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Animas is an MMORPG published by Gameforge and designed for mobile devices. In Animas Online you have to defend your home at all costs. Your enemies will stop at nothing, with their dangerous technology and horrifying machines.

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Publisher: GameForge
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low
Type: Mobile MMORPG
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: No
Filesize: 140+ MB

Pros: +Colorful visuals, multiple classes to choose from, co-op play
Cons: -Low quality polygons, repetitive gameplay

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Animas Online Overview


Various animal classes: Slip into the fur of a cat assassin, a bear shaman or a squirrel that has specialized in melee combat.

Co-op play: You can get help from your friends: link up with them over Facebook and support each other’s battles with small gifts.

Multiple game modes: Test yourself in the arena, face up against waves of monsters or pit yourself against your friends and collect extra credits for your time account.

Vast areas to explore: Whether forest, coast or a town of ancient ruins, secure yourself the advantage by exploring every single part of your island! Missions and research expeditions will lead you to the farthest corners.

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