Wings of Destiny

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Wings of Destiny puts players in control of a hero in a dangerous world, right in their browser window. Choose from four classes, each with unique skills and abilities. Delve into dangerous dungeons, fighting for glory and exceptional equipment. Find rare pets and mounts to assist in combat, and fly faster than ever using your wings to travel. Face off against others in massive PvP battles, and come out on top!

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Publisher: IGG
Playerbase: ??
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Playable anywhere in a browser window. +Plenty of quests and tasks to do. +Flight adds speed and mobility to the game.

Cons: -Generic gameplay. -Highly reliant on cash shop. -Limited information available.

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Wings of Destiny Overview

Wings of Destiny is an action MMORPG played in a browser window. You choose between knight, hunter, mage, and priest, and adventure through the world using a quest based system. Combat is fairly simple in the game, using auto attacks and skills to take down opponents. Various pets and mounts can be found to assist you further. The game features several dungeons for you to challenge, each with unique rewards. Massive PvP battles await you as well, should you want to engage in them.

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Wings of Destiny Review

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Wings of Destiny Screenshots

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Wings of Destiny System Requirements

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