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DarkOrbit Reloaded is a browser-based space-sim MMO created by BigPoint. Choose your spacecraft and make for your battle station poste-haste to lend a fighting hand to the efforts of mankind and vanquish the alien vermin threatening the existence of man.

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Publisher: BigPoint
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low
Type: Browser-base Sci-Fi MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Limited information available
Cons: -Limited information available

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DarkOrbit Reloaded Overview


Command your ship: Find your spacecraft from a host of specialized ships: from ships specialized in laying quick waste to enemy hordes and swift space ships fleet of foot designed to gather invaluable intel to bulky contraptions of high-tech brawn that lay down vital cover to your allies, while meting out heavy damage to targets.

Fight with Friends, or Against: Fraught with danger at seemingly every turn, players must be on their guard and remain alert while scouring for resources, discovering new maps or completing a host of new missions.

Faction allegiance Select one of three rival factions – each replete with their own philosophy of achieving victory in this interstellar fight.

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DarkOrbit Reloaded Articles

  • DarkOrbit Reloaded Now Available - Posted on February 4, 2014
    On February 4th, 2014, BigPoint Games released the next stage of their browser-based sci-fi MMO with DarkOrbit Reloaded.
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