Info

NHN USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of NHN Corporation, a major Korean publisher and developer of free to play games. Founded in 2006, NHN USA is best known for its shooting games likeĀ  GunZ, Soldier Front, and AVA. They’ve expanded into other genres with the fantasy MMORPG S.U.N and racing MMO Drift City, but they’ve had the largest success with their ‘channeling’ feature. The IJJI portal now lists more games from other publishers than their own offerings. This service allows publishers to reach IJJI’s audience and allows NHN to share in the revenue generated.

NHN Corporation is a publicly traded company on the KOSDAQ stock exchange (KRX: 034520)

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