Avalon Lords

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Avalon Lords is intended to bring luster back to the MMORTS genre by allowing players to secure territory and kingdoms in the name of three separate factions in a deeply story-driven world. It has rich visuals and vast landscapes, and operates on wide-scale combat.

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Publisher: Animus
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Very High
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Huge open world to conquer, +Three-faction PVP, +Strategic gameplay

Cons: -Difficult for new players to make progress, – Solo players may struggle

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Avalon Lords Overview

Avalon Lords features three major fations for players to choose from; the Dawn, the Darkness, and the Divine. Each one has a unique aesthetic and elite units.

The Dawn -The Order of Dawn follows the values left by the God King Lutherian. Justice, pride, chivalry and wisdom are valued highly in Speran society. These brave and noble people hail from the lush grasslands of Spero.

The Darkness – Honor, personal strength, and the glory of the clan possess the most value in Ishgallian society. These huge warriors hail from the deadly Pertram Mountains, where the environment is just as eager to kill as the wildlife.

The Divine – Power, personal glory and wealth are the motivations of the Ignis people. Magic runs in their blood and under the Magister Council’s rule they seek to control and dominate all of Avalon. These magical people hail from the forests of Ignis.

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