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Lagoonia places players on a tropical island with one goal in mind: create a paradise. The game features sandbox style gameplay, where you and up to 15 others attempt to make the island liveable, then build it up to a comfortable spot to live. The game’s focus is all about social interaction and how players and their characters get along and thrive.

50553  320x240 lagoonia ingame 1

Publisher: InnoGames
Playerbase: ??
Graphics: Low
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: No
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Social interaction. +Plan and build with multiple people.

Cons: -Not enough information available.

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Lagoonia Overview

In Lagoonia, you and up to 15 other people are tasked to build a settlement on a South Pacific island. You must work together from the ground up to provide food, water, and shelter, then start developing additional needs, such as bathrooms, waterslides, and other amusements. The game is highly focused on the social aspect of things, as players must rely on others to help them thrive.

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Lagoonia Full Review

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Lagoonia Screenshots

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System Requirements

Lagoonia System Requirements

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