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Earthrise: First Impact Overview

Earthrise: First Impact is a free-to-play, post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMORPG set many years in the aftermath of World War Three. Humans have rebuilt society with great technological advances, such as cloning, nanotechnology, and quantum engineering, essentially making themselves immortal. Strict government control over these technologies and the people have given rise to a revolution, fighting to bring back resources and power to the people.

Players enter the world of Enterra to fight with Sal Vitas and the Continoma government, or side with the opposing Noir rebels. A highly flexible skill system allows for players to choose their own skills, fitting their character to their own play style. All the usual MMORPG trappings are here, such as Quests, Crafting, PvP, and Guilds, solidly based on a compelling storyline, and all ready to play for free on a single game server

     Survive & Rebuild in a sandbox post-apocalyptic world where cloned humans fight for their right to live.
     Customizable Characters Over 100 skills, abilities, and tactics to choose from.
     Engaging Combat Action Featuring dynamic targeting, customizable power armor, and a variety of high tech weaponry.
     Advanced PvP Fight for the Continoma, Noir, or as an independent criminal.
     Territory Control with in game effects, create your rules for your territory, or let it be every person be for themselves.
     Advanced Economy Supply and demand are based on player activities.
     Improved Crafting Players may not only manufacture, but also design, standard and unique items for use

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