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End of Nations Overview

In the mid-21st century, anarchy reigns as the Order of Nations, a once-secret organization operating from within the United Nations, seeks to destabilize governments and institute its own rule. Two factions rise to rebel against the Order of Nations – the moral Liberation Front, and the power-seeking Shadow Revolution. Join one of these two factions, and battle against the Order of Nations and the opposing faction in both campaign, multi-player, and metagame content.

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End of Nations Articles

  • Reworked End of Nations MOBA Prepares for Alpha - Posted on July 12, 2013
    End of Nations hasn't had the smoothest road paved out before it. Going from Petroglyph's brain child to Trion World's acquisition and now a rework from the ground up will completely change its genre from the originally visioned global RTS war into a moba style gameplay.
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