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Antilia Overview

Antilia is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg), set in a unique, beautiful fantasy world. Antilia is a sophisticated virtual world simulator – populated with exotic fantasy creatures and a unique style of lore.

Set on the planet of Forra – Antilia features three intelligent races each struggling to discover the secrets of their magical world: The Taipii pursue the arts, build great cities, and discover a dangerous but powerful form of magic. The Sakii rule the sky, and have mastered self transmutation – capable of taking many shapes and forms. Underground, the Reisuii build wondrous machines, and carve vast cities in The Deep.


The Taipii involves exploring the world, collecting items, learning skills, and improving in each skill. Many of the Taipii skills require working together with other players, and the Taipii have a powerful guild system.

The Sakii are a powerful race, and their gameplay revolves around managing forms and mastering their power. The Sakii can fly, and travel the world of Forra looking to expand their knowledge of forms and answers to questions of their ancestry – which often requires help from other Sakii, and sometimes the other races.

The Reisuii’s gameplay style is one of micro-management and creativity. As a Reisuii, the game is all about managing property and assets, and building the best gadgetry.


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