Embers of Caerus

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Embers of Caerus puts you in the middle of an epic storyline spanning more than a thousand years. Create everything: arms and armor, boats, shops, even entire cities. Control various aspects of the world, such as laws, taxes, territory, and more. Advance your character in a skill based, level-less system, and write your own history onto the world of Caerus.

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Publisher: Forsaken Studios
Playerbase: ??
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: Open World PvP
Filesize: ??

Pros: +Classless, level-less, skill based system. +Player actions influence the world. +Realistic system such as sieges and politics.

Cons: -Full loot PvP may turn away people. -Skill system punishes players with lower skills. -Limited information available.

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Embers of Caerus Overview

Embers of Caerus is a low-fantasy Medieval MMORPG that features no classes or levels to speak of. Players develop a variety of skills to help them with crafting, combat, and more. The entire game world is persistent, and operates on a single server, allowing players a great deal of influence on the world. Because of this, the weather and ecology of the world is dynamic and ever-changing. The game is an open PvP game, with full looting of the fallen. Players will need to band together to either defend themselves, or ravage the countryside.

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Embers of Caerus Screenshots

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