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Dark Solstice Overview

Dark Solstice is an in-development fantasy MMORPG from Black Masque Games. Currently in alpha, DS is set in the world of Teramor, where four gods rule a piece of the planet, and eclipses sometimes coincide with the solstice, bringing strange effects upon the land. Monsters emerge, spells don’t work as they should, and certain magic becomes more powerful. The game will feature an immersive storyline with these dark solstices occurring at irregular intervals.

Players will be able to participate directly in the storyline through five quest types, finding and deciphering ancient texts and scrolls, as well as some even getting to play storyline characters themselves. The gods of Teramor are also each in charge of an element, and their roles come into play through worship, which may trigger world events. DS will feature a guild system, PvP in the form of castle sieges, six playable races (Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, and more), player housing, and various methods of gaining experience are planned.


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