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Prepare to rediscover the world of MapleStory in this 3D sequel.

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Publisher: Nexon (Korea)
Playerbase: N/A
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: N/A
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Eight unique classes. +Fully 3D.

Cons: -Limited information available.

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MapleStory 2 Overview

MapleStory 2 is the long awaited MMO sequel to the popular MapleStory. Currently announced only in Korea, it has been teased to be a fully 3D MMORPG and will feature eight classes: Assassin, Berserker, Bandit/Chief, Gunslinger, Knight, Priest, Ranger, and Wizard. Each set of classes will use its own weapon and have a unique fighting style.

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MapleStory 2 Screenshots

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MapleStory 2 System Requirements

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MapleStory 2 Articles

  • Maplestory 2: Alpha Test Annouced for South Korea - Posted on August 25, 2014
    NEXON Co., Ltd, a worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, today announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, NEXON Korea Corporation, will hold an alpha test for the upcoming MMORPG MapleStory 2.
  • Maplestory 2: Gameplay Footage Revealed - Posted on May 23, 2014
    NEXON, a worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, today announced is wholly-owned subsidiary, NEXON Korea Corporation, has revealed the first gameplay video for its upcoming MMORPG MapleStory 2.

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