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Name dagger downTypeGenrePlayerbaseXP RateScoreRating
Ruthless Chaos2D BrowserFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Rust Game3D FPSShooterLowLowGood4.00
Roll n Rock2D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Robocraft3D MMOSci-Fi ShooterN/AN/A4.00
Rivals at War3D MobileShooterMediumMedium1.50
Rising Generals2D MobileStrategyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Rise of Incarnates3D MMOFighterN/AN/AN/A4.00
RiotZone3D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Ridge Racer Slipstream3D MobileRacingHighN/A4.00
Rich$tate2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Revolution Ace2D BrowserSci-FiN/AN/A4.00
Revival3D MMORPGFantasy4.00
Realms of GoldesiaSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWN4.00
Realm ZeroMMORPGFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Realm of the Titans3D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Realm of Empires2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Rapid AssaultSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium4.00
Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum2D MobileStrategyLowLowFair4.00
Ragnarok ZeroPre-releasePre-release3.44
Rage of 3 Kingdoms2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Radial-G3D MMORacingN/AN/AN/A4.00
R2: Reign of RevolutionSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium4.00

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Dungeons & Dragons Online
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