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NameTypeGenrePlayerbaseXP RateScoreRating dagger down
SmashMuck Champions3D MMOShooterMediumMedium4.00
SNOW3D MMOSportsN/AN/AGreat4.00
SkylancerSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium4.00
Skyforge3D MMORPGSci-Fi/FantasyN/AN/A4.00
Skydive: Proximity Flight3D RPGSportsLowN/A4.00
Soldiers Inc.2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
SolForge2D BrowserFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard2D MobileFantasyMediumHighFair4.00
Soul CaptorSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNHighMediumN/A4.00
Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul3D MobileFighterMediumMediumN/A4.00
Solstrike2D MMOStrategyLowMediumGood4.00
Skara3D MMOFantasyN/AN/A4.00
Simraceway3D MMOSportsMedium4.00
Sentinel Heroes2D BrowserFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Serenia Fantasy2D MMORPGFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Second Chance Heroes3D RPGFighterMediumMediumN/A4.00
SD Gundam2D BrowserSci-FiMediumLow4.00
Sacred 33D MMOFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Shards Online3D MMOMMORPGN/AN/A4.00
Silent Hunter Online3D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Siege Online3D MMORPGSci-Fi/FantasyLowN/AN/A4.00
Shores of Hazeron3D MMOSci-FiLowMedium4.00
Shining Empire2D MMORPGFantasyN/AN/A4.00
Sword GirlsSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium4.00
Soul of Guardian3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Still AlivePre-releasePre-release4.00
Stormfall: Age of War2D BrowserStrategyHighLow4.00
Stellar Dawn3D MMORPGSci-FiMediumMedium4.00
Steel Legions3D MMOSci-FiMediumMedium4.00
SteamPower18302D BrowserStrategy4.00
Stronghold Kingdoms2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Survarium3D FPSSci-Fi ShooterN/AN/A4.00
Supremacy 19142D BrowserStrategyMediumMediumN/A4.00
Sunset Overdrive3D FPSShooterN/AN/AN/A4.00
Summoners War3D RPGFantasyMediumMediumN/A4.00
State of DecayMMOFPSSci-Fi ShooterN/AN/A4.00
StarliteSandbox MMOMMORPGLowN/AN/A4.00
Soul Saver Online2D MMORPGFantasyMediumLow4.00
Staking Claims2D MobileStrategyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Sparta: War of Empires2D BrowserStrategyLowN/AN/A4.00
Spark Rising3D MMOSci-Fi ShooterN/AN/A4.00
Star Citizen3D RPGSci-Fi4.00
Space Engineers3D MMOSci-FiHighLowGood4.00
StarCraft 2MMORTSSci-FiHighN/AN/A4.00
Star Wars: Assault Team2D MobileSci-FiMediumMedium4.00
Shadowgun: Deadzone3D MobileShooterMediumMedium3.89
Star Warfare: Alien Invasion3D MobileSci-Fi ShooterHighMedium3.71
Sonic Dash2D MobileRacingMediumMedium3.60

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