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Atriarch Overview

Atriarch® is an online virtual world where you and your character make a difference. You can be an Explorer, Tradesman, Architect, Warrior, or Leader of an Empire.  There are many more paths, and all have an affect on the world.



The Cavolon are eccentric Scientists that specialize in the mastery of plant life on Atriana. Plants are important resources for many aspects of life on Atriana and can be bred for a variety of purposes


The Eshlar are the Architects on Atriana. They embody the ideal characteristics which compel them to create the most beautiful, grand, and functional structures on Atriana. They do not begrudge sharing their knowledge.


Lokai are Explorers. They have an infinite curiosity and drive to adventure, explore and collect. They take great pains to document and map the planet of Atriana


The Tyrusin are Warriors. They believe they are born with the Life Energy of past Heroes, and when the War Cry is heard during the ascendance of Gentar, Moon of Frost, life is breathed into the Tyrusin and the Warrior emerges


The Unarra are the beast lords.  Unarra have an empathic link to the creatures of Atriana.  Unarra prefer peace, but are fierce and swift fighters when necessary.   They live in the forests where many of the beasts also live.

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Atriarch Review

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Atriarch Screenshots


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