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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Hailan Rising will have two types of zones: Neutral and Contested. Neutral zones will not be flagged for PvP. In neutral zones, players of all factions will have the ability to trade and interact with one another in safe PvE environments.

Contested zones will be all-out PvP battlegrounds, but each will have its own specific goal. Some maps will serve as weekly battleground points. Shores of Ashken is the first of the weekly battlegrounds to be released and will be available at launch. These types of zones are designed to throw hundreds of members from each faction into the battle to see who reigns supreme. The faction that wins the weekly war will receive bonuses until the time of the next war.

Other zones, such as Crater, will feature control points that will be contested on a nonstop basis. Did you or your guild conquer the evil dragon that is guarding the zone? If you did, then you are the owner of the zone and the benefits of controlling it are yours. But every other guild in the game is now going to be targeting you.

And then there are zones such as Shrieking Caverns that are meant for more casual players. These types of zones are able to be controlled only by an individual or a single group, not a guild or raid force. Expect these types of zones to change ownership often. The really cool thing about these types of zones is that once you are the owner of the zone, you will gain a small lifetime buff (such as a 1% bonus to HP) even if you control the zone for only a few seconds.

PvP will take place on three fronts: 1) Large Scale Server Wide Wars, 2) 24/7 Contested Control Points, and 3) Individual/Single Group Control Points.

And on top of all that, every PvP kill that you earn will add to your overall individual PvP ranking. So if you are just not interested in the territory control system, you still have the option to pursue the personal glory of being #1 and sitting atop the PvP rankings!

Key Features -

No Levels, instant PvP - In Hailan Rising there are no character levels so you can join PvP battles immediately. Your survival is based solely upon your skill as a combatant!

Etherea System - Learn new spells and abilities from other classes! Hailan Rising has unlimited possibilities for character building as any class may learn any ability!

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